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Pyjama Set - Molo

Molo Pyjama Set - T-shirt/Shorts - Luvis - Reef Blue Molo Pyjama Set - T-shirt/Shorts - Luvis - Reef Blue 30,15 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Molo Pyjama Set - Luve - Dusty Rose Molo Pyjama Set - Luve - Dusty Rose 34,84 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Molo Pyjama Set - Shirt/Trousers - Lex - Happy Face Molo Pyjama Set - Shirt/Trousers - Lex - Happy Face 40,20 €
Originally:  67,00 €  

Molo pyjama set: When the kids need to sleep in style

Molo pyjama set combines style, comfort and playful design to create a unique and fun sleeping experience for kids. Each collection is an expedition into a world of fantasy and colours, where even the pyjama set becomes an expression of personal style.

Molo is known for their bold patterns and vibrant color palettes that range from fairytale toy figurine to today's modern trends. Whether it's cute animal motifs, intergalactic fairy tale or stylish patterns, Molo pyjama set offers a selection to suit every taste and personality.

Made with soft and breathable materials, Molo ensures that kids sleep safely and comfortably while wearing their pyjama set. With practical details and a carefully considered fit, Molo pyjama set is not only a party for the eyes, but also a pleasure to wear.

Give your little dreamers a nightwear wardrobe full of personality and comfort with Molo. Whether it's to dream of the stars, dive into the depths of the sea or dance with unicorns, Molo pyjama set is the ultimate choice for a night full of sleep fairy tale.

Size guide for Molo pyjama set

How are Molo pyjama set sized? We have put together a size guide for Molo pyjama set, so you can easily find the size that fits your child best.

For Molo pyjama set, the fit is what we describe as normal. This means that in your Molo pyjama set size guide you can assume that your child must have the same size here as they normally wear.

Under each individual set of Molo pyjama set, you can read more about the fit of the nightwear and thus see whether it deviates from the overall size guide for Molo pyjama set.

Washing guide for Molo pyjama set

Clothes get dirty - especially children's clothes. Therefore, it must also be washed. Each set of Molo pyjama set comes with washing instructions. We recommend that you follow it to achieve the optimal washing of your Molo pyjama set. In this way, you want to achieve the optimal washing of the pyjama set and thus maintain the shape and colour of the nightwear in optimal condition for as long as possible.

If you are in doubt about the washing instructions, or if they have been lost, you can always contact our customer service for help finding new washing instructions for the Molo pyjama set.

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