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Kappa T-shirt for Kids

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Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Black Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Black  199,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Turquoise Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Turquoise  199,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Yellow Kappa T-shirt - Coen - Yellow  199,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Coen - White Kappa T-shirt - Coen - White  199,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Purple Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Purple  149,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Red Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Red  149,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Black Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Black  149,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Grey Melange Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - Grey Melange  149,95 DKK 
Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - White Kappa T-shirt - Estessi - White  149,95 DKK 

Kappa t-shirts

Kappa is a well-known brand to many girls and boys - and just like us, boys and girls like the simple and casual look that you get from a Kappa t-shirt.

T-shirts are comfortable - both on their own and for wearing underneath i.e. a short-sleeved t-shirt. Some boys and girls also like to create a trendy look by wearing a t-shirt from Kappa on top of a hoodie or a sweater.

Create your own style with Kappa t-shirts

T-shirts have become one of the most classic garments in our time - for both girls and boys. Kappa t-shirts are unique in the sense that you can combine them with so many different types of clothing at all times.

Equip your kids with t-shirts from Kappa - they will love to wear stylish t-shirts for festive occasions as well as everyday use. Regardless of the look you want to create, you can always find a t-shirt by Kappa that will suit your kid perfectly.

T-shirts for everyday use and for festive occasions

We have many Kappa t-shirts to choose from. Check out the Kappa styles by Kappa and many other brands at Kids-world. We stock long-sleeved t-shirts, short-sleeved t-shirts and polo shirts of many shades, colours, patterns and designs - we have something to everyone’s liking. If you do not succeed in finding find a Kappa style that fits you - please check out what we provide from other brands.

As you may have noticed, you can find everything to your heart’s desire in regard to kids’ clothing for kids of all at Kids-world.

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