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Hound Cardigan for Kids

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Hound Kimono - Red w. Flowers
Hound Kimono - Red w. Flowers 299,95 DKK Save 119,98 DKK
179,97 DKK 

Hound Kimono - Blue Leopard
Hound Kimono - Blue Leopard 299,95 DKK Save 119,98 DKK
179,97 DKK 

Hound Track Jacket - Tracksuit - Black
Hound Track Jacket - Tracksuit - Black 499,95 DKK Save 199,98 DKK
299,97 DKK 

Cardigans from Hound

Interested in what clothing people appreciate to put on? If you outline the favourite 5 clothes you appreciate to wear, you can be almost sure that the cardigan is named. Why? Cardigans, plus Hound cardigans, fits the majority of kidswear; pants, chinos, bloomers, dresses, etc.

Cardigans are ideal since they can look elegant at one occasion and relaxed the next - depending on the alternative kidswear you put on. Cardigans by Hound are produced with a zipper which is pretty handy, and kids at all ages will like them very much.

Hound cardigans - thin and thick fabric

Hound cardigans are many times matched with a tanktop, a long sleeve top or a pair of shorts, regardless of if it´s spring or autumn. Hound cardigans are not purely cozy; they also appears awesome. 

Hound cardigans are produced of many materials, thick and slim, including polyester, therefore, you have cardigans for wintry days and for days of fine weather.

Cardigan by Hound is appropriate for everyday use, family gatherings and for festivals. What type of fabric you should invest in rests on its purpose. One fact is sure; you can buy all trends of cardigans here at kids-world, such as Kimonos and track jackets.

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