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Maxi - Hama

Recommended Age (Toys)

Hama Maxi beads

Hama Maxi beads are a creative and entertaining beads that is ideal for both kids and adults. Hama Maxi beads are larger than Hama Mini and Hama Midi beads, making them suitable for younger kids or those who want to create larger and more detailed beading projects.

The Hama Maxi beads are about double the large of the Midi beads and they are available in a wide selection of colours. The larger size makes it easier to handle and work with the Hama Maxi beads, which can help develop fine motor skills in kids.

With Hama Maxi beads, you can create colorful and impressive bead images with ease. When you choose Hama Maxi beads, it is important that you also choose Hama Maxi pegboard, as they are made so that the Hama Maxi beads fit perfectly on them.

Large selection of Hama Maxi beads

You will find a large and varied selection of Hama Maxi beads here at Kids-world. We have collected Hama Maxi beads in a wide range of different colours, so you can easily find exactly the Hama Maxi beads in the colour you need.

If, contrary to expectations, we do not have the Hama Maxi beads in the colour you are looking for, just contact our customer service and we will see if we can get them for you.

You can always use our filter to find exactly the Hama Maxi beads in the colour you are looking for. By using the filter, you can easily narrow your search so that you can quickly find the Hama Maxi beads you are looking for.

Hama Maxi beads with 3000 pieces

Among the most popular Hama Maxi beads are the bags with 3000 pieces. Here you get no less than 3000 Hama Maxi beads. You will find Hama Maxi beads with 3000 pieces in bags with both one colour and multi-coloured ones.

Hama Maxi beads with 3000 are obvious for those of you who love to make many patterns, as they give you a lot of beads to work with - also when you have to make large bead patterns.

Hama Maxi pegboard - How to find the right pegboard

In addition to Hama Maxi beads, you will of course also find a wide selection of Hama Maxi pegboard, which you can use to make Hama Maxi bead patterns on. You will find both different Hama Maxi pegboard for specific motifs, but we also have pegboard where you can control the motif on the bead plate yourself, so you have complete freedom over the creation and the creative process.

When you have to choose your Hama Maxi pegboard, we recommend that you have done some thinking about which motif you want to make. Should it be a predetermined bead pattern, or do you want to control the entire creative process yourself?

You will find Hama Maxi pegboard with patterns for both DYR and various symbols. We also have Hama Maxi pegboard in round and square shapes, so you can use them to form your own creations from scratch.

How to get Hama Maxi beads on offer

If you love Hama Maxi beads, you will probably also love offers on Hama Maxi beads. If you are, then you have several ways to get Hama Maxi beads on offer at Kids-world.

First of all, we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter. That way, you get the news directly in your inbox when we have a Hama Maxi bead offer. In addition, we recommend that you also follow us via social media. It is via our newsletters and social media that we announce when we have offers on Hama Maxi beads.

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