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Fila Sneakers for Kids

Shoe Size
Fila Sneakers - Disruptor Flower - Pale Rosette Fila Sneakers - Disruptor Flower - Pale Rosette 72,36 €
Originally:  120,60 €  
Fila Sneakers - Disruptur T - White-Electric Purple Fila Sneakers - Disruptur T - White-Electric Purple 72,36 €
Originally:  120,60 €  
Fila Shoe - WB Comfider - Mauve Shadows Fila Shoe - WB Comfider - Mauve Shadows 22,50 €
Originally:  37,50 €  
Fila Shoe - UPGR8 - White Fila Shoe - UPGR8 - White 60,30 €
Originally:  100,50 €  
Fila Sneakers - Disruptor V Low - Burgundy Fila Sneakers - Disruptor V Low - Burgundy 80,52 €
Originally:  134,20 €  

Fila sneakers

Fila sneakers have always been a popular choice among both kids and adults. At Kids-world, we are proud to be able to present our varied selection of Fila sneakers, which combine style, comfort and quality. Fila is known for its iconic design and solid craftsmanship, making their sneakers an attractive choice for any shoe fan.

Our selection of Fila sneakers includes different models, colours and sizes to suit every taste and occasion. Regardless of whether it is for sport, leisure or everyday use, we have Fila sneakers for every occasion. Discover our wide range of Fila sneakers and find the perfect pair for your child.

The story behind Fila sneakers

Fila is an internationally recognized brand that was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy. The company has always had a vision to create innovative, high-quality sports and leisure products that combine fashion and functionality.

Since its inception, Fila has continued to challenge the boundaries of design and technology. Their sneakers are created with a focus on meeting the needs of the modern consumer, and they have gained large popularity globally. Fila's passion for quality and design is clearly reflected in their sneakers, which remain one of the preferred choices among both kids and adults.

Large selection of the popular Fila sneakers

At Kids-world, we strive to offer a large and varied selection of Fila sneakers, so that our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. We have sneakers for both boys and girls, and our range includes different models, colours and sizes.

Whether you are looking for classic Fila Disruptor sneakers, sporty Fila Ray sneakers or others popular Fila models, we have something for every taste. Our selection is continuously updated, so you can always find the latest trends in Fila sneakers with us. See our wide selection of Fila sneakers and let your child find his new favorite pair.

Fila sneakers in many different colours

At Kids-world, we offer Fila sneakers in a wide range of colours, so you can find just the right shade to suit your child's style. Our selection includes everything from neutral colours such as white, black and grey to more eye-catching colours such as pink, blue and red.

Whether your child prefers a discreet and stylish sneaker or a more colourful and lively variant, we have something for every taste. Fila sneakers are designed with a focus on aesthetics and style, making them suitable for any occasion and style of clothing. Find the perfect pair of Fila sneakers in the colour that best suits your child's personality and preferences at Kids-world.

Size guide for Fila sneakers

To ensure you find the perfect fit for your child's Fila sneakers, we offer a comprehensive size guide. Our size guide provides detailed measurements and fit information for each Fila sneaker product, so you can easily choose the right size.

You can find the size guide on the relevant product page for each pair of Fila sneakers. We always recommend that you measure your child's foot length accurately and use the size guide as a reference to ensure a comfortable fit. Choose the correct size for your Fila sneakers and give your child the best experience with comfortable shoe at Kids-world.

Wash and care for Fila sneakers

In order to maintain the appearance and longevity of your Fila sneakers, it is important to follow the correct washing instructions and care tips. We recommend always following the instructions that come with the product to avoid possible damage to the shoes.

If you have lost the washing instructions or have questions regarding the washing and care of your Fila sneakers, our customer service is always ready to help you. Contact us and we will guide you on how to best maintain your shoe to ensure they stay fresh and fine. Make sure your Fila sneakers stay in top shape by following the right care recommendations and maintenance routines.

Fila sneakers for girls and boys

At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of Fila sneakers designed for both girls and boys. Our range includes colorful and stylish Fila sneakers that suit every taste and preference.

Whether your child prefers a more feminine design with pink and pastel colored Fila sneakers or a more masculine look with black or blue shades, we have something for everyone. Our Fila sneakers are carefully selected to meet the different preferences that both girls and boys may have. Let your child choose their favorite pair from our selection of Fila sneakers and watch them create their own style with these trendy shoe.

Fila sneakers for girls

We at Kids-world offer a special selection of Fila sneakers, designed with a focus on girls' style and comfort. These sneakers come in a multitude of colours and patterns that reflect the bubbly personality of young girls.

Our Fila sneakers for girls are made with quality materials and careful attention to detail to ensure each pair is comfortable to wear all day. They are suitable for school, leisure activities and much more. Give your girl the perfect pair of Fila sneakers that match her style and personality and let her feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

Fila sneakers for boys

Our selection of Fila sneakers for boys is created with a focus on comfort, durability and style. We understand the importance of having the right footwear that can keep up with the active lifestyle that boys often lead.

These Fila sneakers for boys are designed with sturdy soles, comfortable insoles and smart details. They are available in different colours and designs to suit boys of all ages. Let your boy find his favorite pair of Fila sneakers and enjoy the ultimate combination of comfort and style in his everyday life.

How to get an offer on Fila sneakers

At Kids-world, we strive to give our customers the best deals on Fila sneakers. You can find great prices by visiting our sale category, where you can access discounted prices on selected models of Fila sneakers.

Do you want to be among the first to hear about our exclusive offers? Then sign up for our newsletter, where we regularly send updates about new collections, offers and discounts. Also follow Kids-world on social media to keep up to date and make sure you never miss a good deal on Fila sneakers. Make a good deal and get your favorite Fila sneakers at a fantastic price at Kids-world.

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