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Skechers Sneakers for Kids

Shoe Size
Skechers Shoe w. Light - Comfy Flex - Yellow/Black Skechers Shoe w. Light - Comfy Flex - Yellow/Black 32,16 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Skechers Shoe - Ultra Flex 3.0 - Lavender/Multi Skechers Shoe - Ultra Flex 3.0 - Lavender/Multi 40,20 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
Skechers Shoe w. Light - S- Light Remix - White Skechers Shoe w. Light - S- Light Remix - White 72,36 €
Originally:  120,60 €  

Skechers sneakers for kids

Looking for sneakers for your boy or girl? Why not go for a pair of sneakers from Skechers? In any case, you have come to the ideal place. Within this category you find a great selection of Skechers sneakers and sneakers from lots of other fine brands.

Kids love cool and trendy sneakers, so why not let your kid get a new pair of Skechers sneakers - they are lightweight.

Sneakers from Skechers for any occasion

Skechers sneakers are suited for lots of occasion. You will have lots and lots to choose between when browsing our assortment of sneakers by Skechers. For boys and girls alike.

Lots of kids enjoy wearing Skechers sneakers while having fun outside. They are great footwear for running around playing cops and robbers, rounders, playing football or climbing trees.

Sneakers are airy and spacious and your kid is going to love wearing them. Sneakers by Skechers are simply a perfect choice of footwear for energetic and active kids of all ages.

Wearing out Skechers sneakers - kids are excellent at this

Kids tend to wear out all of their Skechers sneakers fairly easily as you may have noticed a few timesÖ Their feet grow and when they wear their sneakers on the football pitch, in the woods, in the school yard, on the playground etc.

Many kids are active and energetic, and they need great footwear that accommodates their level of movement and energy. We recommend you pay attention to the state of your kidsí Skechers sneakers, so you can get him or her a new pair in due time.

Grand selection of sneakers by Skechers and more

Have a look at the main category if you cannot find the right pair of sneakers from Skechers for your girl or boy. There are lots of shades, designs and colours to choose from.

Skechers sneakers at Kids-world

Have a look at our great choice of Skechers sneakers and while you are at it, you might as well browse for outdoor clothing or clothing in general that will fit your kidís new Skechers sneakers.

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