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Questions and answers

  • I have received an item of wrong size or color, or something is missing?

    If you have not received the correct item, We take the responsibility for the delivery of the correct product.
    Send us an email describing what - according to your order - is not correct. We will ship the correct item. A mailed shipping bag will be sent for returning the wrong item.
    Please contact us at before returning goods so that we can correct the problem.
  • I have not received my goods?

    In the vast majority of cases, our shipments arrive. If not, your shipment should be traced via the Track & Trace number you have received from the freight supplier.

    You can find the Track & Trace number in your order history located at the bottom of the page. Log in with your email and your personal password in order to see your entire personal order history. Here you will find the link to the Track & Trace number on your order so that you can check its current status. If the shipment is not yet at your place of delivery, it is most likely on its way back to us. Therefore, please check that the correct address is entered on the order and that your mailbox name is listed.
    Please contact us at so we can correct the problem.
  • I want to buy a product, but I cannot find the size I want?

    If a size is not displayed on a product, the size is currently sold out. A large part of our basic goods are always in stock at our warehouse, so please feel free to contact us by mail: if you have a question on a sold out product.
  • I have regretted my purchase?

    You always have a 30 days cancellation period if the item is in the same condition as when you received it. You just return the items - See more info here.
    Return payment is required, but in order to facilitate the process we offer a return label for 29.95 DKK. This includes package insurance, distribution to our address as well as track and trace.
    Find the return label here.
  • An item I bought is broken?

    Unfortunately, on rare occasions this can happen and is very regrettable!
    please take a few pictures of the entire product and the issue at hand. Then send the images to together with an explanatory text and your order ID of the purchase. This makes it possible for us to see the problem and evaluate its scope. We will send an email for each claim.
    In some cases it may be necessary to return the item.
    We cover reasonable shipping costs, so please contact us at before returning goods so that we can correct the problem.
    We will send you a return label by mail in case we want the defective item returned.
  • I'm in doubt about the size of a product?

    For most basic products, we have compiled and collected size guides, which can be seen on our Size Guide Page. If you do not find the product in the size guide, you are welcome to send an email to
  • I want the shipment delivered unattended?

    An unattended delivery cannot be controlled by Kids-world. Instead, you must make a Flex agreement with Post Nord.
    Your order can only be placed at your address if you have a ‘Modtagerflex’ agreement with Post Nord.
    You can read more about and sign up for unattended delivery service on PostNord's website::
  • I want to pick up my order at the Kids-world warehouse.

    You can easily choose "Personal pickup at Kids-world" as the shipping method in the webshop. We will then pack your order and notify you by email when it's ready to be picked up.

    Pickup orders can be picked up at our address, Smedevej 23, 6710 Esbjerg V. Monday through Thursday between 9.00 (CEST) and 17.00 (CEST). Friday between 9.00 (CEST) and 16.00 (CEST).

    Shipment for pickup will last for 14 days from the time of booking.
  • I have not found answers to my question?

    If you cannot find answers to your question here, please feel free to contact us at or phone (+45) 32 17 35 75.