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Doll Furniture and Accessories

Recommended Age (Toys)

Dolls house furniture

Playing with dolls is a large set of childhood for many kids. If your child loves sine dolls, they will also appreciate suitable dolls house furniture as a supplement.

Dolls house furniture is a great way for your child to develop their creativity. It can turn into many hours of role-playing with dolls, which you as a parent can also enjoy observing.

dolls house furniture is available in many different materials. You should look for dolls house furniture that is robust and can withstand children's sometimes rough play so that it does not break. They should ideally be able to resist scratches and scuffs, so that they can be used for many years and passed down to smaller kids over time.

Dolls house furniture can be used for all kinds of dolls, and also soft toys! If your little one is more into soft stuffed animals, they will also appreciate a doll's bed and doll doll chair that perfectly matches their soft best friend.

Large and small dolls house furniture

You can buy dolls house furniture in all sizes, both large and small. Be sure to buy dolls house furniture that fits your child's favorite dolls so that they can easily be included in the play. In this way, your child can spend many hours playing and living in their fantasy world.

We have a large selection of doll furniture sets for dollhouse, as well as larger furniture for children's favorite dolls and soft toys. Regardless of your child's needs, we have dolls house furniture that will fit perfectly into their room and their collection of dolls.

Dolls house furniture helps the children role-play

Dolls, baby dolls and soft toys are probably the most loved types of toys worldwide. Kids love to imitate their parents and the world around them. They love to cuddle, feed and look after their dolls.

When you buy dolls house furniture for your child, it makes their role play more realistic and develops their play even more. It also makes the game more fun and they learn a lot about empathy. Using dolls house furniture can also promote early cognitive development in your child.


Dolls house furniture from different brands

Choosing the right dolls house furniture for your child can be a challenge. First of all, choose dolls house furniture that matches your child's favorite dolls and preferences.

Kids love dolls house furniture, which they can use for many hours a day without getting tired of it. There is also a huge selection of different types of dolls house furniture, so of course you have to choose those that fit into the children's room and the doll accessories that your child already has, which also suit their interests.

The dolls house furniture you choose for your child must also suit their age. Most dolls house furniture and doll accessories are suitable for kids aged 3 and up, so you can be sure to find something that suits your child.

At Kids-world, we have a large assortment of dolls house furniture from many good, high-quality brands. See, for example, our selection of fine dolls house furniture from Cam Cam, Sebra, Mamatoyz, Moover, Our Generation and by ASTRUP.

Popular brands

Tiny Treasures Gabby's Dollhouse Konges Sløjd
Götz Barbie Frost

Decorate the dollhouse with dollhouse furniture

If your child has a dollhouse, it is of course necessary to furnish it with dollhouse furniture. This can be a great way to develop your child's creativity.

Dollhouse furniture requires your child to use their imagination when decorating their dollhouse. They must put small complex objects together to create a functional dollhouse for their doll family.

In this way, they build up the ability to think outside the box. They have to figure out how the best can put all the different pieces of furniture together and find a place for them in the dollhouse. This teaches them to find a good balance when they have to find space for many small objects at the same time.

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