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Doll Accessories for kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Doll accessories

Most small kids love dolls, stuffed animals and accessories for dolls, such as clothes, furniture, equipment, bottles, diapers, etc. Make the play more fun, more realistic and let your kid interact with sine dolls in a deeper and more imaginative way.

They can dress their doll in new clothes, take care of it, take it out in a doll stroller or baby carrier and whatever else you can imagine. With countless products to choose from, your kid can create their very own fantasy world and play with dolls and doll accessories in a very rewarding and creative way. Your kid gets access to all the things they need, so they can reproduce the family's everyday life or dream into a completely different world.

Doll beds give dolls a lovely place to read and sleep, while a doll carrier keeps your kid's best friend nearby all day long. See our large selection of doll accessories from many different brands in cute and realistic designs.

Popular brands

Frost Barbie Gabby's Dollhouse
LEGO® Tiny Treasures Götz

Take the doll on a trip with a doll carrier

A doll carrier makes it obvious and easy for your kid to carry around their favorite baby doll or stuffed animal. It lets your kid play parent to the doll, where they can comfortably carry the doll on their chest and back.

If your kid has younger siblings, it is also a fun game for them to imitate mom and dad with similar accessories that their little brother or sister uses. At the same time, they learn to look after their baby doll while you look after your baby.

Baby carriers for dolls are available in many different types of materials and designs. You can choose a doll carrier that matches the one you use for your baby, or simply choose one in a design or colour that you know your kid will like. Make sure the carrier will fit your kid's favorite doll perfectly in size and design.

Changing bags and changing mat for dolls

Changing bags and changing mat for dolls make kids feel very large and grown up when looking after their favorite doll. They look exactly like the changing bags their parents ville use. They are fun and perfect to take with you on trips to the park, kindergarten, holiday home or on holiday. They come in many different designs and contain everything your kid needs to play, to change and cuddle their doll, to put on a new clean nappy.

There are countless options for what your kid can carry in their dolls changing bag. They can pack everything they need for a day out on an fairy tale with their doll - diapers, dummies, extra clothes, toiletries, changing mat, the doll's toys, etc. There's plenty of room in our selection of changing bags, which are easy for your kid to carry around and use for hours of play with dolls.

Doll lifts and sleeping bags for dolls

A doll lift is a cozy and easy way for your kid to take his doll on trips. They are available in many different designs and colours. They are soft, cozy and functional. Your kid will enjoy putting their doll in a cozy blanket or with a sleeping bag for dolls, so they can lie down safely and comfortably and take a nap in the doll lift.

It is ideal to buy a cozy sleeping bag in a matching design, which can be used in the lift together with your kid's favorite doll. It will be fun for them to put them in the sleeping bag and then put them in the lift where they can protect and take care of their nice doll.

Feeding bottles and dinner set for dolls

When kids can feed a baby doll with a feeding bottle or spoon, it contributes to the realistic experience of role-playing, where they play and immerse themselves in it when playing with dolls.

There are feeding bottles and feeding dinner set for dolls in very realistic designs. We naturally have a large selection of both parts. We have dinner set for dolls, which contain everything your kid needs for their baby doll.

Many of the sets contain a feeding bottle, plate, spoon, liningk and even a bib, which they can fasten around the doll's throat, so that they can imitate it when little brother or little sister is fed by mother and father. There are dinner set and feeding bottles for dolls in many colours, so choose the set that you think your kid will like best.

Bicycle seat and bicycle helmet for dolls

If your kid has already learned to ride a bike and still loves dolls and stuffed animals, why not take their best doll friend on a bike ride? A bicycle seat for dolls can be easily mounted on most kid's bicycles and can hold their favorite teddy bear or doll.

Once the bike seat is installed, your kid simply fastens the doll with the harness and gives them a bicycle helmet to keep them safe in traffic. Then it's time for a fun fairy tale.

Pets for dolls

All kids love pets, and what's more fun than pretending your doll has a pet too? At Kids-world, you will find small doll-sized pets so your kid can play with the doll learning how to care for and take care of a furry friend. Please see our selection of Our Generation doll pets. Here you will find both dogs, cats, birds, rodents and other things with accompanying accessories, which make doll play even more realistic.

Cars and vehicles for dolls

Dolls now come in all shapes and sizes. For slightly smaller dolls, there are cars and vehicles in all kinds of models and colours. It is great fun for kids to let their dolls ride bicycles, scooter and motorcycle. There are also different types of construction trucks cars and vehicles for dolls, so your kid can pretend that their doll has his dream job. Whether it's a police car, fire truck, ice cream truck or something else entirely, there are an incredible number of different vehicles for dolls. Then it's just a matter of asking your kid what she or he wants.

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