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DC Sneakers for Kids and Teen

Shoe Size
DC Shoe - Manual - Black/White DC Shoe - Manual - Black/White 28,20 €
Originally:  47,00 €  
DC Shoe - Trase Tx - Black/White DC Shoe - Trase Tx - Black/White 28,26 €
Originally:  47,10 €  
DC Sneakers - Trase Tx Se - Black/White DC Sneakers - Trase Tx Se - Black/White 40,14 €
Originally:  66,90 €  
DC Sneakers - Crisis Tx - Black/Red DC Sneakers - Crisis Tx - Black/Red 33,45 €
Originally:  66,90 €  

Sneakers from DC

Looking for a new pair of sneakers from DC? On this page you find a great assortment of sneakers from DC for boys and girls.

Sneakers by DC are great footwear, kids and teens love them (adults, too, actually). Find a fine pair of DC sneakers for your girl or boy right here. Sneakers are lightweight footwear and ideal for girls and boys who are energetic and active.

Be ready for anything with a pair of sneakers by DC

Sneakers by DC are great for kids of all ages and we stock a great collection of trendy and cool DC sneakers for kids - your kid will love them.

Sneakers, including DC sneakers, are comfortable and fit ideally with lots of clothes. Your kid will enjoy wearing a pair of DC sneakers because they are airy and spacious - important features when it comes to footwear.

Wearing out DC sneakers - kids are excellent at this

Do not challenge your girl or boy with a competition on who of you can wear out his or her sneakers first. You WILL lose. Kids are highly active when staying outside, so often they wear out their sneakers within a short period of time.

We recommend that you regularly check out the state of your boy or girl’s sneakers in order to make sure their sneakers are in a good condition. DC sneakers are an excellent collection and you will not regret buying them for your kid.

Fine assortment of sneakers by DC and more

If you do not have any luck with finding the perfect pair of sneakers by DC, however, do not despair. Just go through our range of sneakers from some of the other brands we stock.. We have sneakers to everyone’s liking.

Sneakers from DC at Kids-world

Have a look at our fine choice of DC sneakers and while you are at it, you might as well search for outdoor clothing or clothing in general that will suit your kid’s new pair of DC sneakers. We offer something that will fit in any wardrobe.

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