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Danefæ Winter Coat for Kids

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Danefæ Winter Coat - Bordeaux/Dots Danefæ Winter Coat - Bordeaux/Dots  1.099,95 DKK 
Danefæ Winter Coat - Maja - Red/Striped Danefæ Winter Coat - Maja - Red/Striped  1.099,95 DKK 
Danefæ Winter Coat - Blue/Striped Danefæ Winter Coat - Blue/Striped  899,95 DKK 
Danefæ Winter Coat - Johan - Army Green Danefæ Winter Coat - Johan - Army Green  1.199,95 DKK 
Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Purple Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Purple  39,95 DKK 
Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Black Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Black  39,95 DKK 
Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Charcoal Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Charcoal  39,95 DKK 
Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Navy Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Navy  39,95 DKK 
Danefæ Winter Coat - Northern Light - Rose
Danefæ Winter Coat - Northern Light - Rose 949,95 DKK     Save 474,98 DKK   
474,98 DKK 

Danefæ Winter Coat - Himmelbjerg - Blue w. Neon Green
Danefæ Winter Coat - Himmelbjerg - Blue w. Neon Green 949,95 DKK     Save 474,98 DKK   
474,98 DKK 

Danefæ winter coats for kids

As soon as summer has passed, autumn is readily waiting to make its entry; days shorten, days become chilly and wet more often. It is time to find your kids winter coats from last season to see if they still fit. Often, they do not, because (as you know) kids grow so fast; it is time to look for a new Danefæ winter coat.

The main purpose of a winter coat is that it keeps your kid warm, dry and comfortable. Winter and autumn can offer low temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, and lots of wind. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for a Danefæ winter coat as this is well-suited for English weather.

Smashingly designed Danefæ winter coats

The Danefæ designs and colours w/o patterns and prints are many. Whatever you and your kid(s) prefer, there are lots of possibilities to choose from.

Check out our vast collection of Danefæ winter coats and see if you find one to your liking. We stock winter coats for both boys and girls - if you are unable to find a Danefæ design that you like, we hope you will spend a little time browsing some of all the other brands we stock.

Some winter coats are primarily made for transitional seasons; chilly months of autumn and spring, and some are specifically made for cold winters when frost has arrived.

Danefæ - functional winter coats

We suggest that you look into the practical qualities needed in a winter coat from Danefæ. Generally, the manufacturers label the products providing information about the qualities of their products. Windproof, water resilience, water column pressure and breathability. All qualities that are important to pay attention to when buying a winter coat.

We recommend that you look for a Danefæ winter coat with excellent breathability; sweat is then transported away from the body and through the fabric - also in a winter coat with excellent water resilience.

When rain is pouring, it is important that your kid is kept warm and dry, therefore, we recommend that you look for Danefæ winter coats with a high water column pressure.

While you are at it, we suggest that you check the hems, seams and joints of the winter coat as well.

Danefæ winter coats for boys and girls

However, not all winter coats have these practical qualities. It is important to consider what the Danefæ winter coat is to be used for and what the needs are. If you are going on a skiing holiday, you need a winter coat that is suited for cold temperatures. Back home this sort of winter coat might be too warm, and you need a different type of winter coat.

The most important thing is that you take the needs of your kid into consideration when purchasing a winter coat from Danefæ.

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