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Creams for baby, kids and adults

The skin is our largest organ and it is important to take good care of it. Wind, heat, cold, water and others elements can dry it out, and thus a good and nourishing cream comes into the picture.

There are many different types of cream for different skin types - dry, oily, normal and combination. A good cream can be beneficial for both babies, kids and adults. Most parents have probably used baby products such as zinc ointment and baby oil, and kids of all ages should be lubricated with sunscreen in the summer. An after-sun cream is also soothing and cooling on the skin after a long day outdoors.

Kids especially need mild and effective products to reduce their risk of developing allergies or eczema. Moisturize your baby's dry skin with a cream made especially for kids. Babies' skin is thin and can quickly become irritated - thus you should use skin cream without fragrance and substances that can irritate the skin. Be sure to choose a cream that tackles exactly the skin problem you are trying to solve.

Hand cream for kids

Many things can dry out children's hands - play with water, a long bath, play with Clay, paint or others hobby projects. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a delicious hand cream at home if your child's hands feel dry and irritated. Hand cream from Meraki is vegan and organic. It contains no parabens or SLS, and quickly and effectively moisturizes dry hands. In addition, it smells mild and fresh, and comes in a practical tube scarf with a lid.

Bodysuit gel

A bodysuit gel provides both moisture and care for the skin, and Nailmatic has developed a version designed specifically for kids and their sensitive skin. This bodysuit gel smells of raspberry and contains glitter - so it will be a fun sensory experience for kids to use it on the skin. It has a practical roller head, which makes it very easy for all kids to lubricate it. It is based on aloe vera and contains as much as 90% natural ingredients.


A lotion is a lighter and more liquid cream that can be applied to the whole body all year round. Meraki has made an enormously delicious lotion especially for kids. It is allergy-friendly as it does not contain perfume, and bears both the Nordic Ecolabel and the Nordic asthma and allergy label. You can therefore safely use this lotion to relieve your baby's dry skin.

Face masks

There are face masks for all skin types, and if your child or teenager suffers from impurities, Meraki has created a good face mask for children's sensitive skin. The mask contains minerals, aloe vera and natural oils, which soothe your child's skin while impurities are absorbed without the skin drying out. Meraki's face mask is both organic and Nordic Ecolabelled, and safe to use for people with allergies.

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