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Bralette for Girls

Rosemunde Top - Wool/Viscose - Black Rosemunde Top - Wool/Viscose - Black 26,20 €
Originally:  40,30 €  
Rosemunde Top - Wool/Viscose - Dark Brown Rosemunde Top - Wool/Viscose - Dark Brown 26,20 €
Originally:  40,30 €  
Tommy Hilfiger Bra - Toaddad Triagle - Type Print Tommy Hilfiger Bra - Toaddad Triagle - Type Print 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Hummel Sports Tops - hmlPure - Black Hummel Sports Tops - hmlPure - Black 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Champion Fashion Top - Rib - Black Champion Fashion Top - Rib - Black 22,56 €
Originally:  37,60 €  
Minymo Top - Rib - Folkstone Grey Minymo Top - Rib - Folkstone Grey 12,06 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Minymo Top - Rib - Peach Whip Minymo Top - Rib - Peach Whip 12,06 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Fila Top - Corte - Sepia Tint Fila Top - Corte - Sepia Tint 22,56 €
Originally:  37,60 €  

Bralettes for girls

We have bralettes from many popular brands and we stock many different designs. For tweens and teens we have classic bras with adjustable straps and hooks at the back.

Some girls prefer wearing a regular bralette instead. At Kids-world we stock bralettes with slim, adjustable straps and bralettes with wide shoulder straps.

If you have a girl who wants underwear that is suited for bigger kids - approaching the teenage years - obviously it is a good idea to replace the classic undershirt with a bralette.

At Kids-world we always stock a vast selection of bralettes in a number of colours and styles - suited for your kid.

Tops and sports bras for kids and teens in many sizes 

We have a big selection of comfortable tops and sports bras for kids of all the relevant ages. Generally we have the sizes: 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170, 176, og 188. 

It is important that kids and teenagers feel comfortable during the time when their bodies are constantly changing - a good sports bra is essential for many during physical education and training, and tops as well as underwire bras or tops/undershirts can make a big difference for many kids. 

Tops and sports bras from well-known brands 

Our selection of tops and bras includes many nice models from good and well-known brands on the market, such as Champion, Calvin Klein, The New, Say-So, DIM, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma.

We have quality products in many patterns, colours and designs. Whether you want to add simple tops and sports bras to your child’s wardrobe or more colourful ones, we have something for everyone.

It is always very important that the underwear such as tops and bras are soft and have a good fit, and at the same time allow to be worn and washed a lot. Good materials are therefore needed as well as a good fit, which keep the length. We always have good and comfortable tops and bras available. 

A wide range of tops and bras 

We aim to maintain a wide range of different products to choose from, in order to ensure that it is always possible to find what you are looking for. Some kids and teenagers care a lot about what their clothes look like, and it is therefore important that they have different options.

We have tops and bras from famous brands with their logos, products in simple designs, with motifs, patterns and everything else in-between. As noticed we also have many types of underwear such as tops and bras, which fit the needs of your kid and in which your kid feels comfortable.

It is of course very important to choose a top or a bra which fits your child’s body. We have a wide selection of underpants, which are you welcome to check out, if that is something missing in your child’s wardrobe. 

Sports tops and sports bra for kids and teens

A sports top or a sports bra is good for the kid to wear under the T-shirt when they are being active or doing sports. It makes it much more comfortable to move around for a longer time, thereby ensuring that the kid gets something out of their training.

A sports top or a sports bra is a wise choice as the child’s first bra if you are not sure of the size you need to buy for your girl. It will keep everything in place, so that the kids will not feel insecure or worried about how they look. 

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