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Underwear for Kids and Teens


Underwear Sets for kids

Even if the underwear is not a visible piece of our everyday style, it is still kind of important to choose comfortable and soft-to-wear underwear. At Kids-world, you will find a wide selection of underwear sets for boys and girls of all ages.

We have everything from panties and underpants to undershirts in size 50, size 56, size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92, size 98, size 104, size 110, size , size 116, size 122, size 128, size 134, size 140, size 146, size 152, size 158, size 164, size 170, size 176 and all the way up to size 188.

We have underwear in various colours, such as blue, navy, mint, black, grey, pink, white, purple, red, lavender and many other super cool colours and shades as well as underwear with fine, cool and beautiful prints. In short, our range of underwear is so diverse that everyone should be able to find something they like.

Check it out and see if there is something that fits your kid perfectly.

Underwear which boys and girls will love

We have different kinds of underwear for kids of all ages from many different brands, which all have a reputation for making high-quality, comfortable underwear. The underwear, of course, comes in many different models because we are all different and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing the right model.

In other words, it is not a problem if your son or daughter has some very special preferences in terms of whether it should be panties, Tai panties, boxers, hipsters, underpants or undershirts with short or long sleeves from a particular brand. You can easily find them all here in the category of underwear for kids.

In this category, you will also find ski underwear for the cold months, where it can be nice to wear some extra layer of clothing when you are about to stay out in the cold for a longer time.

Underwear sets for kids in beautiful colours and prints

You can find underwear for boys and girls of all ages. In terms of sizes, our selection covers most of the underwear sizes for kids, offering models in many different colours, motifs and prints: Fine print with princesses, stars, Christmas themes, football, stripes, seahorses, water lilies, swans, flowers, hearts, deer, flamingos, wild animals, animal prints, fruits or something completely different - you will not come to Kids-world in vain, that is for sure!

Of course, we have not forgotten about the importance of the material underwear is made of, so we have plenty to choose from when it comes to fabrics as well. Whether you prefer 100% cotton, polyester, elastane, wool, or something different - there should be something for everyone. It is of utmost importance that the underwear fits as it should and that it is comfortable and soft to wear.

Briefs for kids

If you are looking for new briefs for your kid, then you have come to the right place. On this page, you will find briefs for kids of many different ages. We have a wide variety including boxer shorts, regular briefs and ski briefs.

Even though briefs are worn inside of clothing, there's no need for them to be boring. Therefore, you will find briefs in many different colours and patterns right here on this page.

Explore our selection and see if you can find the right briefs for your kid.

Buy briefs for kids in packages with several pairs

It can often be a good idea to buy briefs for kids in packages with several pairs. That way, you can easily fill up your underwear drawer at home so that there are always a few good pairs left.

You can find available packages with two and three pairs of briefs, so there is plenty to choose from. Packages typically come with slightly different colours or patterns, so it's never boring to buy co-packs with several pairs of briefs.

Briefs for kids in beautiful colours

On this page, you will find briefs for kids in many nice colours. We normally have briefs in stock in the colours blue, grey, white, rose and black. You will find solid coloured briefs for kids and briefs with nice, fun patterns and details.

Oeko-Tex certified briefs for kids

You will always find Oeko-Tex certified briefs for kids here at Kids-world. When a pair of briefs is Oeko-Tex certified, it means that they are free of harmful, allergenic chemicals. The briefs and all the material from which they are made are tested in a professional laboratory, so you are assured the same high standard every time.

Underpants, undershirts and knickers for kids

We have all kinds of underwear for kids, and you will find it all right here in this category. Whether you are just missing a pair of underpants, a nice undershirt or a pair of knickers, there is a good chance that you will find it all here on our page.

Underwear sets for kids from famous brands

On this page, you will find underwear sets for kids from over 40 different Danish and foreign brands. That means that you will always have plenty to choose from when it comes to prices, models, designs, sizes and colours. We know that kids are different, and one's dream can be another's nightmare. That is why we always make sure to have something for everyone.

If you are looking for something specific, then you can use various filters at the top of the page. Here you can easily filter by brand, price, size, gender and colour. In that way, you will quickly get an overview of the underwear that suits your kid's needs.

Underwear sets for teenagers

At Kids-world, you will also find underwear sets for teenagers. In that way, you can find underwear for both the youngest and the oldest kids in your family at the same place. We have a large assortment of nice and cool underwear sets for teenage boys and teenage girls in many different models and fits. You can find boxers, panties, hipsters, tops, bras and much more.

Find tops and bras for girls

If you are looking for tops or bras for your girl, you will also find it here on the site. Every girl needs a top, sports top or bra in a different age, but when the time comes, it is of quite an importance to find one that fits well and comfortably and that she feels comfortable in.

On this page, you will find lots of different tops, sports tops and bras, so there is plenty to choose from, both when it comes to colour, design and fit.

If you bought the wrong size or model, do not despair. Fortunately, on this page, it is pretty easy to return or exchange items. You can read more about this under our terms and conditions.

Buy underwear for kids in sets

Of course, you can also find beautiful underwear sets on this page, both for boys and girls. We have underwear sets in many different colours, patterns and fits. An underwear set consists of a lower part and an upper part. However, different underwear sets can come with different kinds of bottoms and tops. Some of our underwear sets have the same coloured bottoms and tops while others have their parts in different colours or patterns, which still fit nicely together.

Find bundles of underwear for boys and girls

On this page, you can also find underwear bundles for kids with several pairs in one package. This way, it is easy to buy several sets of underwear at a time if you short on underwear in your drawer. You can find both packages with 2 and 3 pieces of underwears in each.

We have bundles for boys and girls from many different brands and in many different price ranges. That's why you will always have something to choose from when you click on Kids-world to find underwear for your child.

Oeko-Tex 100 certified underwear for kids

Of course, we also have underwear for kids that is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. With the Oeko-Tex 100 certification, you can be sure that the underwear and all its material have been tested in a professional laboratory and that it is, therefore, free of harmful and allergenic chemicals.

In addition, you can also find underwear made of organic cotton. You can always read more about what the different kinds of underwear are made of and any certifications inside each product.

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