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Bowls for Kids

Liewood Bowls - Tritan - 2-Pack - Nara - Surf Blue Liewood Bowls - Tritan - 2-Pack - Nara - Surf Blue 19,32 €
Originally:  32,20 €  

Bowls for kids

Should your youngest kid be in need of something to eat on other than a plate, a bowl is the perfect choice. We have a large and fabulous selection of bowls in all sorts of colours and designs.

Virtually all bowls in our selection are designed with nice, appealing colours as well as designs of everything from penguins, bears, bamboo, rabbits, dinosaurs as well as numbers, letters and tools.

We have both colourful bowls and bowls in more muted colours. No matter what you and your kid like best, we can guarantee that you always have something to choose from at Kids-world.

Explore our large range and see if there is anything that fits your needs perfectly.

How about a tray bowl?

It is also here in this category that you can find popular tray bowls, which make it difficult for kids to throw them on the floor. It’s never much fun, day in and day out, to have to pick up all the food from the floor.

Bowls for kids in beautiful colours

Some parents think it's nice to have kids' bowls in sharp colours, while others prefer that they fit in the rest of the tableware at home. Whatever you are into, we have many wonderful varieties to choose from here on this site.

You can normally find bowls for kids in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose and red.

In our large assortment, you will find both single-coloured bowls and bowls with beautiful, fun designs. Go exploring to see if there is anything that fits your home dining table.

Bowls with dinner sets for kids

If you are looking for an entire set that includes a bowl, plate, cup and possibly even cutlery for your kid, then you will also find it here on our page.

We have an array of beautiful dinner sets, making meals at home a little more exciting for the youngest members of the family.

You can find dinner sets from many different brands in a plethora of different designs and colours.

Bowls for kids with cute, fun designs

Are you looking for a way to make breakfast, lunch and dinner a little more exciting and maybe even a little less of a conflict? If so, you should consider a bowl with a cute, fun design.

Here at Kids-world, you will find bowls with whales, sailing ships, birds, squids, giraffes, elephants, cats, letters, zebras, fruits, monkeys, snails, dogs, dinosaurs, pandas, bears, mice, cars and much more.

In short, there is something for everyone, whether your kid is into animals, cars or something completely different.

Bowls with lids for kids

Not all kids are equally good at eating, so a bowl that has a lid can be a really good idea. That way, it's easy and simple to store leftovers in the fridge and reuse them later in the day or possibly the day after. This saves both food and dishes.

Bowls with lids can also easily be used for packed lunches, snacks and as preparation, storing and serving products.

For example, a bowl with a lid can be used when you are on a trip to the playground or camping in the woods to bring fruit, vegetable sticks or any other type of food for your kid.

Some of our bowls with lids even come with a spoon that can be easily attached to the lid, making it much more practical.

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