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Bisgaard Sneakers for Kids

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Shoe Size

Bisgaard Shoes - Karla - Mustard Bisgaard Shoes - Karla - Mustard  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Lauge - Sand Bisgaard Sneakers - Lauge - Sand  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Luka - Blush Bisgaard Sneakers - Luka - Blush  799,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Lauge - Sand Bisgaard Sneakers - Lauge - Sand  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Prewalker - Tage - Cognac Bisgaard Prewalker - Tage - Cognac  649,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Liam - White/Silver Bisgaard Sneakers - Liam - White/Silver  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Prewalker - Seb - Navy Bisgaard Prewalker - Seb - Navy  599,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Sena - Navy Bisgaard Sneakers - Sena - Navy  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Liam - Navy Bisgaard Sneakers - Liam - Navy  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Prewalker - Seb - Nude Bisgaard Prewalker - Seb - Nude  599,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Prewalker - Tage - Nude Bisgaard Prewalker - Tage - Nude  649,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Sneakers - Sena - Nude Bisgaard Sneakers - Sena - Nude  699,95 DKK 
Bisgaard Trainers - Silver Glitter w. Laces
Bisgaard Trainers - Silver Glitter w. Laces 799,95 DKK Save 399,98 DKK
399,98 DKK 

Bisgaard Trainers - Ivory w. Blue/Star
Bisgaard Trainers - Ivory w. Blue/Star 699,95 DKK Save 349,98 DKK
349,98 DKK 

Bisgaard sneakers

Searching for a new pair of Bisgaard sneakers for the summer? On this page you find a vast selection of Bisgaard sneakers for boys and girls.

Bisgaard sneakers are great footwear, boys and girls love them. Find a cool pair of sneakers by Bisgaard for your kid right here. Sneakers are lightweight footwear and ideal for kids who are energetic and active.

Be ready for anything with a pair of Bisgaard sneakers

Bisgaard sneakers are perfect footwear for kids of all ages and we offer a vast assortment of trendy and cool sneakers from Bisgaard for kids - your kid will love them.

Sneakers, including Bisgaard sneakers, are comfy, cool looking and fit ideally with lots of outfits. Your girl or boy will love wearing a pair of Bisgaard sneakers because they are spacious and airy.

Wearing out Bisgaard sneakers - kids are excellent at this

Whether this will be your girl og boy’s first pair of sneakers from Bisgaard or not, it is not a secret that kids are soon to wear out their footwear.

Usually, you will have to provide them with a new pair of sneakers within months. Playing outside will be hard on the footwear over time.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the state of the the sneakerskeep an eye on the state of your kid’s sneakers. This way, you will be a step ahead with a pair of Bisgaard sneakers.

Sneakers from Bisgaard that remains warm

A pair of sneakers are typically closed shoes, which is an advantage to most. You may not be aware of this fun fact, but on a daily basis our feet give off about 200 ml of sweat.

It might be a good idea to let your boy or girl own two pair of sneakers, so he or she can change footwear when a pair needs to be freshened up..

Buy Bisgaard sneakers right here

We have a great range of anything your kid needs, therefore, we recommend you look for outdoor clothing for your girl or boy now that you are browsing for a new pair of sneakers by Bisgaard.

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