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Baselayer for Kids

Color Kids Baselayer - Beet Red w. Stripes Color Kids Baselayer - Beet Red w. Stripes 29,97 €
Originally:  49,95 €  

Baselayer for kids

Winter - a time of hygge, playing in the snow and having a lot of fun! If you are going skiing this season, or perhaps your kids just need baselayer for chilly and freezing cold days, please spend a moment or two browsing for baselayer for your offspring in our selection.

Baselayer - a necessity in cold temperatures

We hope that you can find the baselayer for your kids when you browse our selection of sports shoes, sportswear and sports equipment.

To most people it’s important to look good and that the colours you put together, match. Don’t hesitate with using our filter when browsing for something specific.

Should you be so unfortunate as not finding the brand or the style you are looking for, please send a request to our customer service - they’ll be glad to help!

Baselayers for kids in many sizes 

Kids of all ages may need a lovely baselayer set no matter whether it is to be used on the slopes or just as an extra layer in the cold and wet winter months back in Denmark. 

The baselayer should be tight fitting, but never feel uncomfortable because it’s too tight. The idea is that the kid moves around freely in the baselayer and that it helps to draw moisture away from the skin in order to keep the kid warm and dry during physical activity in cold temperatures. 

Derfor har vi et fint og alsidigt udvalg af skiundertøj til børn i flere størrelser; normalt fører vi størrelserne 104, 110, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 164 og 170 her på siden. 

The characteristics of baselayer

Baselayer is characterised by being tight fit and with long sleeves as well as tight fitting and long trouser leg. This is to ensure that the kid doesn’t get cold when he or she is spending many hours outside when it is windy or rainy, or even when it is snowing. 

We offer baselayers in dark and neutral colours as well as baselayers with wonderful patterns. Baselayer is generally made of polyester as well as elastane, which will keep your kid warm. 

Certain baselayer tops even have a high neck and a zipper as well as long sleeves with a wide edge and with a hole for the thumb, in order to keep the hands warm and protect them against the cold.

You can buy skiunderwear and baselayer tops separately which means that you don’t necessarily have to invest in a complete set in case your kid only needs a baselayer top, or if you prefer to combine different styles or sizes. 

Baselayer for kids in different materials 

We have baselayer for kids in many different materials. You will both find baselayer in wool and baselayer in polyester. None of the materials are better than others, as each material has its own benefits.

Wool has temperature regulating properties which can easily cool you down or keep you warm. Baselayers in wool will typically be better at keeping you warm, even when it gets wet, which is definitely an advantage in many situations. 

The baselayer made in polyester is also made to keep your kid warm and dry, and to draw the moisture away from the skin. One of the benefits of the baselayer in polyester is that it can easily be washed at higher temperatures.

You will find information about the different kinds of baselayers and what they are made of under each product description. 

Why should you choose baselayer for the skiing holidays? 

Some parents may ask themselves why even bother to spend money on kids’ baselayer for the skiing holidays. Afterall, it looks like a pair of leggings and a long sleeve top.

There are, however, very big differences between a regular pair of leggings in cotton and a pair of skiunderwear. Similarly, a base layer top doesn’t compare with a regular long sleeve top.

Regular leggings and tops in cotton do not remove the sweat from the skin. This is not a problem if the kid is only going to be active for an hour or so and thereafter shower and change clothes, which is the case in physical education or to football training.

However, this is typically not the case when you are skiing, as this is typically something you do for several hours. You can easily be away from the hut or the hotel all day because you eat lunch at the slopes.

This means that the kid is wearing the same clothes all day and if the sweat isn’t being drawn away from the skin, you risk that the kid gets cold and wet during the breaks, and this may lead to the kid laying with a cold in bed half of the skiing holidays.

It is therefore a really good idea to invest in baselayer to ensure to make the most of the skiing holidays. There is also no doubt that a kid who is feeling warm and dry, is a happy child. 

Baselayers for camping or outdoor life

Baselayers for kids are not only great for skiing holidays. The baselayer can also easily be used for camping or outdoor life, especially if the Danish summer is disappointing, or if you are out in the months when it’s a bit colder outside.

The baselayer is great when sitting around the bonfire or to sleep in, if you have a kid who gets cold easily. 

The baselayer top can also easily be used under a light windbreaker or a rain jacket, as an extra isolating layer. Browse our selection to see if you can find a baselayer which suits your child’s needs. 

Baselayer for sports

Baselayer is also super practical if you have a kid who plays football or does other kinds of outdoor sports. A pair of ski underwear can easily be worn underneath a pair of shorts and thereby ensure that your boy or girl doesn’t get cold during training.

A baselayer top can similarly be used underneath a T-shirt or a windbreaker if your kid is going to run outside during the winter or autumn. 

Remember that you can find more sportswear and sports equipment for kids in our ‘Sports’ category, which you will find in the menu at the top of the page.

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