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Tights for Kids

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Tights for kids

Here at Kids-world, you will find a large selection of tights for babies and kids. We have tights for babies, girls and boys. In addition, we have tights from many popular and recognized brands.

We have tights for kids in a myriad of colours and sizes. In our size range, we normally have size 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170, all the way up to size 176.

Feel free to explore our large range or use the various filters at the top of the page, so you can quickly and easily get an overview of what we have in your kid's size and tastes.

Tights for kids in a sea of varieties

In addition to our many available sizes, we have tights in a sea of varieties, where you will find everything from tights with coloured dots and stripes to styles with glitter, leopard print, flowers, stars, butterflies and tractors.

You will also be able to find tights with a festive bow sewn on the legs, or what about a pair of nice tights, where there is a nice little dance shoe in the pattern of the feet?

We have tights in quality rib knit and completely smooth quality tights with a harlequin pattern, finely knitted tights that bring to mind the good old days and sporty tights for kids with gunpowder on the back.

Finally, we have many models with pads in strategic places like feet and knees, so that kids dont slip too easily. There are, thus, many different tights for kids of all ages to choose from.

Tights for cold months

If you are the parent of a real popsicle, then you also know that some kids easily freeze in the fall or winter after a long day in kindergarten or school. In those situations, it may be a good idea to get a pair of tights for the kid to put under their pants, which provides an extra layer of insulation.

When the weather gets warmer, tights can be worn under a dress, a pair of shorts or skirt. Tights are also easy to have in your bag if you have a long day ahead of you, where it can get cold in the afternoon or evening.

Large selection of tights in all price ranges

No matter if you are missing blue, green, brown, yellow, white, purple, orange, multicoloured, navy, turquoise, red or black tights, you will find them here with us. We have tights in all price ranges, so you will find both very inexpensive tights and more expensive ones.

You can always use the filter function at the top of the page to find tights in the price range that you are looking for.

Tights for babies and young kids

Tights are ideal for babies and young kids. First, they are super flexible and fabulous to wear. Secondly, its wonderfully easy for socks and tights to be joined together, so that you dont suddenly have a kid without socks on.

Tights for little boys and girls come in many different colours and with many different patterns. Some of them even come with grip dots under the feet and on the knees so that kids dont slide around on the floor when trying to crawl or get up.

On this page, you can find tights for small kids in many different qualities and materials. A pair of wool tights may be good for the coldest months of the year, while a pair of cotton tights is good for the remainder of the year.

Tights for teenagers

Tights are not just for toddlers. Many older kids and teens wear tights under dresses, skirts and shorts.

On this page, we have tights up to size 176, and we have a large selection. Therefore, you will find neutral solid-coloured tights in black, navy and grey as well as more colourful tights with glitter, stars or stripes.

Tights are an obvious choice to spice up a look. For example, they can be super nice with a pair of colourful tights for a simple black dress. If your kid is going to a birthday party or other special event, glitter tights may just be the right thing.

Tights in fabulous materials

Tights should be comfortable to wear and provide a snug fit. Therefore, it should not matter what material the tights are made of. At Kids-world, we know that taste and pleasure differ from kid to kid.

Therefore, we make sure that our range includes a large selection of tights in various high quality materials.

Thus, you will be able to find a wide selection of fabulous, soft tights in cotton, organic cotton, metallic fibers, viscose, polyamide, elastane etc.

You can always find more information about what the different tights are made of inside the individual products.

Tights for kids from well-known brands

We have tights for kids from more than 20 wonderful brands, so please feel free to look around in the large selection. You can also use our filter to find your way to the tights from the desired brand, in the required colours and size.

Also keep in mind that you can sort by special offer items in our filter, so you can see all the inexpensive and/or discounted tights that we have in stock right now.

Should you not be able to find a pair of tights from your favorite brand, we suggest that you check out the rest of our fantastic range as well. Wed be greatly surprised if you are unable to find at least one great pair of tights at Kids-world that fits your kid perfectly.

Tights for all occasions

Tights are the one type of clothing your kid should always have in their wardrobe. They are super versatile and can be used on many different occasions. For the youngest kids, they can be worn alone and for older kids they can be worn under shorts, skirts and dresses.

If you are going on a trip, tights are very easy to have in your bag for if it gets cold later. If you have a real style-conscious princess at home, then a pair of tights can extend the dress season a great deal.

In addition, a pair of nice tights with fine details or glitter are perfect for birthdays, parties or other special occasions.

Oeko-Tex certified tights for kids

Many of the tights at Kids-world are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This certification provides reassurance that the individual brands have taken into account hazardous and harmful chemicals in the production of their tights.

Therefore, when a pair of tights has the Oeko-Tex certification, it means they have been tested in a laboratory and are, therefore, free of harmful and allergenic chemicals.

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