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Summer rompers for kids


Summer rompers for babies

Kids-world proudly presents our large selection of summer rompers for little ones. A romper is the ideal attire for little ones as soon as the summer is upon us, or you are heading south in the autumn. On this page, you will find our large selection of fabulous summer rompers for babies, which fit perfectly as clothing on slightly hot summer days.

Summer rompers for babies are extremely popular with many parents because they are light and comfortable for little ones to wear during the summer months. The short sleeves and short legs of summer rompers are ideal as hot weather clothing.

Summer rompers in many colours

You can dress your baby or toddler in a fabulous, soft and comfortable summer outfit in colours like brown, grey, black, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange,rose, red and turquoise.

In addition, we have summer rompers for your baby in many different styles and designs such as roosters, clouds, cars, dogs, flowers, dots, swans, beautiful stripes and tractors.

Some brands come in the most fabulous prints with wild animals, as well as amazing combinations including tropical plants and beautiful solid colours. If you think robots are the coolest, it’s also possible to find a summer romper with just that design.

In the summer, it’s also very important that you take good care of the baby as well as their head, and therefore selected models come with one or two fine hats that match the summer romper itself.

Summer rompers with short sleeves are available as well as summer rompers with narrow straps, and you can also find summer rompers with ruffles. If you love baseball, you can dress babies in a baseball summer romper with a matching cap! How lovely is that?

We also have a nice farmer's summer romper, where vegetables stick out of the pockets, an ingenious print for sweet little girls or boys.

Summer rompers for the holidays

A summer romper is obvious whether you are going to a holiday home event, on a holiday by the beach, on a break in the city or just down to the playground on a hot day. The good thing about summer rompers is that they are nice and light, easy to move in and easy to get on and off.

Many summer rompers come with short sleeves while others are sleeveless. With the sleeveless ones, kids can wear them with bare arms, a T-shirt or a body on the inside if it’s a little cooler or if their delicate skin needs to be protected from the sun's rays.

It’s entirely up to you as to how you put the summer romper together. Here at Kids-world we make certain to have a wide range of summer rompers so we can provide for your selections.

Summer rompers for special occasions

Summer rompers for small kids come in many different variants. Some are well suited for everyday life, others are more for party. A summer romper is perfect for summer parties, weddings or others occasions throughout the summer, where the youngest member of the family may like to look a little nice, but still need to be comfortable.

Among our large selection of summer rompers, we have summer rompers suits with details such as cute collars, pockets or ruffles, which make the suit a little more special.

Summer rompers for baby and kids in many sizes

We have summer rompers for baby and kids in size 50, size 56, size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92, size 98, size 104, size 110, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 134 and all the way up to size 140.

The Summer rompers overalls are distinguished by the fact that they are not only light and comfortable to wear for the kids, they are also practical when, for example, changing nappies, as they are equipped with push buttons between the legs, and thus are easy to open, to be able to take the diaper off and put a new diaper on afterwards.

Summer rompers in sustainable materials

Last but not least, we summer rompers in a wealth of delicious materials. In our large selection, you will find both summer rompers suits in organic cotton as well as suits that are GOTS-certified and suits that are Oekotex 100-certified.

When a summer romper is Oekotex 100 certified, you are sure that the suit and all the materials from which it is made have been tested in a laboratory and therefore do not contain harmful substances and dangerous chemicals.

With a summer romper that is GOTS-certified, you are also assured that the environment is taken into account in the manufacture. This means that wastewater treatment, working conditions and high quality of the final product have also been taken into account.

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