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Shorts for Kids

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Shorts for kids

Stylish and comfortable shorts is a must-have wardrobe staple this season, our selection of kids' shorts features trendy designs and colour prints that they sure will love.

From classic shorts to denim shorts, and more, your boy or girl will want to wear this casual style when they are at home or outside playing with friends.

Shorts are perfect for summer, but they can actually be used by kids all year around, whether it is for sports, with a pair of tights or leggings underneath or just to feel comfortable at home.

Maybe you are looking for a pair of shorts for the holidays, the beach, physical education or simply for the hot days. No matter the reason, we offer a large selection with a little bit of everything! 

Classic and stylish shorts for boys and girls

At Kids-world we know that style is a key factor - choose shorts in a solid colour for a casual look, or choose shorts with an allover, fun print to celebrate the sunny season.

We have a fantastic selection of shorts by popular brands, such as Molo, Diesel, BOSS, Color Kids, DC, Petrol Industries and many more.

Available in a variety of styles and lengths, the overall design provides for a relaxed weekend under the sun.

Shorts for boys and girls alike

Most kids love to wear shorts. Use our filter to find shorts for girls, for boys or unisex shorts. It is of course up to you, what kind of shorts your boy or girl should wear, and we have ensured that you have enough to choose from. 

We also offer regular basic shorts for kids which you can easily find by using the filter or checking out our category called ?Basic'.

There is nothing better than when the temperatures are rising and the kids finally get to run around and play in a pair of shorts instead of a pair of trousers. 

The shorts ensure better freedom of movement and they ensure that the kids don't get too hot on the warm days. We offer cool shorts, elegant shorts, stylish shorts and sporty shorts. Browse our selection and see if you can find something for your child. 

Shorts for babies and small kids 

Here at Kids-World you will find shorts for even the youngest member of the family. The most important thing about shorts for babies and small kids is that they are comfortable to wear and that the kid can easily move around. 

Of course it doesn't hurt if they also look cute. We have shorts for the youngest kids in beautiful colours, with nice patterns and with fun prints. 

he shorts are super great for the warm days, when you don't want the kid to get too hot.

Shorts for older kids and teenagers

Shorts are not only a hit among small kids. Older kids and teenagers often enjoy to wear shorts. We have cool shorts, cute shorts, feminine shorts and fashionable shorts, which means we have something for everyone.

It is easy to style a pair of shorts in different ways, depending on which top or shoes you want to combine them with.Maybe you are looking for a pair of sporty shorts from one of the well-known brands, or a pair of bicycle shorts?

We have both and a little extra, so don't hesitate to browse our large selection, or use the different filters at the top of the page to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Classic and simple shorts for kids 

Are you looking for a pair of simple shorts for your boy or girl, you will also be able to find this in our selection. We care about having a bit of everything in our selection in order to be able to offer something for everyone and all style preferences.

Are you planning to travel to warm countries on your holidays, or have the weather gurus already told you that summer is coming to Denmark? Then you should definitely consider buying a pair of shorts for your kid or kids.

You may want to consider a pair of shorts, as these make for a perfect piece of clothing for the warm days at the playground. They are flexible and don't get too hot to play in. 

Shorts for kids in beautiful colours and patterns 

A lot of kids like to wear clothes in beautiful colours, and this is why we offer shorts in all the colours of the rainbow and a little extra. Maybe the favourite colour is green or purple, and it would therefore be natural to buy a pair of shorts in that colour. 

We generally have shorts in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. We also have shorts in soft pastel colours, dusty earth colours and bright colours, which means there is enough to choose from. 

We also have solid-coloured shorts, shorts with logos and shorts with wonderful patterns. You will, among others, find shorts with floral prints, shorts with animal prints, striped shorts, shorts with cartoon figures, shorts with checks, shorts with plants, shorts with cars and much, much more.

Kids' clothing can easily be fun and nice looking at the same time, so check out our large selection and get inspired. 

Shorts for kids from well-known brands 

You will find shorts for kids from more than 90 different brands from both Danish and international designers and brands. This means you can find shorts for kids of all ages and in many different styles. 

We offer lovely shorts from the big fashion houses, nice shorts from well-known sports brands and shorts from brands which are acknowledged for making great kids' clothing. 

This also means that you will find shorts in many different price ranges, which allows you to make a good bargain or to find something special. 

Common for all the shorts we offer here at Kids-World is that they are made of a lovely quality and have been chosen with care.

If you against all odds can't find what you are looking for in our large selection, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service who are always ready to help and answer any question you may have. 

Shorts for sports 

Shorts are not just suitable for everyday use or holidays, many girls and boys also have shorts as their favourite piece of sports clothing. Shorts are especially great for making sports because it is easy to move around in shorts and they are very breathable.

Here you will find a large selection of sports shorts for kids of different ages. We have classic bicycle shorts, football shorts, bermuda shorts and running shorts.

We offer shorts from a wide range of well-known sports brands which are made for being active. If you are looking for more sports clothing or equipment then check out our ?Sports? category which you will find in the menu at the top of the page. 

Shorts for special occasions

Kids' shorts are good for fun and games, holidays, sports and beach, however, they are also great for weddings, birthdays or other special occasions which happen during the summer.

Many kids find it annoying to wear long trousers just because they have to look nice, even when the weather is sunny and summery. 

You may want to consider to substitute the long trousers or the dress for a nice-looking pair of shorts. We have lots of beautiful chino shorts, which fit nicely together with a shirt, or shorts in light materials with beautiful details such as ruffles, bows or drawstrings, which fit together with a nice top or a cool blouse. 

The good thing about shorts is that the kid will usually use them again at less formal events together with a T-shirt, a top or maybe a sweatshirt. This way you avoid buying something your kid will only be using once before they grow out of it. 

Shorts with a great fit

Find the perfect fit for active kids with our shorts range. We have a variety of shorts for kids that you can invest in to make your boy or girl more comfortable as they go about their busy day. 

Does your kid prefer shorts that are comfortable with a supportive fit, then look no further - Our line of shorts are made by soft materials and have adjustable drawstrings to the waist, that will help ensure a great fit.

Shorts for kids in lovely materials

Shorts are more than just shorts. Kids' shorts come in many different materials and it is a good idea to consider what the shorts are going to be used for, before you buy a pair.

You will often find materials such as polyester and elastane in shorts for sports, while linen and viscose are often used for making everyday casual shorts. 

Here at Kids-World you will find kids' shorts in many different materials. If you want to know what your child's new shorts are made of, you can find this information by reading the product description.

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