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Pramsuits for Kids

Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Maddy - Avocado Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Maddy - Avocado 60,30 €
Originally:  80,40 €  
Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Burlwood Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Burlwood 47,91 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Mevi - Blue Night Hust and Claire Pramsuit - Wool - Mevi - Blue Night 60,97 €
Originally:  93,80 €  
Huttelihut Pramsuit - Wool - Perfy - Dusty Rose Huttelihut Pramsuit - Wool - Perfy - Dusty Rose 60,97 €
Originally:  93,80 €  

Pramsuits for babies

A ride in the pram requires a little extra in the form of a pramsuit for babies and/or kids.

A pramsuit is the perfect choice when you need something that helps keep your baby warm on a cool day.

With a pramsuit, you can be certain that your baby won’t get too chilly even when it’s very cold outside. At Kids-world, we have a large selection of pramsuits for little ones.

What is a pramsuit?

A pramsuit suit is a suit, often in wool, that you give your baby or child when he or she has to sleep in the pram. This is also why it is called a sleeping suit.

The suit is made in one, so you do not have to worry about it separating in the middle, so the baby gets cold if it lies a little restless.

The Pramsuits are often made of wool. In addition, the pramsuits either come with or without a hood.

Find your next pramsuit on this page, where you will find pramsuits for babies, wool pramsuits, sleeping suits, pramsuits with a hood and of course good offers on pramsuits.

Why do I need a pramsuit for my baby?

You will need a pramsuit for your baby so that the little one does not freeze when standing on a nap in the pram in the fall or winter. So simple it can be said when people ask why they should wear a pramsuit for their baby.

The Pramsuits are designed to keep the kid warm when lying in the pram. The shape of the riding suit means that the heat stays with the body, as it is kept inside and does not escape when the kid moves.

Nice selection of pramsuits and jumpsuits

Here you will find beautiful pramsuits and jumpsuits for your baby to wear so that they can lie safe, comfortable, warm and well while enjoying their beauty sleep and continued growth.

We have a collection of many beautiful, good quality suits that are appropriate for different purposes.

In short, if you need a pramsuit or jumpsuit for the ride, Kids-world is definitely a great place to begin for your search.

Pramsuits in many sizes for babies and kids

We normally have pramsuits for very small babies in sizes 44, 50, 56 as well as size 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92 and 98. You can also find pramsuits for slightly older kids as well in sizes 104, 110, 116, 122, 128 and 134.

Beautiful pramsuits in many colours

Taste and style are two different things, so we make sure to have a wealth of colours and colour combinations in our product range.

You will at all times be able to find a pramsuit for your baby that suits your colour preferences and style. We have a wide assortment of pramsuits for babies in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red and black.

In addition to having solid-coloured pramsuits for babies, we also have pramsuits with patterns from many different brands. You can find pramsuits with stripes, leopard dots, zebra stripes or cute animals.

Explore our large range or use the various filters to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Gorgeous, high quality pramsuits for babies

As mentioned, we have a wealth of pramsuits for babies in fabulous quality materials, colours, colour combinations and styles.

You can choose from a fabulous soft quality velour fabric or a two-in-one reversible baby pramsuit, allowing you to have two styles to choose from.

We have a very fine selection of pramsuits for babies in different fabrics and materials such as plain and organic cotton, wool, merino wool and many more.

The pramsuit is ideal for prams and strollers

A pramsuit is a warm, soft and comfortable overall for little ones to wear when you go out and take them for a ride in a pram or stroller on a cool spring day.

It’s important for the kid to be comfortable when you go for a walk with the pram, therefore several of our models include a double layer, so that the pramsuit is well insulated and protects them from the cold.

Some pramsuits come with long sleeves and practical zippers, which go from the neckline down to the middle of one leg, therefore making it easy to get the kid in and out.

Some pramsuits are also equipped with folds that can be pulled down over feet and hands, so that they are further protected, making them perfect for cold winter weather.

Attire when using a pramsuit

The wool suit works in a way as an extra layer of insulation, so it helps the kid to stay warm. This applies both in the pram or in the car if the kid, for example, is sitting in a car seat or similar.

As a starting point, there should be room for a blouse between the inner parts of the kid's clothes and the baby pramsuit. That way, you can add an extra layer of clothing under the pramsuit so that your baby can wear the same pramsuit for several months.

Pramsuits for babies in different materials

Here at Kids-world you can get baby pramsuits in many different materials and designs. One of the most popular materials for pramsuits is wool. Wool riding suits from popular brands you will therefore find a long number of here in our category for pramsuits.

Wool pramsuits are often the ones that most people go for when it comes to finding a sleeping suit. This is because the wool is incredibly good for keeping the baby warm when sleeping in the pram in the fall or winter.

You can see which materials are in the individual pramsuits in the product descriptions. That way, you can always be sure that you can find the right baby pramsuit when you need to make sure the little one is warm enough in the stroller.

Pramsuit for spring and winter

A pramsuit is not just a pramsuit. There is a difference in both the choice of materials and the thickness of your pramsuit for your baby.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to choose a slightly thinner pramsuit for spring, as your baby is going to get too hot in a pramsuit intended for winter.

Here you can choose a slightly thinner pramsuit, which still keeps the little one warm in the pram, but does not make your child feel so hot that it negatively affects sleep.

When you need a pramsuit for winter, you can look at the different wool pramsuits, which just help to keep warm. No matter which pramsuit you choose for your baby, we recommend that you constantly keep an eye on whether the little one is too hot or cold in the pram.

See our large selection of pramsuits for both spring and winter on this page. We can without a doubt find a wide selection of pramsuits for the different seasons here. If you are in doubt about whether you have found the right pramsuit, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who are ready to help you.

Sleeping suit and wool sleeping suit

A sleeping suit - or wool sleeping suit if you will, is sort of the same as what we also know as a pramsuit.

A sleeping suit has the wonderful property that it helps to keep the little ones warm when they are put in the pram. With a wool sleeping suit, you are thus sure that the little one can lie comfortably warm and comfortable under the duvet when it is time to sleep in the pram.

Mikk-Line wool suit

Find your next Mikk-Line wool suit suit in our large range of pramsuits for babies and young kids. See all our Mikk-Line wool suits here and see if there is not exactly one that will fit your baby.

Engel pramsuit - Find your next Engel wool suit suit here

Of course, our range of pramsuits here at Kids-world also includes Engel pramsuits. You can therefore easily find the next Engel pramsuit here. An Engel wool suit is a popular choice when it comes to a wool suit for babies.

Joha wool pramsuit

Whether you are looking for a Joha pramsuit with a zipper or a Joha wool pramsuit, you can find your next baby pramsuit here at Kids-world.

Use either our filter to win your next Joha pramsuit or click on our page for Joha wool pramsuits. Here you will also find our current Joha pramsuits with zipper.

Pramsuits from Huttelihut: Find your Huttelihut wool suit at Kids-world

Should your pramsuit for your baby be worn? If you want a driving suit with an ear, then a pramsuit Huttelihut pramsuit is a really good offer. Huttelihut makes charming wool pramsuits with a hood, where there are small cute ears on the hood.

Name It pramsuit

Name It

is among the most popular children's clothing brands in Denmark. Therefore, it is not so surprising that you will also find Name It pramsuits in our range of pramsuits for babies. Find a delicious Name It pramsuit on this page.

Hust and Claire wool suit

Should the next wool suit be from Hust and Claire? See our selection of Hust and Claire wool suits on this page. You can possibly find them quickly by using our filter and finding wool suits from the desired brand.

Ver de Terre pramsuit

We also have Ver de Terre pramsuits here at Kids-world. A Ver de Terre pramsuit often comes with both a zipper and a hood, while the materials are most of all reminiscent of thermo set, so you can be sure that your child can keep warm.

Müsli pramsuit

Among the many strong brands that we have pramsuits from is Müsli. See our selection of Müsli pramsuits on this page and see if you can find the exact Müsli pramsuit or Müsli wool suit suit that will be perfect for the little one at home.

What should the baby wear in the spring?

The weather and temperatures can fluctuate a bit in the spring months - especially the first ones. Here, a pramsuit for babies can be a good idea, just as it is in the fall.

March and april are typically the spring months where it is coldest and where temperatures fluctuate the most. Here, a pramsuit for babies can be a good idea so you have a baby or a child who is kept warm while sleeping for dinner.

When to wear a pramsuit?

You can use a pramsuit all year round, but you may need to use some different pramsuits, as it can get too hot or cold if you use the same pramsuit in winter or spring.

Basically, you should expect to wear a pramsuit in the fall and winter, when the temperature drops and it gets colder when your baby or little needs to sleep in the stroller.

If you buy your sleeping suit in a size that allows you to give the little one a blouse to wear under the pramsuit, then you may well use the same pramsuit in the fall and winter.

We have a long number of different pramsuits in our range, so you should have no problem finding a wool pramsuit suit that just fits the little one perfectly.

Is a pramsuit waterproof?

Is a pramsuit waterproof? No, a pramsuit is basically not waterproof. This applies to both the different sleeping suits and wool pramsuits.

The Pramsuit should therefore not be used as something to shield the little one from the rain. The Pramsuit can instead be used under the rainwear if the little one has reached an age where he or she can walk.

If you want something that is waterproof, then you can with large advantage instead look at our rainwear and rain rainsuts. The Pramsuit is more suitable for the little one to wear when sleeping in the pram, driving a car or just being in a place where there is a need for a little extra warm clothing that can keep your baby warm.

How do I wash a pramsuit?

If you are in doubt about how to wash your pramsuit, then in the vast majority of cases you can always see the washing instructions on the mark in your pramsuit.

Here it is especially a good idea to be aware of whether you have a wool pramsuit or a pramsuit in others materials, as it has a large impact on how you should wash your pramsuit.

For example, if you wash your wool pramsuit incorrectly, it can have a detrimental effect on how it warms or whether it keeps its shape.

If you are in doubt about how to wash your pramsuit, we recommend that you contact our customer service. Then they will help you find the right washing instructions for your pramsuit bought at Kids-world.

Pramsuits in different thicknesses

Depending on when in the year it is to be used, it is a good idea to think about the thickness of the driving suit when you need to find the next pramsuit.

For spring and the first time in the fall, it may be a good idea to have a pramsuit that is a little thinner. That way, your child gets a sleeping suit for the stroller, which means that it is still nice and warm and cozy, without it becoming uncomfortable.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to choose a thick pramsuit for the winter months. Here it is a requirement that the pramsuit is somewhat thicker so that it does not get too cold for your baby when sleeping in the pram.

A good tip, to feel if you need to wear more or less clothes when sleeping in the pram, is to feel for the little one's neck. Is it hot, very hot, cold or just comfortable here?

In this way, you can continuously check whether the little one is too hot or cold in the pram and thus also whether you need to find a thicker or thinner pramsuit.

What size pramsuit should I choose?

The Pramsuit must of course have the right size. But a good starting point is that it can be a little large in it - without being too large. You will often find that there may well be a blouse or similar under the pramsuit.

The purpose of the riding suit is to insulate and warm the little one while standing on a nap in the pram. If it becomes too little or too large, then its purpose smokes completely.

It also means that you can continuously expect the pramsuit to be changed at home as the little one grows. That way, Sheep a sleeping suit that fits without it getting too large or too little.

In our driving suit category you will find a large selection of pramsuits. You can use our filter at the top to sort by both sizes, brands and much more, so you can easily find the pramsuits that can be the sleeping suit of the future for the little one at home.

How to find the right pramsuit

When you need to find the right pramsuit, sleeping suit or wool suit suit, then

In your choice of baby pramsuit, it may be a good idea for you to consider whether it should be a wool suit with a hood or without. Some kids love the hood on the wool suit, as it allows them to be completely wrapped and cuddled.

Others kids are not so fond of the hood. For them, of course, we have a large selection of pramsuits without a hood. So you have the opportunity to find just the right pramsuit for babies that fits your child perfectly.

Oeko-Tex 100 and GOTS certified pramsuits

Several of the pramsuits that we have here on the site are Oekotex 100 certified or GOTS certified. These two certifications both provide a reassurance that harmful chemicals have been taken into account in the production of the pramsuit.

Therefore, when a product has one of these certifications, it means that it is free from harmful and allergenic chemicals.

With an Oeko-Tex-certified pramsuit, you are assured that the pramsuit and its material have been tested and do not contain harmful substances and dangerous chemicals.

When you buy a pramsuit that is GOTS-certified, you can be assured that the environment and sustainability are taken into account in the manufacture of the product.

This means that wastewater treatment, working conditions and a final product of the highest quality has been taken into account.

Buy your pramsuit at Kids-world

In our range of pramsuits you will find both pramsuits, wool pramsuits and others sleeping suits in both different thicknesses and from different brands.

Find your next pramsuit here at Kids-world and have it delivered quickly so you can help the little one to a good nap in the pram.

Top class customer service

At Kids-world, we take large pride in providing top-class customer service. This is of course true whether it is in connection with the purchase of a wool pramsuit or some of our others many thousands of products for kids.

You can find both contact information and opening hours for our customer service on our customer service page.

Wool suit and pramsuit sale

On this page you will find all our current wool suit suit and pramsuit offers from a long number of well-known and popular brands.

Via our filter, you can easily find exactly the pramsuit offers that you are looking for. We usually have a large selection of wool suit offers.

If you are looking for others offers than pramsuit offers, then you can with large advantage click your way through our sale category, where you will find a long number of strong offers.

You can always stay updated on our current pramsuit offers via our newsletter. That way, you can easily stay up to date on Engel pramsuit deals and Joha pramsuit deals.

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