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Night Lamp


Night lamp

At Kids-world you find a fine selection of night lamps that are suited for both babies and kids. The night lamps come in a vast selection of motives and colours.

A night lamp is a best friend to many kids during their first years of life, because they help provide a feeling of safety when going to sleep.

The night lamps we stock come from brands such as Bloomingville, Aloka, A Little Lovely Company and last, but not least, Cloud-B.

We suggest that you make yourself comfortable and take a look at our selection of night lamps in many different shapes. Hopefully you will find a night lamp which would look just perfect in your little girl or boys room.

There are night lamps in many different designs, so we recommend you to take your time and scroll through our selection. Hopefully, you will find a night lamp that is perfect for your little boy or girl.

Night lamps for babies and kids

Our selection has been chosen very carefully, because we want to present you with night lamps that are to liking of your kids. The night lamps are suited for both boys and girls. The night lamps have many different motives; apples, pears, stars, sheep, dragons or a fancy race car.

The colours vary from orange and blue to purple and white. You will also find night lamps with motives of animals such as rabbits, horses and the beautiful unicorn.

Night lamps with LED, batteries and timers

Several of the night lamps use energy-conserving LED's. Most of our night lamps turn off automatically; timer or sleep-mode depending on the energy source; batteries or other. Therefore, you can turn on the night lamp knowing that the light turns off automatically after the set time.

Besides saving power, it will also save your time cos you will no longer have to go and turn the night lamp yourself after your kid or baby has fallen asleep. 

A night lamp brings a cosiness to the room

A night lamp in the kids' room can help you create a safe and cosy atmosphere. For many kids, having their own room is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, many kids become proud to be big enough to have their very own room where they can have all their stuff and their friends visiting. On the other hand, having to sleep alone for the first time can also be a bit scary.

Fortunately, a night lamp helps in most cases. A night lamp can make it less scary to sleep alone in the room. Besides, many night lamps available on this page come in nice designs that the kid can enjoy looking at.

Beautiful night lamps from well-known brands

On this page, you can find night lamps from various well-known brands. For example, you can find some fun night lamps from the Hoptimist, shaped like the famous and beloved Hoptimists figures.

You can also find fine night lamps from A Little Lovely Company shaped like various animals. Or what about one of the cool night lamps from Aloka, which can be lit in several different colours and operated with a remote control?

It not only reduces power consumption, it also means that you no longer have to remember to turn off the night lamp when the kid is finally sleeping.

A night lamp creates a safe and cosy environment

A night lamp in the kids's room makes the room feel a little more safe and cosy. Many kids feel ambiguous about getting their own room. On one hand, it feels cool to be old enough to have one's own room where you can put all your stuff and have friends come over. On the other hand, it can be a bit scary to sleep alone for the first time.

A night lamp is often a good help, as it makes it less scary to be alone in the room. And many of the night lamps come in nice shapes which the kid will enjoy to look at.

Beautiful night lamps from well-known brands

Here at Kids-World you'll find night lamps from a variety of well-known brands. You'll for example be able to find the fun night lamps from Hoptimist, which are shaped like the well-known and beloved hoptimists. We also have nice night lamps from A Little Lovely

Company which have the shapes of different animals. Or what about a cool night lamp from Aloka, which can light up in different colours and is controlled with a remote control?

Night lamp with starry sky

Night lamps create a cozy and safe atmosphere when your child goes to bed in the evening. Especially if you have a child who is dark-loving, a night lamp can be the ideal solution. Many smaller kids feel large ro and safe with a cozy night lamp by their side.

There are night lamps in countless different designs with different functions, so why not take a look at our large selection of many models. We have popular night lamps with projector function.

We also have night lamps that project stars onto the ceiling, so your child can fall asleep peacefully, or read a book under a gentle starry sky. These nappy lights have a quiet LED light that changes colour. Some also turn off automatically after 30 minutes, which is an extremely convenient feature.

Night lamp for socket

An advantage of night lamps these days is that they are available with many different types of power supply. A traditional night lamp just plugs into the socket, so if you have one near your child's bedside table, it's an easy and practical solution. If you are looking for a night lamp for a socket, you can possibly check out the fine night lamps from Mr. Maria out here at Kids-world.

Night lamps with USB for kids and babies

Modern night lamps for kids often have a USB port, which makes it easy to charge them via any USB charger that you have at home. Afterwards, they are simply switched on and off using a button, so they are ready for use until the next charge. We have a selection of practical night lamps with a USB port from brands such as Rabbit & Friends and Liewood. These brands offer a selection of night lamps in the cutest designs, often shaped like cute animal in soft colours.

Night lamp with battery

Another option is of course to choose a night lamp that runs on traditional batteries. These have the advantage that you don't have to charge them, but the batteries must of course be replaced once in a while. 

Brands such as A Little Lovely Company and Tiny Tot offer a multitude of beautiful night lamps in many colours and designs. Here, too, you will find night lamps shaped like cute animal. With the large selection of different models, it will certainly not be a problem to find a night lamp that your child will love.

Nightlights for girls' and boys' rooms

Nightlights are ideal for all smaller children's rooms. You get them in a multitude of different designs and colours, so you can find a model that fits in both the girl's room and the boy's room. All nightlights are unisex, so it just depends on your child's preferences and wishes which night lamp you should choose for them. We also offer a selection of night lamps, which have LED light and included remote control. They therefore have different colours and light functions, which makes it extra entertaining and cozy for your child to play with them when it gets dark inside the room.

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