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Lamps for kids' room

Are you looking for beautiful lamps to your kid’s bedroom? Do not worry, you have come to the right place. Here at Kids-world you will find a large and wide selection of lamps and light chains for babies and kids.

We have many different options for lamps in different styles, patterns, and colour as well as brands. You will certainly find one lamp or more that is perfect for the style in your kid’s room.

We offer table lamps, wall-mounted lamps, floor lamps, string lights, and also ceiling-mounted lamps. In short, there is something for everyone, no matter what your kid's age and preferences are. Please feel free to take a look around to get inspired or use the various filters at the top of the page to easily and quickly narrow down your search.

Large selection of lamps

A lamp is an important feature in the decoration in your kid’s room. The lamp has to fit into your style and it also needs to be practical and give the right light in the room. We have many great lamps that are perfect for the desk area so that the kid has good lighting while they draw or read a book at the desk.

We also have some beautiful night lamps in many different designs and colours that will fit into the design of the room. We have lamps in many different colours and shades such as pink, white, blue, light blue, green, grey, and many more.

We also have night lamps which are shaped as teddy bears, bunnies, rainbows, horses, unicorns, foxes, polar bears, letters, ladybugs, turtles, clouds, starts, moons, hot air balloons, ghosts, mushrooms, cactuses, cars, elephants, owls, hippos, hoptimists, rockets, and dinosaurs.

Night lamps for the kids’ room

Our night lamps give a lovely and soft light during the night. It also creates a cozy feeling in the room during bedtime. The night lamps are perfect for kids who are scared of the dark and they prefer to have the light on.

We have an adorable night lamp in the shape of an elephant in purple or blue. The lamp is made from soft plastic. The lamp gives the kid some additional comfort and the kid is less afraid of the dark.

We also have some lovely night lamps in the shape of mushrooms and the lamps have a soft light. They are either red and white or pink and white. The lamps come in different sizes and the lamp comes with stickers for your kid. These beautiful night lamps have a built-in timer which is handy if you do not have the light on all night.

How about a light box for the kids’ room?

In our webshop you can find some lamps which are a light box. These light boxes have a remote control and you can change the display. We have many different motifs such as racing cars, bears, tractors, trains, mermaids, spaceships, robots, pirates, fire trucks, butterflies, fairies, unicorns, hearts with flowers, ponies, or jungle animals.

The remote allows you to change between 12 different colours and four different settings for the lighting. These settings are:

Sleep: The amount of light is going to dim slowly. After 40 minutes the light is going to turn off automatically.

Rainbow: The light box will alternate between the 12 different colours. On the side of the box there is a white light which can be used as a night lamp.

The last two settings will automatically turn off the light after 20 minutes if the light box is not plugged in.

Soft and cozy lighting

We also have light chains for an even more cozy setting. For example, we have a light chain with 10 balls made from breaded ricepaper. These give the room a very cozy feeling and additional comfort.

The best part about the light chain is that you can control where the balls shall be. If you are looking for a table lamp then you will find that here too. These lamps do not get warm while they are on.

We have lamps that can be both decorative or practical since we have many different designs in our webshop. For example, we have a cute white unicorn with a pink mane and tail or a brown house which is resting.

Lamps with projector function

In addition to all the other lamps, we also offer some cool lamp which have a projector function. For example one is a pink lamp with cute little bunnies and it has flowers on the side.

Another one is the dark blue lamp with motifs from outer space and an astronaut. We also have a mint green lamp with cute clouds. These lamps are round and have some small holes on the top.

These holes are shaped like stars and the light will project the stars on the ceiling when the light is on. The colour of the LED lamps will alternate between different colours.

Lamps in different shapes

You can also find a lot of lamps in all different shapes in our webshop. For example, we have a cute lamp made from wood that is shaped as a rainbow with a cloud on one side and a star at the other. The power switch is on the back of the lamp which is also where you change the batteries.

We have an adorable lamp in the shape of a hot air balloon that has print or no print. The lamp can be folded and there is a basket underneath the balloon. The lamp is perfect in a playroom since it gives a cozy feeling with the soft warm light. This model has a tripod with an outlet and a fabric covered cable that is three meters.

Another lamp is the lamp shaped as a cactus with green LED lamps and it runs on battery. The lamp is made from heavy duty cardboard and it can be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf. Do not forget to look at the soft teddy bear lamps. They have both lighting and they play some melodies.

Lamps for more than just the kids room

You can find so many beautiful lamps in our webshop. These lamps do not have to stay in the kids’ room. The lamps can be used in other rooms around the house. We have some round pendant lamps with a fabric covered cord.

We also have some funny Hoptimist lamps. These lamps are classic and they are made from an innovative Danish design. You can find the Hoptimist lamps in colours like light brown, silver, lime, turquoise, red, and white.

We also have some more traditional lamps as well as lamps on an industrial design. Some of the lamps are made from metal and they are great as decoration in other parts of the house except the kids’ room.

Lamps with batteries for kids

On this page, you can find lamps that work with batteries and lamps that work with a regular cord. There are even lamps that can be lit with both batteries and using a cord. The advantage of a lamp that runs on batteries is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be next to an electrical outlet. In addition, you also avoid long, annoying extension cords across the kid’s room.

Lamps with batteries, on the other hand, can be placed everywhere, including shelves, bedside tables, the floor, etc. The lamp can also be easily moved if a little extra light is needed elsewhere in the room.

You can always see if a lamp uses batteries, cords or both inside the product description of each individual item.

Write your own message with a light box with letters

In addition to ordinary lamps and night lamps for the kid's room, we also have beautiful, cool light boxes with letters and messages. These are perfect for both girls and boys who love to express themselves and their opinions.

Light boxes come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of letters and symbols. That way, your kid can write their very own messages and phrases. If you want to give your kids even more options, it’s also possible to purchase extra letters and characters separately.

Your kid can constantly change what’s written on the light box, and it’s easy to change letters and signs according to current needs and mood.

Light boxes can easily sit on a shelf, on a table or perhaps artistically on top of a stack of books. In fact, it’s only the imagination that sets the limits when it comes to the fun and beauty of light boxes.

Lamps for kids from an array of brands

On this site, you will find lamps for kids from an array of brands. In fact, we have lamps from over 20 different Danish and foreign brands, which is why you always have many different lamps to choose from when it comes to aesthetics, colours and price.

For example, you can find fun and stylish Hoptimist lamps in several different colours, wonderful oak lamps from fermLiving or cute snowball lamps from Djeco.

We have lamps for kids available at a wide range of prices, to ensure there is something for every budget. If you are looking for a lamp for your kid's room at a certain price, then please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page.

Lamps for small and large kids

In our huge assortment, you will discover lamps for both small and large kids. For smaller kids, we have cute night lights shaped like different animals to ensure your boy or girl has a nice atmosphere in their room in the evening when they go to sleep. Many of the lamps even come with a timer, which allows them to automatically switch off after, say for example, 30 minutes. That way, electricity is saved and you don’t have to go in and turn off the light in your kid's room.

For older kids, you will find cool light boxes with letters and signs, as well as fine light chains. Many older kids really like the light chains because they offer their room a cozy light and expression. In addition, you can also find many nice, simple lamps that can fit in almost any kid's room, regardless of their age and interests.

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