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Mr. Maria Toys & Interior for Kids

Mr. Maria

We offer a broad selection of Mr. Maria items here at our online shop. Our Mr. Maria assortment is packed with great designs.

Mr. Maria is a Dutch company located in Amsterdam. Durable materials are used for all their products, and they are also energy-saving. Mr. Maria is also a very environmentally and socially conscious brand, which makes a great effort to explore and invest in more efficient production and distribution methods.

The toys and lamps from Mr. Maria can easily become your kid's close friend. The figures are enormously cute and pleasant to look at; they can brighten your kid's day, and can also be a great companion in their room. Their beautiful and simple designs will put smiles on both kids' and parent's faces!

Use our filter to look for specific items. And with a wide range of affordable items from Mr. Maria, Kids-world has you covered.

Mr Maria lamps for your kids' room

We have lots of Mr Maria lamps and lamps from many other brands, which will fit nicely into any kids' room.

In our selection of lamps from, among others, Mr. Maria you will typically find lamps with cords, battery-powered lamps and cosy night lamps.

Beautiful lamps from Mr Maria

Mr Maria night lamps are just perfect for all those boys and girls who are not completely safe to fall asleep without some light on.

We have lamps from Mr Maria and many other brands in many different designs, sizes and colours.

Here at Kids-world.com, you can thus find wall lamps, ceiling lamps and light chains in many beautiful designs, colours and sizes.

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