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Lightweight Jackets for Kids


Lightweight jackets for boys and girls

Lightweight jackets for kids are well suited for spring and summer. Most lightweight jackets are water-repellent and are breathable.

Whether you are looking for a classic styled bomber or a denim jacket, we have it here at our shop! Our lightweight jackets are of high-quality that will give your kid a chic and stylish look throughout the summer.

Lightweight jackets in a wide selection of colours and patterns 

At Kids-World you will find a large selection of lightweight jackets for kids from well-known and popular brands. We offer lightweight jackets for girls and boys, both for the young and older ones.

Do you love bright colours, or are you more into calm shades, then you will find it here. We offer both solid-coloured lightweight jackets, and lightweight jackets with patterns, which means we have something for everyone. 

Our lightweight jackets generally come in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. We offer both solid-coloured jackets, and jackets with different colours. 

We of course also offer jackets with beautiful patterns. Check out our jackets with army patterns, jackets with animal prints, striped jackets, floral jackets and much more. 

Remember you have the opportunity to filter by colour at the top of the page which will enable you to see all the jackets available in your child’s favourite colours. 

Lightweight jackets with beautiful cuts for kids 

We offer lightweight jackets with different cuts. We have long models which cover the buttocks, and short models which reach down to the waistline.

The type of jacket you choose is a matter of taste, but many people prefer that the lightweight jacket isn’t too short. 

Among some of the popular models, you will find the bomber jacket which is super fashionable for the older boys and girls. Or what about a sporty jacket from one of the popular sports brands? We also offer denim jackets in different colours and with different finishes for the boys and girls who are looking for a ‘raw’ look.

We of course also offer feminine lightweight jackets with a nice waist and ruffles, which will fit perfectly with a cute dress or a pair of ballerina shoes. 

Lightweight jackets for all kinds of weather

Technical outerwear is perfect all year around when you need to be protected against all kinds of weather.

Lightweight jackets without technical specifications are not necessarily waterproof, but they help to keep the kid warm, when there is a need for an additional layer. We have jackets for spring and autumn for both girls and boys no matter the age. 

You can prolong the time you use a lightweight jacket by combining it with a soft sweater or a warm fleece jumper. 

Lightweight jackets for babies and small kids 

The Danish summer can be unpredictable, and it is therefore important that the youngest member of the family has a light and windproof jacket, which can be used on the days when it’s a little colder outside.

The jacket is good to have at hand in day nursery, in the kindergarten or when going for a walk when it is chilly outside, where the kid may get cold after sitting and playing outside for a longer period of time. 

We have a large selection of jackets for kids and babies in different materials and with different qualities, which all have a focus on a good fit and a nice design. You always have the opportunity to read more about the specific jacket under its product description. 

Lightweight jackets for teenagers 

It is especially important to find the perfect jacket for the older kids and teenagers. The older the kid gets, the more important it gets, that they feel like the lightweight jacket combines well with the rest of their wardrobe and personal style. 

We have a large selection of beautiful and delicious lightweight jackets for the oldest kids in many different price ranges no matter which type you are looking for. We have long coats, lightweight padded jackets, cool windbreakers, cool denim jackets and much, much more. 

Lightweight jackets with different closing mechanisms 

Here at Kids-World we offer jackets for boys and girls with a variety of closing mechanisms. You will find jackets with regular buttons, zippers or push buttons.

In addition, we also have jackets with oblique closings and beautiful jackets in an anorak cut which only have a zipper that goes halfway down, but often come with a big, practical kangaroo pocket at the stomach

You will find jackets for kids with and without a hood. A jacket with or without a hood is a matter of taste. However, we recommend that you always check out if the jacket you’re considering has a removable or a fixed hood.

Lightweight jacket for boys and girls by popular brands

We have lightweight jackets for kids of all ages. Choose from their favourite brand and get their style in check for spring and summer.

We offer more than 60 different brands from Danish and international brands, which means we have something for everyone.

We know how important it is for kids that they are happy about their clothes, and this is why we care about offering a large selection in order to have enough to choose from. 

Of course, you can also find lightweight jackets in many different price ranges. Remember you always have the opportunity to use the filters at the top of the page.

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