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Dresses for Kids


Dresses for kids

Kids-world has a great selection of dresses for kids of all ages - from toddler to teen. Your little one will enjoy the cute and stylish designs by Petit by Sofie Schnoor, while your teen will love the classy and glam-look provided by hOUND and The New. Check out our newest collection and shop for a formal or casual dress here at Kids-world.

If you have a little girl at home that likes dresses, then you have come to the right place, because on our site, you will find an array of dresses for kids. Maybe you are looking for a dress for a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday. In that case, we have a wide selection of beautiful dresses that can easily become your little girl’s new, favorite dress.

Please feel free to use our filter to find a dress that suits your kid's size and your desired price range. You can also filter by your favorite brand. We normally have in stock dresses for kids in size 50, size 56, size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92, size 98, size 104, size 110, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 134, size 140, size 146, size 152, size 158, size 164, size 170 and size 176.

Dresses for every season

Summer dresses or a long sleeved winter dress, you will find some great everyday styles in our collection of dresses online.

You'll find different designs of summer dresses, jumper dresses and more with a large variety of prints and colours, and of the highest quality.

Latest party dresses for girls

Shop adorable girls party dresses with lovely embellishments like sequins, lace and ruffles.

Our shop offers a large collection of party dresses for your little girl to stand out at birthdays and weddings alike. Whether you are looking for a pencil dress, maxi dress or a gorgeous tulle dress, you will find it here at Kids-world.

Jazz up the dress with a denim- or leather jacket or maybe a lovely lace cardigan. And make sure to style your girls party look with some glitter tights or fasionable leggings. Finish the look with a pair of cute sandals.

Dresses for girls in different materials

We offer dresses for kids in many different materials such as cotton, viscose, wool and satin, all of which have different features. It might also be that you are looking for a tulle dress or a dress with lace or sequins.

Perhaps you are looking for a beautiful dress in wool for colder weather, a fabulous everyday dress that can be used for a little of this and that or a dress that can be used for this year's parties.

The many types of textiles and designs available allows you to find a dress that fits your exact requirements.

Dresses and summer dresses for every taste

As mentioned, you will find dresses for kids produced in many different materials, so with us, there are dresses for every taste and style. We have, among other things, dresses with lace, ruffles and sequins, and dresses with tulle, satin and denim.

In our shop, you will find both simple and ornate dresses, as well as dresses in all the colours of the rainbow, including blue, brown, green, grey, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. There are solid colours available along with many that have prints and patterns. If you are looking for bright colours or muted, soft colours, then there is definitely a dress for you.

Typically, dresses radiate femininity, but the appearance of a dress can easily be turned  into something more raw and cool by choosing a dress with a fresh look instead of a cute one. You can easily style the dress with accessories such as jewelry, bags and jackets to achieve the perfect look.

Dresses for babies

A little new girl has come into the world, and even though she probably doesn’t even know it, she looks so cute in a dress. On this page, we have a large selection of beautiful, comfortable dresses for the very young from a wide range of brands.

You can decide whether the dress should be floral, with ruffles or have a more minimalist look, and in return, we guarantee that all our dresses are of the very best quality. On this page, we have dresses in many different kinds of materials, including organic cotton.

We have dresses with A-line cuts, drop-waists and straight cuts, so we feel confident that you will find a dress that is both beautiful and comfortable.

Dresses for kids

Many kids love to wear dresses. Dresses give an opportunity to dream that you are an adorable princess, a cool superstar or a strong, fast tennis player. Dresses for kids should not only be neat, but should also be practical and wearable so that kids always feel comfortable.

It’s important that kids' clothing doesn’t impede their development and play in any manner, but instead demands it along with their imagination. That’s why we have many kinds of dresses with fun patterns and colours, so you can find the dress that’s perfect for your kid. 

Dresses for teenagers

As kids get older, it means much more to them as to what kind of clothes they wear. We also have sizes for older kids and teenagers, so you have the opportunity to purchase kids' clothes all in one place. On this page, you will find a large selection of dresses for bigger kids and teenagers from well-known brands in several different price ranges.

There are dresses that have both short and long sleeves, as well as short and long dresses. Dresses for older kids and teens don’t have to be cute and adorable. A dress can be combined with a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers for a more raw, sporty look.

The dress can also be paired with a cap or a pair of colourful socks to create a completely unique look. Remember that you can always filter for sizes at the top, so you only see dresses that are in your kid's size.

Long and short dresses for kids

Some may think that dresses only belong to summer. Here at Kids-world, we also have a wide selection of summer dresses that suit wonderfully warm summer months with features such as light materials, short sleeves, spaghetti straps, completely sleeveless or fashionable wrestling backs.

Dresses can really be worn all year round, so we also have dresses with long sleeves and more durable qualities, to ensure the kids can stay nice and warm even in colder weather.

We have dresses from many well-known, popular brands, as well as dresses in all price ranges. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive dress or you have a bigger budget, take a look at our site and discover your favorites among our wide selection of dresses for kids.

Dresses in many patterns and designs

We know that every kid is unique, as a result, we have a large selection of different kinds of dresses. Maybe your little girl wants to dress up like a princess at home or you're maybe looking for a more raw or simple look. Dresses can be used for everyday and festive parties, and often the same dress can be worn on many different occasions if it’s simply paired with some other shoes or a different jacket.


Here at Kids-world, you can find everything from princess dresses and dresses with ruffles to high-necked dresses, dresses with buttons and dresses in jersey fabrics. It may be that you are looking for a particular pattern or print. On this site, we have dresses with animal prints, dresses with stripes, dresses with flowers, dresses in various patterns, dresses with horses and, of course, many solid coloured dresses.

All the dresses are constructed with wonderful materials and come in many different price ranges, to ensure that you will find something for your kid or baby.

Dresses with prints and designs

Some kids like solid coloured clothes best, while other kids love clothes with nice, fun designs with animals and characters they’re familiar with. Maybe your kid is crazy about birds, fruits or a very specific colour. We offer dresses with many different kinds of prints and designs, including dresses with pineapple prints, flamingo prints, horse prints, star patterns, animal prints and patterns with fruits or exotic animals. In addition, we also have dresses with fine embroidery.

If you’re looking for a very particular item, please feel free to use the search box at the top of this page to look for specific dress patterns or designs.

Dresses with nice details

The perfect dress often has a small detail or a special expression that kids simply fall in love with. What makes it unique is that your kid feels very special when they put it on. We have a wide selection of different kinds of dresses with fine details. On this page, you can find dresses with bows, dresses with ruffles, dresses with lace, dresses with buttons, checkered dresses, striped dresses, floral dresses, shirt dresses, dresses with animal motifs and animal prints, dresses in tulle, dresses with stars, dresses with collars and dresses in denim. So whatever you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of dresses for babies, kids and teens.

Do you need a dress for a special occasion? No problem, because on our site, we have many different dresses in delicate, beautiful materials with either cool or adorable cuts. Perhaps you should consider a nice pair of shoes or nice jacket to match. At the top of this site, you can see an overview of all our categories or search for specific pieces of clothing  

Find girls’ birthday dresses here

Dresses for kids are always a hit for the year's special events such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. You will find a wide selection of both everyday dresses and party dresses, and you can also easily discover the ultimate Christmas dress here with all that we have to offer in our shop. Dresses should always be a part of everyday clothes.

In hotter temperatures, it’s great to run around with just legs in a light summer dress, and It’s always easy to style them for kids in a variety of different ways. Dresses can be given completely different looks by adding contrasting clothing items and accessories.

By pairing a dress with a nice cardigan, a nice headband or a smart jacket, that same dress can be worn on many different occasions.

Depending upon the shoes you choose for your kid to wear, a dress can be used for many different occasions and have many different expressions. For the same dress, you can select a fine pair of ballerinas, cute sandals, chic sneakers or nice boots, allowing the same dress to be worn all year round for both fine use and everyday life in kindergarten or school.

Try to include a pair of raw boots or sneakers with a fine dress or a pair of cute ballerinas for a denim dress, and voila  you have created a whole new look, and a much more versatile dress. 

Large selection of beautiful party dresses for kids

A beautiful party dress can be what just adds the finishing touch and provides a memorable experience for the large parties and highlights. That is why it is important to find the right party dresses for kids when the little ones go to the parties.

We offer a large selection of party dresses for kids, so you can easily find a long range of different types of party dresses, whether you are looking for simple and elegant party dresses, or if they are to be multicolored and help to add color to the party..

You will find party dresses for kids in a long variety of sizes, so you can find party dresses for both small and large kids in one place. That way, it is easy to shop for party dresses for all the girls at once.

We also have party dresses that can be used as a smart New Year's dress, so you can also find New Year's dresses for kids here - or beautiful dresses for the summer parties.

Tulle dresses for kids

There is nothing that says little princess like tulle dresses for kids. We have tulle dresses for kids in different colours, where they all have in common that you get dresses with tulle in kd's sizes.

When you buy tulle dresses for kids, you get a dress with a tulle skirt over the dress, which in this way makes it strut a little more, while at the same time looking light and airy.

Little girls love tulle dresses, as they often feel like a princess, especially if you choose a tulle dress with pink tulle.

See our large selection of tulle dresses from a long range of different brands and see if we do not have a tulle dress in just the right size that will create joy at home.

Smart white dresses for kids

Spring and summer are often full of large parties, where both confirmations and weddings often fill the party program. Here, a smart white dress for kids can be what makes the little ones light up and be the ones that the guests notice.

There is just something elegant about white dresses for kids, where in the summer they can more easily wear the white colours, without there being such a large danger that they get something on the dress, which may be the case in autumn and winter, when the weather is not always suitable so well for kids in white dresses.

In addition to white dresses for kids, you will find a large selection of beautiful and fine dresses, so if you are looking for fine dresses for kids, then you will find a long range of strong offers from many strong brands when it comes to beautiful dresses for kids.

Festive and classic purple dress for kids

Should it be elegant - and a different colour than black or white, then a festive purple dress is a really good offer, as it breaks the traditional color choices. At the same time, a little dress is both classic and festive at the same time.

Quickly find our purple dresses for kids by choosing purple in our color filter. That way you get to see all the dresses that have a purple colour in them. You can do the same if you want to see dresses in others different colours.

Beautiful long dresses for kids

When it needs to be a little more elegant, or if the weather just does not allow dresses for around the knees, then long dresses are a really good bet for a dress for kids when there is a party. You can also use long dresses for more casual things.

Find just the right dress that will create happiness at home if you have a girl who just loves to go in dresses. We have a large selection of long dresses for kids, so you will not have a hard time finding the right dress that will create joy and excitement at home.

You will find long dresses in both many different colours and from many different well-known kid's clothing brands here in our category for dresses for kids.

Fresh yellow dress for kids

Light colours can just something, especially when it comes to summer dresses for kids. Here, a fresh yellow dress can be what just brings out the perfect summer feeling.

You will find yellow dresses for both small and large kids here in the shop, so you can get both several different designs and styles, which gives you greater opportunities to find just the yellow dress that will create joy in the little one at home.

Become a princess with a pink dress

You can not get around a pink dress when you are looking for dresses for girls. That is why you will of course find a large selection of pink dresses for kids here at Kids-world.

Pink dresses for kids are often popular with the little ones, who to that extent can feel like a fairytale princess in the pink dress. Therefore, you will find pink dresses for kids from a long range of popular kid's clothing brands, so you can easily find the pink dress that will create excitement at home.

Our range includes pink dresses for fine use, costume up and just everyday use, so you will not go down on pink dresses for kids when you shopper at Kids-world.

Choose material and style to your liking

Dresses can be worn for all seasons and for almost any occasion. Summer dresses should always be light and airy, while winter dresses should preferably have long sleeves and be in a slightly heavier material. We have dresses in several different kinds of materials, including cotton, satin and velour, and with a variety of textures as well. For example, we have cool dresses in jersey fabrics and denim, but also adorable floral dresses. If you want to purchase sustainably, we also have a wide range of dresses in organic cotton, so you can have something new with a clear conscience.

Dresses for kids are available with many different cuts, allowing you to always find a dress that suits your style or particular needs.You can find simple dresses with nice A-line cuts, which are often suitable for younger kids, and they are also available in straight cuts as well.

In our shop, you will find both loose and tight-fitting dresses for kids. Included are fabulous jersey dresses, which have a good fit and give lots of freedom of movement to those kids that need to tumble and play.

You will also find chic shirt dresses for older kids, as well as gorgeous knit dresses. A spencer can be especially nice for smaller kids, but it’s also good for older kids to have a spencer included in their wardrobe.

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