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Decoration Figurine


Decorative figures for kids

If you are lacking decoration in your kid's room or a playroom, then you might want to take a closer look at our selection of beautiful, decorative figures.

Here at Kids-World, you will find a fine selection of different kinds of decorative figures which can fit perfectly both in the kids' room, but also elsewhere in the home.

You can find decorative figures from a variety of brands that are known for their unique expression and good quality.

Check out our range and see if you can find a decorative figure that fits in your home.

Fine Hoptimists for every occasion 

You probably know the fine Hoptimists who have gradually become Danish design classics. On this page, you can find Hoptimists for any occasion. For example, we have Hoptimists suitable for student parties, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, Easter or a football game.

Besides, there are, of course, more neutral Hoptimists in nice colours or smoked oak. Some Hoptimists may have a short spiral, while others have a slightly longer one.

The Hoptimists fit nicely with a Nordic decor, and at the same time, the more colourful Hoptimists have a sort of childish expression, which makes them perfect as decorative figures on a shelf in the kids' room.

Decorative figures in beautiful colours

On our page, you will find decorative figures in lots of beautiful colours. That means that it should be easy to find a decorative figure that will fit the interior of your child's room or any other room in your home. 

Here you will usually find decorative figures in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

Besides, all these figures come in different materials and shapes. Since there is so much to choose from, we believe that you will not have any problems finding a figure in our range, that will fit your home interior perfectly. 

Sweet decorative figures for Christmas

If you are fond of Christmas and Christmas decorations, then you are pretty lucky. On this page, you will find many different, cute decorative figures in Christmas motifs. Many of these figures can be used on a Christmas table or just placed in the kids' room or around the home, adding up to a perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas is all about traditions, and many families have Christmas decorations that have survived for several generations bringing back some precious memories.

Why not start a new tradition with a beautiful Christmas decorative figure that you and your kids can take out every year and put in its permanent place?

Decorate the kids' room with beautiful decorative figures

Most kids love to decorate their room with decorative figures that help express who they are and what they like. In our range, you will find decorations that will enhance most kids' rooms, adding up to a homely and cosy atmosphere.

You can find decorative figures in many different price ranges, so there is a bit to choose from whether you are looking for a small or a large one. It can be either as a gift or just because you know a kid who deserves to be surprised.

If you are looking for a decorative figure in a certain price range, do not forget that you can use the filter at the top of the page. This makes it easier to find the exact decorative figure you are looking for.

Decorative figures for birthdays

kids' birthdays are something quite special, regardless of the kid's age. Many parents like to decorate the breakfast table or a breakfast tray for a kid's birthday and, for that occasion, a decorative figure is ideal.

For example, you can consider one of the figures from Kids By Friis. Kids By Friis decorative figures are hand-painted and come in several different variants.

There is so much to choose from - a soldier with a trumpet and a flag, a soldier with a drum and a flag, a princess with a flag, a stork with a flag and H. C. Andersen himself with a flag. These figures fit perfectly on a birthday table, where you can place the figure in front of the birthday cake.

You can also find Hoptimists for birthdays. They come in red and white and they have a Danish flag motif. Hoptimist is a Danish design classic that fits in most Danish homes.

Take a look at our selection of decorative figures for birthdays and see if you can find a figure that can complete the birthday table in your home.

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