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Ceiling lamps

Liewood Lamp - Emmit - Dove Blue Liewood Lamp - Emmit - Dove Blue 39,20 €
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Ceiling lamp

Do you need a ceiling lamp for your kidís room? Here is our selection of beautiful ceiling lamps in all different shapes and colours.

It could also be that the lamp is going to be put up in the playroom or that you find a lamp that fits nicely into another room in your home. Wherever it it to be hung, we sincerely hope you find what youíre looking for on this page

If you are unable to find the perfect ceiling lamp, maybe you are looking for a lamp from a specific brand, please contact our customer service. We would love to help you find that perfect ceiling lamp for you.

Ceiling lamps in nice colours

At Kids-world, you will find ceiling lamps for the kids room that come in lots of beautiful colours. When choosing a lamp for your kidís room, it should not only be just something that projects a bright light. A ceiling lamp typically hangs in the middle of the room and often is a central part of the decor. Therefore, it must be nice-looking and fit the rest of the room.

In our selection, you will find ceiling lamps in all possible colours. You will normally be able to find ceiling lamps in the colours blue, grey, yellow, white, purple and rose. You can find both solid colour ceiling lamps as well as ceiling lamps with fine patterns and details.

Ceiling lamps for kids with beautiful details

We have ceiling lamps for kids with many different, beautiful details. A lamp is not just a lamp. A lamp with beautiful details can easily become a nice focal point in the room, creating both coziness and good light.

On this page, you will find ceiling lamps shaped like balloons, ceiling lamps with small fun pom poms in different colours, ceiling lamps with dots and ceiling lamps with other geometric shapes. In short, there is plenty to choose from if the ceiling lamp needs to be a little more special.

If you want to know more about each individual lamp, remember that you can always read more under the product descriptions. Here, you can also discover what a lamp is made of and which bulbs are suitable.

Light up a kidís room with a fabulous ceiling lamp

With a nice, fabulous ceiling lamp, you can really light up the inside of a kid's room. A good ceiling lamp can make certain that your boy or girl has plenty of light inside their room when they are playing on the floor, drawing or doing homework at their desk. Itís important that thereís good lighting inside a kid's room so they can actually enjoy being in there and so that theyíre not having to strain their eyes too much when they want to play with LEGOģ or other small toys.

Itís also important that the lamp doesnít take over the room or is too small to light it up properly. Therefore, itís a good idea to look at the sizes of the different lamps so that you find one that fits perfectly in your kid's room or playroom.

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