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Bum Bags

Rosemunde Bum Bag - Small - Vegan - Cocoa Brown/Gold Rosemunde Bum Bag - Small - Vegan - Cocoa Brown/Gold 36,18 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Hummel Bum Bag - Astralis - Black Hummel Bum Bag - Astralis - Black 12,06 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Mads Nørgaard Bum Bag - Bel One Carni - Cambridge Brown Mads Nørgaard Bum Bag - Bel One Carni - Cambridge Brown 48,00 €
Originally:  80,00 €  
Fila Bum Bag - Mini - Lamia - Antique White/Flower Fila Bum Bag - Mini - Lamia - Antique White/Flower 18,48 €
Originally:  30,80 €  
Michael Kors Shoulder Bag - Off White/Gold Michael Kors Shoulder Bag - Off White/Gold 84,42 €
Originally:  140,70 €  

Bum bags for kids

Our assortment of bum bags for kids consist of bum bags that are made of velours, fur. We also stock glittering bum bags and Bum bags made in neutral and muted colours. Some have, not only one, but two zips. Even though many associate a bum bag with tourists, they are far from being a tourist gadget. This is far from the truth. Bum bags have become extremely popular again.

Bum bags are perfect for active kids who want an easy and practical solution when they are on the move. Bum bags come in very cool colours and shapes - basically, there is something for everyone!

Bum bags are popular with kids

Lately, we have experienced a rise in the interest for bum bags for kids. Usually, a bum bag is carried round the waist, but often you see people carrying the bum bag as a cross-over bag. A bum bag is often the icing on the cake when you want the casual look.

A bum bag is not only convenient; it is also perfect as a piece of accessory for most occasions; going out, for the summer holiday and especially when going to a festival or at the marketplace.

Bum bags for kids from well-known brands

The smashing bum bags emerged in the fashion business back in the 1980's and were very sought after. Now, they have returned. Bum bag revival, so to speak! The bum bag has found its way onto the catwalk and on the red carpet - many celebrities have made the bum bag extremely popular again.

A bum bag is a combination of a bag and a belt and provides room for all necessities that you need to bring along. Often, the bum bag is used for storing valuables and mobile phones - this way, they are great when you want to avoid pickpocketing and theft.

Our assortment consists of many different brands such as Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Molo, adidas Originals, adidas Performance, Müsli and BOSS.

Bum bags can be used by both boys and girls and they come in many colours that match many people's preferences.

Bum bags in beautiful colours and details

Not only do you find bum bags from many different brands, but also in many different, beautiful colours and details. You will usually find bum bags in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red and black. We have solid-coloured bum bags as well as bum bags with patterns and details. 

For instance you can find bum bags with sequins, logos, floral patterns, camouflage patterns, imitation fur, ruffles, animal faces, and much more. In short, there is a bum bag for everyone, and most probably also something that your boy or girl will like.

Bum bag with space for the most important things 

The bum bag is not only a fashionable item, it is also extremely practical. It has just enough space for the most important items. There is space for the keys, wallet, telephone, antibacterial gel and maybe even additional small items. This way, the small items won't get lost at the bottom of the school bag or backpack. Another good thing is that the bum bag is worn close to the body which means there is less possibility of the bag getting lost or stolen.

Bum bags in various sizes

Kids-world offers a wide selection of bum bags in different sizes to suit every need. We have an impressive selection of large bum bags that provide plenty of space to store all the necessary things when you're on the go.

These bum bags are perfect for keeping your hands free and are ideal for outings or travel.

In addition, we also have small bum bags that are compact and easy to carry around. These bum bags are perfect for keeping track of small belongings such as keys, mobile phones and money.

Finally, we have a large selection of bum bags for kids, designed with fun patterns and colours that appeal to the young. No matter what size or style you are looking for, Kids-world is the right place to find the perfect bum bag.

Large selection of popular bum bags

Popular bum bags are a stylish accessory that combines practical storage with modern design. Brands such as Eastpak, Herschel and Hummel are known for their quality and stylish range of bum bags.

Eastpak offers durable and functional bum bags in various colours and sizes. Herschel is known for their timeless designs that combine classic elegance with modern details. Hummel focuses on sporty bum bags that are perfect for active lifestyles.

Whether you're looking for a sturdy travel bag or a trendy addition to your everyday style, bum bags from Eastpak, Herschel and Hummel will be popular choices. Go exploring here at Kids-world and see the large selection of bum bags.

Bum bags in different materials

Bum bags in different materials offer versatility and style for every occasion. Fabric Bum bags are popular due to their light weight and comfortable carrying experience. They are often made with durable and hard-wearing material that can withstand daily use.

Fabric Bum bags are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every taste and style. They are also ideal for outdoor activities and travel, as they can withstand light rain and light loads.

Whether you are looking for a casual or sporty style, a fabric bum bag will be a trendy and practical choice whether you are looking for bum bags for kids or adults.

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