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Bodysuit for Kids


Bodysuits for boys and girls

At kids-world you will find a large selection of bodysuits for your little one. We have everything from bodysuits with long sleeves to sleeveless - bodysuits with button shoulders to envelope folds.

Choose between our many styles and designs by brands, such as, Noa Noa miniature with their beautiful soft tone designs, Wheat Disney with prints of your favourite Disney characters, Molo and their wild, colourful prints and the classic stripe design by Danef.

Huge selection of bodysuits for babies

Your kid's need for bodysuits varies with the seasons. In the summer, a bodysuit in cotton with short sleeves can be a very good idea, while a bodysuit in wool with long sleeves is super suitable for autumn and winter.

Here at Kids-world,  we have a large assortment of bodysuits for babies and kids in wool from companies like Joha, Papfar and Hust and Claire as well as some from Hummel and Smfolk.

In addition, we also have bodysuits in mixed materials such as wool/silk, which are extra soft.

In addition to different materials, we also have bodysuits for babies and kids in many different styles. For example, you can find both bodysuits with long sleeves, short sleeves or completely sleeveless. You can also find bodysuits with several different kinds of closures and with fine details such as collars or ruffles.

On this page, we have over 50 different brands of bodysuits from both Danish and foreign brands and designers. There are bodysuits for the little ones in many different price ranges and in many different styles.

Bodysuits in beautiful colours for babies

Do you or your kid have a favorite colour? We offers bodysuits in dusty rose, white, navy, gold, mustard, blue, purple, white, black, red, charcoal grey, grey, green, multicoloured, yellow, turquoise, blue melange, dusty blue, violet, rose melange, ivory and brown. The entire rainbow is represented, so theres probably something perfect for you to discover.

If you are into more subdued colours, it might be brands like MarMar, which have both rib fabrics and animal prints, that may have something for you, or perhaps Petit by Sofie Schnoor with their beautiful lace details that will fall within your tastes.

We also offer bodysuits for girls and boys in beautiful patterns. You will find, for example, bodysuits with animals, plants, flowers, dots, writing, stripes, animal prints and much, much more. Please feel free to explore our large selection or use the filter function at the top of the page to quickly and easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Must-have bodysuits for babies

Bodysuits for babies and kids are a must-have in a wardrobe. Many small kids wear a bodysuit every single day, and therefore, its a good idea to have a different variety to choose from. There are many things to consider when choosing a bodysuit.

There are, for example, bodysuits with different types of shoulders, where you will need to decide whether the bodysuit should have American shoulder flaps or a closure with press studs.

Do you want a closure at both shoulders, or should your baby settle for a push button on one side of the neck? These things and more, youll need to consider when purchasing a bodysuit.

We know that kids and their parents have different preferences, and therefore, we have a huge selection of bodysuits to ensure you dont have to compromise on your kid's comfort and well-being.

Bodysuits can be used with leggings, trousers, skirts, sweaters, dresses or something completely different. In fact, its only the imagination that sets the limits, and fortunately our range is so large that creativity can have a free play day.

In addition, bodysuits hardly take up any space in a bag, so they are an obvious choice to bring on a trip if there is a need to change clothes.

Bodysuits for very small babies

Babies are not all born the same size, so it can be difficult to know how big your boy or girl is going to be. This sometimes means that you may lack clothes that fit when the baby is born, either because the baby is smaller or larger than expected, but dont despair! We can provide delivery in just a few days, which ensures you can easily order bodysuits online if you need a few extra in a slightly smaller or slightly larger size.

Bodysuits are perfect for babies and young kids. They come in many different materials, such as wool for winter and cotton for spring and summer. In addition, bodysuits for kids are typically flexible to ensure that theyre not hampered in play and development. Last but not least, most bodysuits come in a soft and comfortable material, making it nice and cozy for babies to easily take a nap in them without becoming irritated.

Bodysuits for special occasions

Many people consider bodysuits for babies and kids as everyday clothes, and something they can wear every single day under pants, dresses, blouses and skirts. This is not incorrect at all, but bodysuits dont have to be only everyday clothes. We offer a wide selection of different kinds of bodysuits for both everyday use and special parties.

We have lots of festive, beautiful bodysuits, which are well suited for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and weddings. It can easily be bodysuits with ruffles or collars, which are both beautiful alone or with a nice dress, a smart cardigan or a pair of cute pants.

In addition, we also have fine bodysuits with skirts and polo bodysuits, which are both functional and beautiful.

High quality bodysuits for babies

On our site, we have only exclusive, high quality bodysuits for kids and babies, and we have many different brands. Please use the filter or search box at the top to get started. We provide a large selection of brands, colours and varieties of bodysuits for kids and babies, so theres most likely something that will suit your tastes.

There are suits in many different materials,such as cotton, wool and wool/silk. You can also find bodysuits in organic materials. Please feel free to read about our different bodysuits under each individual product.

Its quite important which material you choose. Kids are very different, and some easily get hot while others often are freezing. Its, therefore, a good idea to choose a material that meets your kid's exact requirements.

Please remember that you can use the filter at the top to search for your kid's size, but feel free to also just go exploring and find inspiration in our large assortment.

Bodysuits with beautiful details for boys and girls

Some kids and parents prefer minimalist, muted colours, while others like sparkling colours and fun designs. On our site, we offer bodysuits for every taste. We have solid-coloured bodysuits in beautiful dusty colours and fabulous materials, patterned bodysuits with ruffles on the shoulders, bodysuits with fun motifs, bodysuits with beautiful collars, bodysuits in sharp colours and bodysuits with skirts.

In short, a bodysuit can easily be a basic part of a kids everyday wardrobe, but it can also easily have beautiful, fun details that give a smile and stand out from the rest.

GOTS-certified bodysuits for babies

Many of the bodysuits here at Kids-world are not only a Oeko-Tex 100 standard, but also GOTS-certified, which gives complete reassurance that the individual brands have taken into account dangerous, harmful chemicals in the production of their bodysuits. 

When you purchase a bodysuit that is Oeko-Tex certified, this ensures that the bodysuit and its material are thoroughly tested and dont contain harmful substances and dangerous, allergenic chemicals.

When you purchase a bodysuit that is GOTS-certified, you are also guaranteed that the environment is considered in all stages of its manufacture. This means that wastewater treatment, proper working conditions and that the final product is high quality have also been taken into account.

An example of a brand that has these certifications is Freds World, which comes with simple colours along with crazy and fun prints and applications.

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