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Beanies and hats for kids

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MarMar Sun Hat - Alba - Dijon Stripe MarMar Sun Hat - Alba - Dijon Stripe 22,80 €
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Hats and beanies for kids

There is no need to compromise on style over comfort and practicality with our range of kidss hats. Our large selection of kidss hats are suitable for all seasons and includes beanies, winter hats, caps, summer hats, headbands and scarf sets and more. Complete the look with a stylish hat from our collection, a great way to complete an outfit and be protected from both sun and rain.

Our line of hats are made from high-quality materials by popular brands such as, Hummel, Color Kids, Racing Kids, Quicksilver, Nordic Label, Reima, Ticket to Heaven, Småfolk and many, many more.

Hummel not only supplies a wide range of beanies for kids, but also knitted hats that are comfortable to wear when their ears start getting cold. We also have several functional hats from Didriksons that have the same features as their winter outerwear and snowsuits, offering something for every season and occasion. There are so many options that even the most selective should be able to find something.

We have lots of hats and beanies for babies and kids, and you will normally find them in size 50, size 56, size 62, size 68, size 74, size 80, size 86, size 92 , size 98, size 104, size 110, size 116, size 122, size 128, size 134, size 140, size 146, size 152, size 158, size 164, size 170 and size 176.

You can always feel free to use our filter to search for sizes at the top of the page, so that you only see the exact sizes that fit your kid. You can also filter by brand, colour and price, so you can easily view only the hats and beanies you are interested in.

Hats and beanies for babies and kids in many styles 

We strive to offer something for everyone, so you will be able to find everything from knitted hats with pompoms, to chic and summery bucket hats. Many of the knitted hats contain wool to ensure that kids are able to keep safe and warm when it gets cold. 

Some of the hats come with a UV factor of 50+, which guarantees kids optimal protection against the sun's heat and harmful rays. In addition, there is an array of varieties, colours and patterns, to ensure that you find something that falls within your kid's tastes.

You will discover sun hats, bucket hats, caps, knitted hats, hats with tassels, hats with ear flaps, hats with cute ears and much, much more. Please feel free to explore our large selection by using some of the different filters to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Hats and caps in wonderful colours

We have more than 80 different brands of hats and beanies for babies and kids on this site from well-known Danish and international brands, meaning that we have hats and caps in a wide variety of colours and patterns. We typically have hats and caps in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

We also have hats and caps in several different colours and patterns. Maybe you are looking for a hat or a cap that is floral, has an animal design, is striped, or checkered. We are confident that we have something for everyone, and feel certain we have something that will fall within you and your kid’s tastes. 

Hats for the summer heat

A good sun hat is a must when the summer is heating up and the kids are at the beach, by the pool, in the park or just at home in the garden. The skin of young kids is typically more sensitive than that of adults, so often sunscreen alone is not enough. In addition, a sun hat can also help kids not to get too warm. We offer a large selection of different kinds of sun hats for kids of all ages. Some kids want a smart hat, while for others, it’s important that it remains firmly in place while they play. Whatever your requirements, we’re happy to predict that you’ll most likely be able to find a hat that fits your kids requirement on our site.

Hats for cold weather

By the time autumn is here, hats for babies and kids are an absolute must. Very young kids require hats to protect their small, delicate ears for most of the year, but older kids should also wear a hat or headband when it gets cold as well.

As with all other clothing, there is a greater chance that kids won’t bother to wear a hat unless they think it’s nice, cool and neat. Therefore, we have a huge selection of hats, so there’s always something for everyone. There are hats in wool and hats in cotton. There are minimalist, solid color hats and caps with colours, tassels and pom-poms.

It’s important when buying a hat to consider what it’s to be used for. For example, if it’s to be used for a ski trip where a kid will be outside in the snow for several hours in a row, then it’s important for a hat to have a good lining that covers both ears properly.

On the other hand, if the hat is to be used for an older kid who is rarely outside for many hours at a time, a hat of lighter weight can often do the trick.

Cute hats and beanies for babies

Very small babies can often be extra exposed to cold and wind. Kids give off a lot of their heat from their heads, so if it’s windy or cold, a toddler's head needs the protection of a hat.

Whether or not a small baby needs a hat also depends on how much hair they have. Some babies come into the world with lots of hair, while others in a few months are just about to grow hair. A baby with very little hair requires a hat a bit more often.

On this site, we have a large selection of hats for the little ones in the family in many different colours and designs.

We also have a multitude of hats to protect both face and neck from the sun. A sun hat is a standard piece in most kids’ wardrobes because their skin is extra sensitive and often they’re not even aware of when they're getting too hot. We have a large selection with many different varieties of hats.

Smart hats and beanies for big kids

Hats and beanies are not just for small kids. Most older kids and teens also need a good hat when it's cold, and a hat that includes a brim when the sun is blazing down. On this site, we offer a great selection of hats and caps for larger kids and teenagers.

Our hats and caps come in many different designs and styles, so feel free to choose exactly the one that your kid will be most pleased with.  For colder weather, you can easily choose between a hat with a nice tassel or a more sporty hat, while for the summer you can find a cool bucket hat, a nice cap or a lovely summer hat.

Remember that you can always use the filter at the top of this page to find hats in the right size and price range.

Bucket hats and legionnaire hats for kids

If your kids loves to play outside for hours at a time, then it is worth finding a hat for them that gives  plenty of shade. Bucket hats features a wide brim to keep the rays out of their eyes, while legionnaire hats also protects the neck from damaging rays.

Buy UV summer hats here at our online shop. Our sun protective summer hats for boys and girls provide great protection from the suns harmful rays.

OEKO-TEX and GOTS certification

Our hats are stylish, functional and safe at the same time. Many of our hats have a Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX - or GOTS certification. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Soft Gallery is one of our the many brands, who is GOTS certified - They design fun and colourful hats.

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