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Basic Clothing for Kids

Shoe Size
Fuzzies Baby Socks - Non-Slip - Black Fuzzies Baby Socks - Non-Slip - Black 3,24 €
Originally:  5,40 €  
Hust and Claire Outdoor Footies - Futtos - Teal Leaf Hust and Claire Outdoor Footies - Futtos - Teal Leaf 20,10 €
Originally:  33,50 €  

Kids' basic clothing

Explore our large selection of basic kids's clothing - Essential garments for their day to day by popular brands. You can never go wrong wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. - Keep it simple, or use it as great canvas for adding on elements of seasonal trends. Putting on a smart jacket over your jeans and T-shirt, will create a great everyday outfit.

Basics is an essential part of anyone's wardrobe - boy or girl.

Essential clothing for babies and kids

Quality kids clothes with a simple design - No logos, no prints, no sequins, just premium fabrics in every colour for every kid. We have everything essential from bodysuit, blouses, trousers to tights. Many of our brands makes essential clothing - essentials are practical and never go out of style. - And it is always nice to have a selection of solids to easily mix and match with.

A large selection of basic for boys and girls

Here at our shop, you will find all the essentials you need - everything from bodysuits, all-in-ones, blouses, dresses and so much more. Garments that never go out of style and are made by the best quality.

Basic style T-shirts, socks and tights

We have essentials for every occasion from T-shirts, socks to tights and more. Kids's clothing is a must have - Your kids can wear it for an everyday use or dress it up with seanonal styles. Our basic line also includes underwear, such as, knickers, briefs, boxers and undershirts.

Kids-world has a large selection of basic clothing for kids and babies in every price range. Get started and find the essentails you love, and we will send the clothing to your door.

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