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Wheat Winter Coat for Kids

Wheat Lightweight Jacket - 3-I-1 Nalo Tech - Soil Wheat Lightweight Jacket - 3-I-1 Nalo Tech - Soil 128,70 €
Originally:  214,50 €  
Wheat Winter Coat - Kasper - Dry Pain Wheat Winter Coat - Kasper - Dry Pain 107,20 €
Originally:  134,00 €  

Wheat winter coats for kids

Many parents tend to look for winter coats as soon as summer is drawing at its close. Most likely, your boy or girl will have grown quite a bit since last year and now he or she needs a new winter coat - why not choose a Wheat winter coat?

At Kids-world you find a vast selection of winter coats - including Wheat winter coats. Whichever brand you usually prefer, we are certain that you will be able to find it amongst our collection of fine brands.

The main priority is that the winter coat keeps your kid warm and dry on wet, damp and cold days.

Comfy Wheat winter coats

Wheat winter coats come in many designs and styles w/o prints and patterns. Have a look at our fine collection of Wheat winter coats for boys and girls - we think you will find something to your liking.

However, if you do not find a Wheat design that you like, we suggest that you browse amongst all the other known and popular brands to be had at Kids-world.

Some winter coats function as transitional coats as well - breathable and warm at the same time.

Wheat winter coats - functionality

We always recommend our customers to learn about the qualities of the winter coats before purchasing a Wheat winter coat. Generally, manufacturers label their products with information about various qualities; weatherproof, water column pressure and breathability.

We recommend that you choose a Wheat winter coat with excellent breathability - important feature for winter wear.

Bear in mind that some months offer rain and sleet. Therefore, it is recommendable that you find a Wheat winter coat with excellent water column pressure. If you often go skiing during winter, it is especially important that your kid has a warm winter coat for freezing temperatures.

As you check the qualities of the winter coats, please check the seams, hems and joints for flaws as well. However, we are quite sure, you will not find any.

Always have the needs of your kid in mind when purchasing a new winter coat and you will be sure to find a Wheat winter coat for your kid.

Wheat winter coat in many sizes

Wheat is a danish brand that produces very popular outerwear - including winter coat for kids in many different sizes. At Kids-world we have a large selection of Wheat winter coat for babies and kids. We offer Wheat winter coat in sizes 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 140 and 152.

What offers many different types of jackets for babies and kids. You will find i.a. Softshell jackets, thermo jackets jackets, technical jackets and much more in our range from Wheat.

All Wheat's winter coat are fluorine- and PFC-free and Oeko- Tex certified. Many of the winter coats have technical features, which you can read more about in our product descriptions. You can also read more about the water column pressure pressure of the different winter jackets. The higher the water pressure, the more water and snow resistant the winter coat is. In this way, you can ensure that your child can stay outdoors in rain and sleet without any problems.

Wheat winter coat for boys

With delicious winter coat from Wheat for boys, your child can easily get through the winter in a good mood. The Winter coats from Wheat are heat, cold, water, snow and wind resistant with very good insulation. You will find many different models of Wheat winter coat for boys in our range. You can be absolutely sure that a nice winter coat from Wheat for boys will last for a very long time. With the classic designs, the clothes from Wheat are timeless, so they can be used for a long time. The high-quality materials further extend the life of the garment.

Wheat winter coat for girls

When the weather is getting cooler in the autumn months, it is time to find a nice Wheat winter coat for your girl, so she can keep warm all winter. Wheat has many beautiful models of winter coat for girls in beautiful, functional designs.

Wheat's winter coat for girls have the advantage that all elements that come into contact with the skin are produced by Øko- Tex Standard 100 suppliers. This applies to everything from external materials, coating and buttons, reflectors and zips. The technical outerwear has an extra coating on the outside to maintain the clothing's water- water repellent features. You can therefore buy one of Wheat's beautiful winter coat for girls. The Wheat winter coats are super reliable and your girl will love wearing them all winter.

Wheat winter coat in many colours

Wheat is a brand known for sine beautiful, Scandinavian designs. The Colours are repeated throughout the collection, so that all the clothes can be put together easily and fit well together. The Winter coats from Wheat are available in many classic colours, which are perfect for autumn and winter. At Kids-world you will find winter coat from Wheat in colours such as orange, pink, blue, brown, khaki, purple, brown and others. The Colours are always calm and subdued, so they will go well with the rest of your child's wardrobe. You will also find many beautiful winter coat from Wheat with nice patterns on them. So regardless of whether you prefer to give your child a pattern or plain colored winter coat, you can find the perfect model among the range from Wheat.

Wheat winter coat for babies

Wheat is a danish brand known for their enormously delicious collections of baby clothes. Wheat attaches large importance to comfort and freedom of movement. The baby clothes are designed with babies' needs and requirements in mind, which of course also applies to the lovely warm winter coat. Wheat's winter coat for babies have a perfect fit and fit just right. They are easy and nice to put your baby on and take off again.

Wheat is a brand that also places large emphasis on good quality and durability. If you buy a Wheat winter coat for your baby, you get a danish hand-drawn design produced in healthy materials with good freedom of movement in a beautiful design.

Offers on Wheat winter coat and sale

At Kids-world you can also find winter coat from Wheat on sale. The vast majority of people love to find the product they lack at home on sale. We can definitely recommend you to check out our sale category. You can find it by clicking on sale in the menu. You can advantageously choose Wheat under brands. You will then be taken directly to our sale category specifically for Wheat products.

Get great deals on Wheat winter coat

Everyone loves a good deal. What's even better is finding a specific product that one needs on sale at a great price. By following Kids-world on Instagram and Facebook, you can always stay up to date on upcoming products, brands, offers and sale. You can also sign up for our newsletter. Then you will be one of the first to receive news and information about what is happening at Kids-world.

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