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Wheat Snowsuit for Kids

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Wheat Jumpsuit - Eggplant Melange Wheat Jumpsuit - Eggplant Melange  107,10 € 
Wheat Snowsuit - Blue Iron Melange Wheat Snowsuit - Blue Iron Melange  107,10 € 
Wheat Snowsuit - Eggplant Flowers Wheat Snowsuit - Eggplant Flowers  107,10 € 
Wheat Snowsuit - Caramel Melange Wheat Snowsuit - Caramel Melange  107,10 € 
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Indigo Seagull
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Indigo Seagull 100,40 € Save 30,13 €
70,28 € 

Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Ink
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Ink 93,70 € Save 28,11 €
65,59 € 

Wheat Snowsuit - Moe - Grey/Black Checkered
Wheat Snowsuit - Moe - Grey/Black Checkered 133,90 € Save 40,18 €
93,73 € 

Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Dark Lavender
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Dark Lavender 100,40 € Save 30,13 €
70,28 € 

Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Grisaille
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Grisaille 107,10 € Save 53,55 €
53,55 € 

Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Dark Grey
Wheat Lightweight Suit - Frankie - Dark Grey 107,10 € Save 53,55 €
53,55 € 

Wheat snowsuit for kids

A Wheat snowsuit is perfect for having fun while playing outside in winter where a snowsuit is to show to its best advantage in keeping the kids warm and dry. At Wheat, the kids are always a top priority - which you’ll see is shown in their clothing.

Every kid is taken into consideration using adjustable elastic and natural materials that guarantees excellent freedom of movement. Motion and exercise are especially important for kids; therefore, it is important that chilly weather does not limit your activities. However, a snowsuit is not enough; mittens, gloves and the like are also important to remember.

Ski underwear and other accessories used for staying warm when the snow and the cold arrives. However, you needn’t worry about this because we have plenty of accessories that match the Wheat snowsuits and are perfect for the cold season.

Eco-Tex certified snowsuit from Wheat

With a Wheat snowsuit you are guaranteed both quality and safety. Wheat snowsuits have the Eco-Tex certificate, which simply means that the Wheat snowsuits do not contain harmful materials or chemicals.

This is a 100% guarantee since the products are laboratory tested; zips, buttons, textiles, threads and lining. Therefore, rest assured that a snowsuit from Wheat does not affect your or your kid’s health.

Vast selection of Wheat snowsuits

You will find our entire selection of Wheat snowsuits for kids right here. Wheat produces snowsuits in a wide range of colours and sizes. Both neutral and plain-coloured snowsuits, but also striking floral styles and patterns and beautiful colour combinations.

Snowsuits are available in sizes for babies, toddlers and older kids. You will find snowsuits for boys and girls and unisex snowsuits.

Most of the snowsuits have removable hoods with fur lining that can be taken off using convenient snap fasteners. Wheat snowsuits are made with fleece lining which make them even more comfortable to wear.

Wheat snowsuit with adjustable elastic

The Wheat snowsuits have adjustable elastics in the sides, so they fit perfectly tight during the cold season. The Wheat snowsuits have different designs and different types of openings. Therefore, it all comes down to choosing the perfect fit for your kid’s needs; perhaps an asymmetrical zip from the neck and all the way down towards the leg on the left-hand side.

Wheat also have a snowsuit with a through zip at the front. Common to all the snowsuits are the pockets - either on the sides or at the front on the chest.

Most often the legs will have adjustable elastic straps to put under the winter boots. At the neck, you’ll find a practical name tag where you can write your kid’s name. You can find it all on our website, Kids-world.

Sometimes it seems impossible to find your way round the wonderful colours and designs that Wheat offers.

If you cannot find the right snowsuit amongst the Wheat designs, please, do not hesitate with looking at the designs from all the other brands that you find in the snowsuit category.

Wheat snowsuit with the proper qualities

When you are looking for a snowsuit, it is important to take the qualities of the snowsuit into consideration: water resistance, wind resistance, breathability, insulation and whether the seams are taped or not. The primary purpose of a snowsuit is to keep your kid warm and dry while playing outside when it’s cold and windy.

The needs of your kid are also essential - does the snowsuit have to be durable? Perhaps you kid loves splashing round in the mud and in puddles, perhaps not. Many factors play a part when choosing the perfect snowsuit from Wheat.

The different brands, including Wheat, have done very much in order to make it possible for you to stop worrying about whether the snowsuit, you want to buy, protects against both chilly winds and the cold. Finally, we simply think they all produce fantastically designed snowsuits. Wheat is no exception and therefore, we are positive that you, and everyone else, are able to find a snowsuit to your liking.

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