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Wheat Snowsuit for Kids


Wheat snowsuits for kids

A Wheat snowsuit is perfect for having fun while playing outside in winter where a snowsuit is designed to keep your kids warm and dry. Speaking of the brand Wheat, it's needless to say that the kids have always been their top priority - which also shows off in their clothing pieces.

Every kid's desire has been taken into consideration - Wheat snowsuits come with adjustable elastics and natural materials that guarantee exceptional freedom of movement. Motion and exercise are especially important for kids; therefore, it is important that cold weather does not limit your kid's activities. However, a snowsuit is not enough; mittens, gloves and other winter accessories are also quite important.

Ski underwear and other accessories are essential for staying warm and cosy when the snow and the cold weather arrive. However, you shouldn't worry about this because we have plenty of accessories that match the Wheat snowsuits and are perfect for the chilly winter season.

Eco-Tex certified Wheat snowsuits 

With a Wheat snowsuit, you are guaranteed both quality and safety. Wheat snowsuits are Eco-Tex certified, which simply means that the Wheat snowsuits do not contain harmful materials and chemicals.

This is a 100% guarantee since the products are laboratory tested; zippers, buttons, textiles, threads and lining. Therefore, rest assured that a snowsuit from Wheat does not affect your or your kid’s health.

Vast selection of Wheat snowsuits

You will find our entire selection of Wheat snowsuits for kids right here. Wheat produces snowsuits in a wide range of colours and sizes. Both neutral and single-coloured snowsuits, but also striking floral styles and patterns and beautiful colour combinations.

Snowsuits are available in sizes for babies, toddlers and older kids. You will find snowsuits for boys and girls and unisex snowsuits.

Most of the snowsuits have removable hoods with fur lining that can be taken off using convenient snap fasteners. Wheat snowsuits are made with fleece lining which makes them even more comfortable to wear.

Wheat snowsuits in many sizes

A snowsuit for kids is a must-have during the winter months. The delicious snowsuits from Wheat are available in many different sizes. Here at Kids-world you will always find a wide range of Wheats products. You will find Wheat snowsuits in sizes 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122 and 128.

The Snowsuits for kids from Wheat are as beautiful as they are practical. They are available in a multitude of different models, all with high waterproofness, breathability, abrasion resistance and good freedom of movement. Wheat snowsuits are extremely high quality and will last a very long time so they can be passed on when your child outgrows them.

A good snowsuit is a must-have for winter. Wheat's snowsuits are some of the best on the market. The Wheat snowsuits have won tests for their features, quality, details and price, among other things. Therefore, you can safely choose a snowsuit from Wheat for your child, knowing that you are getting incredible quality here for the money.

Wheat snowsuit size guide

It is super important to choose a Wheat snowsuit for your child, where the size just sits right in the closet. Fortunately, we have made it super easy for you with our size guide. You will find it at the bottom of our page, at the bottom of the customer service category. Here you can see the specific measurements for different sizes of children's clothing. This ensures that your child's new snowsuit fits perfectly.

Wheat snowsuits in many colours

Wheat offers snowsuits in many fine colours and prints. At Kids-world you will find Wheat snowsuits in the colours green, blue, brown, navy, purple, pink, grey, black, terracotta, beige, turquoise, brown and even more colours. 

Wheat designs flight suits both in classic, plain designs. Wheat also makes fine prints with flowers, checs, stripes and others beautiful patterns.

Wheat's snowsuits for kids with the many beautiful prints have a soft, minimalist and scandinavian look. In addition, the snowsuits from Wheat have many practical features. They have removable hoods, side pockets, front pockets, elastic in the sleeves and feet, and rubber bands under the feet. There are reflective details to help your child's visibility when it gets dark outside early. All Wheat's snowsuits are certified with Öko- Tex.

Snowsuits from Wheat for both boys and girls

Wheat's popular snowsuits are available in many models for both boys and girls. The Wheat snowsuits for boys and girls are unisex. They come with a large selection of different models and colours, you can find the perfect Wheat snowsuit for your boy or girl. The Colours are suitably muted so that they go with the vast majority of children's clothes that you already have at home. Your child will look smart all winter long outdoors, all while staying dry and warm.

Warm Wheat snowsuits for babies

Wheat manufactures snowsuits for the smallest kids, in fact right down to size 62. Wheat snowsuits for babies keep your child warm and protected against wind, snow and cold. Wheat's snowsuits for babies can withstand the changing and cold weather during the winter. The Snowsuits have many technical features which contribute to the functionality. The high water column pressure protects your baby in rain and snow.

Wheat snowsuits with adjustable elastic

Wheat snowsuits have adjustable elastics on the sides, so they fit perfectly tight during the cold season. Wheat snowsuits come in different designs and have different types of openings. Therefore, it all comes down to choosing the perfect fit for your kid’s needs; perhaps an asymmetrical zip from the neck and all the way down towards the leg on the left-hand side?

Wheat also have some snowsuits with a through zip at the front. Common to all the snowsuits are the pockets - placed either on the sides or at the front on the chest.

Most often the legs will have adjustable elastic straps to put under the winter boots. At the neck area, you’ll find a practical name tag where you can write your kid’s name. You can find it all on our website.

Sometimes it seems impossible to find your way around and choose among all those wonderful colours and designs that Wheat offers.

If you cannot find the right snowsuit among our Wheat designs, do not hesitate to check out more designs from all the other brands that you will find in our snowsuit category.

Wheat snowsuits with practical features

When you are looking for a snowsuit, it is important to take the features of the snowsuit into consideration: water resistance, wind resistance, breathability, insulation and whether the seams are taped or not. The primary purpose of a snowsuit is to keep your kid warm and dry while playing outside when it’s cold and windy.

The needs of your kid are also important - does the snowsuit have to be durable? Perhaps you kid loves splashing round in the mud and in puddles, perhaps not. Many factors play a part when choosing the perfect snowsuit from Wheat.

The different brands, including Wheat, have done very much in order to make it possible for you to stop worrying about whether the snowsuit, you want to buy, protects against both cold winds and freezing temperatures. All in all, we think they all produce fantastically designed snowsuits. Wheat is no exception here and therefore, we are positive that you, and everyone else, will be able to find a snowsuit that both you and your youngsters like.

Wheat snowsuit water column pressure

It is a large advantage to choose a Wheat snowsuit with a high water column pressure for your child. Water column pressure refers to how waterproof a material is. In fact, the water column indicates the water pressure that a material can withstand before water penetrates. 

A water column pressure of less than 2, 000 mm is not waterproof, but water- water repellent. Above 3, 000 it is suitable for light rain, above 5, 000 mm is good for moderate rain, while above 8, 000 is suitable for heavy rain, etc. 

Wheat's snowsuits for kids usually have a water column pressure pressure of 8, 000 mm. or higher. Your child can therefore stay outside in heavy rain without getting wet if he or she is wearing their Wheat snowsuit.
All seams on Wheat's snowsuits are welded, which makes them even more water repellent. If you buy a technical snowsuit for your child from Wheat, you can be sure that the quality is top in terms of function and practical use.

Wheat snowsuits on offer and sale

At Kids-world we have made it super easy for you to look for Wheat snowsuits on sale. You can find our sale category at the top of the page in the bar on the far right. Here you can select Wheat under brands in our filter, after which all products from Wheat on offer will be displayed. You can benefit from keeping an eye on our sale category if you are looking for a Wheat snowsuit at the best possible price. We have products from Wheat on sale as well as good offers on many products from others brands, so it definitely pays to take a look at our sale category once in a between. 

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