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Wallpapers for kids' bedroom

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ferm Living Wall Paper - Koala - Dark Grey/Army Green
ferm Living Wall Paper - Koala - Dark Grey/Army Green 73,60 € Save 29,44 €
44,16 € 


Wallpaper for the nursery or kids' room 

Wallpaper is once again popular and modern. Wallpaper can be a great accessory to create the right feeling in a room.

It can take a small uninspired room into an exciting room which your kid will love to be in. 

Wallpaper can create a new feeling in the room and it might increase the cozy atmosphere in the room. 

We offer a wide selection of different wallpaper so that you can find the right one for your kid’s room. You might even find wallpaper in our webshop which you want to use in other places of the house like in the kitchen or in the entry. 

Wallpaper in exciting colors and patterns 

You will find some great wallpaper in our shop in all different designs. We have for example one which is cream color with leaves in shades of pink and blue.

Last but not least we also offer awesome wallpapers with prints of various fruits and plants in dusty and pink shades.

When you are considering a pattern wallpaper it is important to make sure that there is a harmony in the pattern, called pattern repetition. The pattern can not be too busy for smaller rooms. 

We also offer classic and simple wallpaper like wallpaper with stripes in different colors and shades. We have wallpaper with stripes in combinations like dark green and cream, black and pink, or grey and reddish-brown. 

Wallpaper that are easy to apply 

The previously discussed wallpaper are so-called non-woven quality with a matte expression. This makes them easy to apply to the walls. Put the wallpaper paste directly on the wall and adhere the wallpaper to it. 

The wallpaper does not change in shape or size when you apply it to the walls. You can also move the wallpaper around which makes it easy to make sure that the pattern is correct from one sheet to the next. 

Please remember that the wallpaper should not overlap. It should be installed side by side and create a tiny seam. 

Different types of wallpaper 

Wallpaper consists of cellulose, polyester, binder, filler material and more. You will also find cream colored wallpaper with a so-called all over pattern with grey waves. This particular pattern has a repetition of 2.4 cm. 

Furthermore, you will find a beautiful wallpaper in grey with gold stars in an all-over pattern here in our webshop. Or choose the wallpaper with patterns of peacocks and koalas.

These wallpapers have prints which are made from water-based colors and so-called wallsmart quality. 

All our wallpapers have one thing in common, which is the high quality of materials and beautiful colors and designs.

Use wall paper to create wainscotting and accent walls

As mentioned above, you can use the wall paper in many different ways. The classic thing to do is to paper the entire children’s room which also look very nice and cool. If you want to try out something different, you can try to make different effects with wall paper.

You could for instance make wainscotting at the top bottom of the wall, and a normal painted wall at the top.
You could also make an accent wall of wall paper. An accent wall is a wall which is different from the other walls in a room. This creates a super beautiful contrast and depth in the room.

It could for instance be the wall behind the headboard of the bed or in the ‘cosy corner’. When it comes to wall paper, only the imagination sets the limit, so browse our selection and see if you find something that suits you and your child!

Match the wall paper with the rest of the interior design 

When you are to choose a new wall paper for the children’s rooms or another room in your home, it is always a good idea to consider which colours and patterns you already have in that room. You can easily choose a wall paper in another colour than that of the other elements in the room, however, you preferably want it all to match. 

Consider whether you want to create a contrasting effect with the wall paper, or if you want it to match with the existing colours and shades. You may have primarily pastel colours or dusty colours in the interior design of the room, and in this case it could be a good choice to find a wall paper in a similar shade. 

Before you put up the wall paper

Before you buy the wall paper, you should consider a few things which are important to be aware of. First of all, you should measure the wall or the walls you want to paper, so that you are sure of having enough wall paper. It is really annoying to end up missing one or two stripes. 

You should also make sure that the wall you want to paper is smooth and ready to be papered. The wall paper can typically be put up on a regular smooth wall which has been plastered or painted beforehand. If the surface isn’t smooth, you may risk getting get dents in the wall paper. 

What do you need for putting up the wall paper? 

You obviously need more than just the wall paper when you have to put it up. It is a good idea to have bought everything you need beforehand in order to be ready when the wall paper arrives. You will typically need wall paper paste, a box cutter, folding rules, wall paper brushes and a paint roller.

You use the paint roller to attach the wall paper to the walls. The box cutter is used to cut the corners and cut around the edges such as around the pants, windowsills and power sockets.

When you have to measure the pattern and make sure that the stripes fit together, you will be needing the folding rules. Last but not least you use the wall paper brushes to smoothen the wall paper when it has been put on the wall, in order to remove dents and air holes. 

A few tricks on how to put up your wall paper

It isn’t that complicated to put up a wall paper on your own, however, it’s always nice to get a few tips.

We recommend that you make sure to have everything you need before getting started. This way you avoid having to look for the folding rules in the basement while you have wall paper all over your hands. 

It is also a good idea to check up on the pattern repetitions on the wall paper so you know what should be measured. 

Last but not least, you should always begin by papering at the middle of the wall and work your way out from there towards the corners. Start by folding the upper ¾ of the wall paper and put them up on the wall against the edge of the ceiling.

From there you can fold the rest of the wall paper out and brush the wall paper onto the wall with the wall paper brushes. 

Should some of the wall paper paste end up on the front of the wall paper, then don’t worry. This can mostly be removed with a bit of water, if you do it right away.

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