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Ticket To Heaven Thermo Wear for Kids

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Ticket To Heaven thermo wear

Get ready for spring and autumn with a pair of Ticket To Heaven thermo wear for boys and girls. With thermo wear by Ticket To Heaven, your child is dressed appropriately for all outdoor activities

Do you need Ticket To Heaven thermo wear for your boy or girl to wear outside on those frisky days? - Then you have come to the right place. In this category you will find what you are looking for with our large collection of Ticket To Heaven thermo wear - If not, then have a look at our wide range from other brands.

Thermo wear by Ticket To Heaven can be used as a layering piece underneath outerwear

It only takes a couple of seconds for the weather to shift, from being cozy warm to freezing cold.

Ticket To Heaven thermo wear can be used as outerwear, it does not let the  light breezes in and they are beathable. But if the tempurature changes to freezing cold, then the clothing can easily be used as a layered piece underneath the outerwear.

Thermo pants, thermo jackets & thermo vests by Ticket To Heaven

Here at we have a relatively large selection of thermo suits, thermo jackets and thermo pants by Ticket To Heaven.

Before choosing which outerwear your child should have, we would like emphasize that thermo jackets, vests and pants are highly usable all year round.

Ticket To Heaven thermo wear in good quality

Most of the thermo jackets, thermo vests and thermo pants by Ticket To Heaven have, for the most part, an extra layer of cloth on the behind and knees for increased longevity. Thermo wear for girls and boys is nice thing to have around and can be used for any occasion.

When children are playing outside in chilly weather, it is important that the thermo wear are long-lasting and robust. Then if they have an extra layer of fabric, then it will increase the endurance on the clothes.

Large selection

We have a huge assortment of Ticket To Heaven thermo wear here at our shop, and we ofcourse hope that you will find a thermo suit, a pair of thermo pants or a thermo set, that fits your liking. They come in a variety of prints and colours.

Ticket To Heaven thermo wear, is a wonderful piece of outerwear that keeps your girl or boy nice and warm during the seasons change. Many children of all ages use thermo as a transition jacket, that matches the temparture during spring and autumn, that keeps the body warm. Your child might also like a lovely pair of thermo pants, for extra warmth.

Ticket To Heaven thermo wear for when it rains

The thermo wear by Ticket To Heaven can easily be combined with outerwear like skisuits or waterproofs. It is a practical way to use the clothing, when the weather is changeable - One moment it is hot, the next moment it is cool and windy.

When it is cold outside, it often rains - Thermo wear will help your child to stay warm and dry underneath the waterproof clothing.

Putting these two types of clothing together, makes a practical suit for the cold days of winter. But when it is too warm for a wintercoat, snowsuit or skipants, then thermo is the perfect clothing for your boy or girl to go outside and play.

High-Quality thermo wear

Thermo wear by Ticket To Heaven is made by strong fabrics. Whether you are looking for a Ticket To Heaven thermo suit, Ticket To Heaven thermo jacket or a pair of Ticket To Heaven thermo pants, we have it all here at

While you are at it, maybe you should get a hat or a beanie and a pair of mittens, so your child will not end up being cold.

Get ready for autumn or spring with a lovely thermo set for your boy or girl.

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