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Swings for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
bObles Donut - Between - Ocean bObles Donut - Between - Ocean 79,50 €


bObles Donut - Little - Dusty Rose bObles Donut - Little - Dusty Rose 60,40 €


bObles Donut - Little - Nutmeg bObles Donut - Little - Nutmeg 60,40 €


bObles Donut - Between - Walnut bObles Donut - Between - Walnut 79,50 €


bObles Donut - Large - Grey bObles Donut - Large - Grey 100,90 €


bObles Donut - Grey bObles Donut - Grey 80,60 €


bObles Donut - Rose bObles Donut - Rose 80,60 €


bObles Donut - Small - Light Grey bObles Donut - Small - Light Grey 60,60 €


bObles Donut Swing - Grey bObles Donut Swing - Grey 46,80 €


bObles Donut - Medium - Green bObles Donut - Medium - Green 80,60 €


bObles Donut - Small - Light Purple bObles Donut - Small - Light Purple 53,60 €


Swings for babies and kids

Swings are marvellous toys for kids (and all other childish souls). The feeling of being lifted from the solid ground is a fun and glorious feeling for every toddler.

A mixture of a little fear and lots of fun, because the moment the kid finds out how fun it is to swing, it is very likely that the swings will also be the first thing the kid runs to when you visit playgrounds.

On this page, you will find our entire selection of swings, which are suitable for both babies and kids. Read the product descriptions to find out whether the swing is designed for babies or older kids, as there may well be some differences there.

Large selection of swings from popular brands

At Kids-world, you will find a large selection of swings for babies and kids. We have plenty of colours to choose from when it comes to the famous, Danish-designed bObles doughnut swings, which are known for their simple design and high-quality materials.

The doughnut swings are available in different sizes and are unique for their ring with a foam button in the middle design. These swings are designed to increase motor development and encourage play, fun and body movement.

This swing makes it possible to strengthen the kid's balance ability by both sitting, lying, standing or jumping from it. With these doughnuts swings, the entire body gets stimulated, whether it is lying, jumping, sitting or standing on the doughnut.

If you would like to use the doughnut as a swing, just place the "block" at the bottom of the doughnut hole. The ‘block’ is attached to a rope, and in that way, you have created a fabulous swing for your kid - big or small.

Classic tree swings

Of course, we also have a fine selection of the classic, tree baby swings. The swings are made of light wood and painted in beautiful colours.

These swings are composed of a thick, black nylon string with beautiful wooden beads in lovely colours that can be quite exciting to examine and touch for the curious child. At the bottom of the swing, there are practical metal rings, which make it easy to hang the swing up.

The backrest provides good support for the kid's back, and it is easy to put the kid down in it. You can use the tree swings both indoors and outdoors. However, keep in mind that, when the swing is set-up outside, the appearance of the swing might be affected. A swing as a toy helps to strengthen the kid's motor skills and balance abilities.

How about a sensory swing?

On this page, you will also find beautiful sensory swings. The sensory swings typically consist of an aluminium frame, a soft and shock-absorbing foam edge and a smooth-woven tablecloth placed over the swing's frame and strong cords.

With this type of swing, your kid can develop motor skills and balance greatly. There is both the opportunity to sit and stand on the swing, and it can even withstand several kids standing on it at a time.

The swing can be used both outside and inside, but it is important to be aware that this type of swing is not suitable for kids under 3 years.

A swing can develop your kid's motor skills and courage

A swing is not only a fun toy, but it can also help develop your kid's motor skills and boost courage. On the swing, your kid can practice his motor skills and balance, both while sitting down or standing on it.

Besides, a swing can be a fantastic tool for boosting your kid's courage. In the start, your kid may find it scary to lose touch with the ground, but over time, the wind in the hair and the buzz in the ears will help overcome that fear.

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