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Sofie Schnoor Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Shoe Size
Sofie Schnoor Pencil Case - Silver Sofie Schnoor Pencil Case - Silver 31,96 €
Originally:  37,60 €  
Sofie Schnoor Pencil Case - Champagne Glitter Sofie Schnoor Pencil Case - Champagne Glitter 31,96 €
Originally:  37,60 €  

Sofie Schnoor Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Sofie Schnoor for babies and kids

The Danish brand Sofie Schnoor was first launched in 2007, and has since become a very popular brand in Denmark and other countries.

The kids’ line, just like the adult collection, is kept primarily in muted colours. The styles are simple and subdued, but there are also both cute and cool prints, along with rivets, fine details with sequins and ruffles allowing more raw, cool looks.

Clothing and shoes from Sofie Schnoor for kids

Here you will find our entire selection of fabulous styles from Sofie Schnoor for kids of all ages. Discover a large selection of Sofie Schnoor trousers, snowsuits, bodysuits, blouses, skirts and dresses.

Sofie Schnoor not only makes clothes for kids, but also shoes, boots and slippers. The kids can be fully dressed with products from Sofie Schnoor, creating a complete and stylish look that suits both big and small. There are clothes from size 56 for infants all the way up to size 164 for 14 year-olds.

In addition, Petit by Sophie Schnoor carries everything from bags to bedding and cloth diapers.

A Sofie Schnoor dress for hot days

It’s always fantastic to move about freely in the hot summer weather with bare legs in a light Sofie Schnoor dress. The dresses from Sofie Schnoor are produced with varying looks, enabling you to find at least one dress, or possibly more, that fits into your girl's wardrobe.

Together with a Sofie Schnoor dress, it’s never a problem to find matching clothes that compliment one another. The Sofie Schnoor dress can be combined with a pair of nice tights, a stylish cardigan or a comfortable jacket.

It’s all about what your girl's preferences are, and only her imagination can set the limit of what can be created.

No matter what type of shoes your girl likes to wear, you should be able to find a Sofie Schnoor dress in our collection that coordinates well. Sofie Schnoor dresses can be worn for many different events such as weddings, birthdays and christenings.

Dance by Sofie Schnoor

Dance is a new line that was recently created by Sofie Schnoor. This design collection is primarily for dance and gymnastics, but can also easily be worn for everyday use, allowing the clothes to be easily combined with many other fine products from Sofie Schnoor.

Beautiful and cute Sofie Schnoor dresses

The Sofie Schnoor collection has a selection of the most beautiful dresses and skirts. You can find Sofie Schnoor dresses in sizes 62-110. For small kids, for whom the collection is aimed, comfort is one of the most important things.

The Dresses are characterized by soft materials that your child loves to wear. The Dresses come in soft, romantic colours, which are ideal for both everyday use and party.

Sofie Schnoor is a brand characterized by how versatile their children's clothing is. The Dresses from Sofie Schnoor have many beautiful details and often prints that both parents and kids love.

Large selection of Sofie Schnoor bodysuits

All parents can probably agree on how fantastic bodysuits are for babies and small kids. First of all, it is really practical that they can be opens and closed at the bottom, which makes it very easy to change your child's nappy and clothes. A bodysuit can even function as an outfit by itself or be combined with a pair of leggings.

Therefore, a selection of bodysuits is a necessity in every baby's wardrobe. We can definitely recommend you check out the collection of bodysuits from Sofie Schnoor. At Kids-world you will find perfect bodysuits in sizes 44-98.

The Sofie Schnoor bodysuits are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. They are available in many colours with cute prints and details. The Bodysuits from Sofie Schnoor are ideal for both boys and girls from birth up to the age of 3.

Sofie Schnoor NYC

The Sofie Schnoor collection for kids is known for various products with the NYC logo on it. The smart, trendy children's clothes from Sofie Schnoor NYC are the ideal everyday clothes for all kids. You can find smart sweaters, bodysuits, t-shirts, shorts and much more from Sofie Schnoor with the NYC logo on it.

The collection is, as always, when it comes to Sofie Schnoor, made of soft, comfortable materials that last a long time. You can find really good deals on the NYC collection by Sofie Schnoor here at Kids-world right now.

Find your next Sofie Schnoor trousers here

Trousers and leggings are an important set of young children's wardrobe. Sofie Schnoor has made a huge selection of trousers and leggings for babies and small kids. You will find both trousers and leggings with elasticband in materials such as cotton. These are extremely comfortable for kids to wear, all day long.

If you are looking for traditional trousers with buttons and zipper, you will of course also find these in the range of Sofie Schnoor trousers.

Sofie Schnoor has trousers in all kinds of colours and designs. You can find everything from basic trousers in neutral colours for everyday use, to leggings and soft trousers in pastel with beautiful prints and delicate details.

Sleep like a dream with Sofie Schnoor bedding

Sofie Schnoor Home is the collection of delicious products for the home. Fortunately, the collection has been expanded and now includes Petit Home and Petit Baby.

Sofie Schnoor bedding is available in the softest material - usually 100% cotton. There are many really cute prints for kids of different ages and sizes.

The Bedding for kids from the Sofie Schnoor collection follows the same design principles as the rest of the brand. The style is very Nordic with muted colours and prints. Sofie Schnoor uses organic cotton for their bedding. It is absolutely the best choice for babies' and children's sensitive skin - especially because they spend a lot of their time in bed with the bedding over them.

The neutral designs on the bedding by Sofie Schnoor fit perfectly into any decor and create a calm atmosphere in your child's bed.

Sofie Schnoor sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are popular with all kids. They are very comfortable to wear and provide an extra layer of warmth when it is chilly outside. At Kids-world you will find many sweatshirts from Sofie Schnoor. We have sweatshirts from size 56 to size 110 for both girls and boys.

With the warm sweatshirts from Sofie Schnoor, your child will feel comfortable and look super at the same time. There are sweatshirts in many designs, fabrics and colours - we are therefore sure that you will find the perfect match for your child.

Whether you're looking for a sweatshirt for everyday use or one that's a little smarter, you'll be able to find the perfect sweatshirt in the Sofie Schnoor collection. With a cozy sweatshirt that is both trendy and comfortable, your child will be comfortable regardless of the occasion.

Get ready for summer with a pair of cute Sofie Schnoor shorts

As the weather gets warmer and the whole family moves outside more and more, it is likely that your child will need a new pair of shorts. It's always a good idea to buy a pair of shorts for your child when summer is approaching. Sofie Schnoor has your need for shorts for kids covered. There is a selection of comfortable shorts for kids from Sofie Schnoor here at Kids-world. Take a look at our large range and find a pair of nice shorts for your child. They will keep your child cool and comfortable even when the weather is very hot.

You will find shorts from Sofie Schnoor for both boys and girls from size 62 to size 110. There are both colorful shorts and shorts in more muted shades. Many of the comfortable shorts from Sofie Schnoor have elastic around the waist. There are also bloomers for smaller kids with practical elastic on the thighs.

Also remember a Sofie Schnoor t-shirt

You probably know all about how difficult it can be to find good t-shirts for kids. It is important that children's t-shirts are functional and retain their shape and colour, even after spills from drinks, food and others stains. In others words, they must be able to withstand being washed often and a set of use.

It is also important that children's t-shirts are fine and look good, while they can be matched with others items in the wardrobe. Sofie Schnoor offers a large selection of t-shirts for small kids.

Sofie Schnoor makes t-shirts that are both modern and functional. There are many choices in terms of colours and shapes, but all t-shirts have in common that they are comfortable and made with good, durable materials. If you are missing t-shirts for your child's wardrobe, t-shirts from Sofie Schnoor are a really good choice.

How to get Sofie Schnoor news

If you absolutely love the Sofie Schnoor collection of children's clothing, you probably want to stay updated. We have made it really easy for you to receive Sofie Schnoor news directly to your inbox.

You can easily sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest news. We send out our newsletter several times a week. It includes news about new brands, products, competitions and much more. There are even special discounts for recipients of our newsletter.

If you choose to register, you will always be one of the first to receive information about offers and news regarding Sofie Schnoor and much more.

Sofie Schnoor sizes - Here is your guide

Fortunately, we have made it super easy for you to judge the sizes of all the products from Sofie Schnoor. You can find the exact measurements on each product description at Kids-world. We also have a bar on the page for the products, which describes whether a product is little, normal or large in size.

Sofie Schnoor rainwear for the wet days

Rainwear for kids is just as important as it is for adults. Sofie Schnoor offers very nice rubber boots for kids. They are available in many colours and are extremely durable - your child can therefore jump in the puddles without any problems.

The Rainwear for kids from Sofie Schnoor is characterized by the delicious materials, stylish designs and durability. With Sofie Schnoor's rainwear, your child will always be protected during the wet days.

New collections and offers from Sofie Schnoor

Products from Sofie Schnoor are extremely popular, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on announcements regarding when new collections will be launched. Despite great demand, we have occasional markdowns of many of the products so you can purchase Sofie Schnoor at reduced prices.

If you are interested in purchasing products from Sofie Schnoor at discounted prices, it’s always important to keep an eye on our sales category.

We hope you will find the Sofie Schnoor styles you are looking for. Have a look at our Sofie Schnoor sale as well.

Please feel free to use our filter and search function if you are seeking something specific. If you have special wishes, or perhaps are looking for a certain product from a different brand that you would like to find in our shop, please send us an email and we would be happy to be of assistance.

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