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Technical outerwear from MarMar 🌦 🤗 - - Good quality and fit
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Smallstuff Slippers for Kids

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Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Blue
Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Blue 17,40 € Save 5,23 €
12,18 € 


Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Black
Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Black 17,40 € Save 5,23 €
12,18 € 



Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Lavender
Smallstuff Booties - Wool - Lavender 17,40 € Save 5,23 €
12,18 € 


Smallstuff slippers for kids

Smallstuff slippers are satisfyingly warm and pleasant for toddlers’ feet. In our shop we offer a fine range of slippers by Smallstuff and slippers from many other designers - naturally, in many styles as well.

If you cannot encounter a pair of slippers by Smallstuff you love, please become familiar with many other designer labels, which you spot in the main collection.

We stock a modern assortment of alternatives, colours and materials, including Smallstuff slippers in black or pink.

Smallstuff slippers - fantastic shoes

Sliding your feet into satisfyingly warm and pleasant slippers is a good feeling if your residence has a draught along the floors. In addition, slippers from Smallstuff are flawless indoor footwear for your boy or girl when he or she is in nursery school, in the house and/or are at school.

Slippers from Smallstuff, and other designer labels’ slippers, are comfy to wear. Smallstuff slippers are also an exceptional pick of gift for holidays.

Kids-world offer many unique variants of slippers by Smallstuff and lots of sizes, patterns and colours to shop from. In short, a large amount of slippers!

Find Smallstuff slippers now

We are convinced you can spot Smallstuff slippers within our assortment that are preferable. We offer plenty of slippers to select from - for boys and girls alike.

You possibly consider it to be challenging to select just a pair. Anyhow, we keep our fingers crossed that you are able to buy one or two pairs that suit your boy or girl ultimately. Often it is an ideal idea to buy two pairs; one for home and one pair for day care.

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