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Småfolk Rubber Boots for Kids

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Småfolk Rubber Boots - Blue Grotto
Småfolk Rubber Boots - Blue Grotto 36,10 € Save 14,44 €
21,66 € 


Småfolk rubber boots for kids

Småfolk makes wonderfully cool designs combining shades/colours and contrasts. Småfolk’s famous style and shade are significant in rainwear and wellies. 

The Småfolk wellies and rainwear match each other every season - which is quite cool.

Småfolk rainwear and rubber boots allow for room to manoeuvre when playing and having fun.


Småfolk rubber boots for changeable weather

Weather changes all the time - therefore, Småfolk rubber boots are a must-have in your kids’ footwear collection. Most footwear is not suited for rainy days which is why a pair of Småfolk wellies will be a great choice.

Småfolk wellies are easy to clean after use - either you rinse them in cold water, or you let the mud dry and then you simply brush it off before putting them back in the shoe-rack. 

Småfolk rubber boots - high or low?

Småfolk rubber boots are made in different heights; low/medium-high and high. Actually, this is the case for most brands that make rubber boots - they all make wellies of different heights.

Low/medium-high Småfolk wellies are perfect for humid weather conditions with littles rain. This type of wellies also provide excellent freedom of movement for your kid. Your kid will love the Småfolk rubber boots because their designs are simply amazing. 

High Småfolk rubber boots are perfect for days with lots of rain. You do not have to worry about your kid’s footwear getting dirty and muddy when he or she wears a pair of wellies because the wellies are easily cleaned after use.

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