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Looking for nice and practical thermo wear? - See our fine range from Wheat, byLindgeen, CeLaVi and others
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Reima Thermo Wear

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Thermal wear by Reima for kids

Changing weather have become the new normal, and this is where the Reima thermal wear turn out to be more than practical when you dress your kid before he or she goes outside to play.

Spring and autumn call for convenient outdoor clothing such as thermal wear by Reima. Browse through our collection of Reima thermal wear for boys and girls and find your kid?s new thermal wear that will keep him or her warm when playing outside on breezy days.

We also stock thermal wear from many other brands - feel free to check them all out before you decide which one(s) you want for your kid(s).

Reima thermal wear - perfect for transitional seasons

Reima thermal wear are of excellent quality. You will not be disappointed whether you are browsing for thermal pants, thermo trousers or maybe a thermo jacket.

May we suggest you also look for a hat or two, some mittens or gloves and a balaclava so your kid does not get cold around his or her head or hands whilst being outside?

For icy autumn and spring days, bundle your baby, your toddler or your kid adventurer in soft thermal clothing by Reima. Get ready for autumn and winter with thermal wear from Reima.

Reima thermal wear, thermo jackets, thermo pants and thermo waistcoats

At Kids-world we stock a considerable selection of thermal wear: thermo pants, thermo jackets and thermo waistcoats from brands such as Reima.

Before you make a final decision, we recommend you consider what the Reima thermal wear will be used for.

Hard-wearing Reima thermal wear for kids

Mostly, Reima thermal wear (waistcoats, jackets and pants) are produced with reinforced bottoms and knees. This is very important as most kids play wild when being outside - all this space has to be taken advantage of.

Vast collection

Reima?s range of thermal wear is huge and we hope that you succeed in finding the perfect thermal wear for your kid at Kids-world.

Reima thermal wear help keep your kid warm under changeable weather. Many boys and girls like to wear a thermo jacket as a transitional jacket between autumn and winter and between winter and spring - basically, thermal wear are perfect for transitional weather conditions. If needed, you kid can put on a pair of thermo pants as well.

Thermal wear from Reima for a rainy day

You will soon learn that it is an excellent idea to combine thermal wear (waistcoats, jackets and pants) with other types of outdoor clothing such as rainwear. On rainy days it?s often quite freezing and windy laos, and then you can use the Reima thermal clothing as mid-layers - the thermal clothing will keep your boy or girl warm whilst being outside.

Combining thermal wear with rainwear or ski wear is an excellent decision for days when wearing a snowsuit or a winter coat and ski pants will get too warm.

High-quality thermal wear from Reima

Reima thermal wear are of excellent quality. You won?t be disappointed regardless of what kind of thermal wear you are browsing for.

May we suggest you also look for a balaclava, a hat, mittens or gloves so your kid does not get cold around his or her head or hands during play or walking outside?

For icy spring and autumn days, dress your kid adventurer in soft and warm Reima thermal wear. Ready your kid for autumn and winter with Reima thermal wear.

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