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Reima Snowsuit for Kids

Reima Lightweight Suit - Chapel - Cool Blue Reima Lightweight Suit - Chapel - Cool Blue 56,28 €
Originally:  93,80 €  

Reima snowsuits

Every year, Reima presents its vast selection of snowsuits. The Reima snowsuits are made of high quality. This is the reason why Kids-world always has a vast selection of Rema snowsuits and Reima Tec snowsuits.

Reima Tec snowsuits are very popular and well-known for their excellent fit, quality, durability and especially the high water column pressure. These features combined make Reima snowsuits extremely suited for all kinds of winter weather for kids in kindergarten and at school.

We have gathered our Reima snowsuit selection on this page - and if you somehow do not manage to find the snowsuit you like here, then just feel free to check out snowsuits from all the other brands available on our page.

Reima snowsuits in different colours

You can get a single-coloured snowsuit for your kid, or you can get a mix of colours such as blue, grey, green, yellow, purple, rose-pink and black. Some of the snowsuits have motifs of elephants, flowers and leaves. Whether you want a hood in fake fur, or not, is entirely up to you - we have Reima snowsuits with and without fake fur.

High-quality Reima snowsuits

Reima snowsuits are the most protective clothing for kids under all kinds of weather conditions. Naturally, we have Reima snowsuits in basic colours and patterned snowsuits to fit more daring ones.

Snowsuits are easy to put on, and Reima has taken into account that kids of all ages should have a snowsuit. Therefore, they have made a line for small kids and toddlers and a line for older and bigger kids. Reima snowsuits for the youngest is made with double zipping. This Reima Tec snowsuit is the most practical one because it is pretty spacious which makes it easy to take the snowsuit on and off.


Reima snowsuits are water-resistant and have a water column pressure of 3,000-5,000 mm - depending on the model. The main seams are taped and thus, waterproof. Their durability and breathability are excellent. Also, the Reima snowsuits are equipped with reflector tags.

Reima Tec snowsuits are waterproof and made of waterproof materials. They have a water column pressure of 10,000-15,000 mm. All seams are taped, except for the seams at the waist and the collar. This, however, depends on the model.

What is a Reima Tec snowsuit?

For kids who are bigger, a Reima Tec snowsuit with a single zip is preferable, because kids this age are able to put on their suits themselves - and they may struggle with two zips.

Reima Tec snowsuits also have good durability, breathability and reflector tags. The Tec line also has soft lining in the hood, the collar and the edge of the sleeves. Other than the aforementioned, Tec also has features such as edging pockets with a zip.

If you want to know more about the snowsuit's features, feel free to read the product description available under each specific product. Here you will find all the details since the above-mentioned features are only indicative.

Reima snowsuit matches the rest of the collection

Remember to find matching winter boots, balaclavas and mittens. You can use our search box or navigate yourself to the category via the Brand section.

Reima snowsuits in many sizes

The fantastic snowsuits from Reima are a hit in countless homes with kids every winter. They keep your child protected from the cold and sleet, while they can enjoy many hours of outdoor play.

Reima's snowsuits are available in many sizes. At Kids-world we offer the sizes: 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134 and 140.

Reima snowsuit size guide

For to be absolutely sure that you choose a Reima snowsuit in the perfect size and fit, we recommend that you check out our size guide. Here you will find the general measurements for different child sizes. We also have PDF files specifically with measurements for different brands - including Reima and their snowsuits.

You will find our size guide at the bottom of the page under the tab customer service. Then scroll down to the last heading size guide for brands and select Reima guide to download the PDF.

Reima snowsuits for both boys and girls

Reima is a brand recognized especially for their fantastic quality snowsuits. They can last for years, be passed down between siblings and withstand wind, rain, cold and snow. Fortunately, Reima offers their snowsuits in countless models, sizes and designs, so there is a large selection to choose from for both boys and girls.

Reima's snowsuits are unisex, so it's just a matter of choosing a model that both you and your kid will be happy with. Reima has a selection of snowsuits for boys and girls. You can choose to display them by gender via our filter.

Reima snowsuits for babies

Reima is an inclusive brand that offers snowsuits for kids of all ages. They actually offer snowsuits for babies as young as 9 months. In this way, even the smallest members of the family can come out and enjoy the snow. The Snowsuits for babies from Reima keep wind, rain and snow out. On very cold days, you can dress your baby in a Reima snowsuit. It offers plenty of opportunity to both play outside and take a nap in the pram if needed.

Reima Stavanger snowsuit? Popular snowsuit from Reima

Reima makes a large number of different snowsuits, several of which have been named after Norwegian cities. Among these you will find the Reima Stavanger snowsuit.

The Reima Stavanger snowsuit saw the light of day back in 2014. Reima Stavanger is the most durable snowsuit from Reima. The name comes from the Reima Stavanger flight suit's insulation and strong material, as it is made to keep kids warm, even if they are along the cold North Atlantic coast.

You can read much more about the Reima Stavanger snowsuits under the individual snowsuits, where, among other things, you can read more about the Reima Stavanger flight suits' abrasion resistance, water column pressure and others technical details.

Reima Tromssa snowsuit

If you are looking for a hard-wearing and waterproof winter flight suit, then the Reima Tromssa snowsuit is just right for that. The Reima Tromssa snowsuit is a Reima Tec snowsuit that has sealed seams and is made of windproof and breathable materials.

Reima Kurikka adds colour to the game

The Reima Kurikka snowsuit is for kids and parents who like to have colours and print on their clothes. The Reima Kurikka snowsuits have the traditional look that Reima snowsuits are known for? just with great print.

With the Reima Kurikka snowsuit, you get a snowsuit that is waterproof and has hard-wearing reinforcements at the bottom of the trouser legs.

The Reima Kurikka snowsuit also has durable reinforcements on the seat cushion part, the knees and at the cuffs, as well as a removable hood.

How to wash your Reima snowsuit

The correct washing and care of your Reima snowsuit - also applies to Reima Tec snowsuits- is important to ensure the durability and strength of the flight suit. Correct washing and care of your Reima snowsuit will preserve and extend the useful life of the flight suit.

If your Reima snowsuit is washed incorrectly, you risk that it is not as durable and water repellent as it would otherwise be by default.

There are washing instructions for the Reima snowsuit, which we recommend you use, as there can be variations from snowsuit to snowsuit in relation to how they are recommended to be washed.

If you lose the washing instructions for your Reima snowsuit, we recommend that you contact our customer service, who will be helpful in finding the correct washing instructions for you for your Reima snowsuit.

Reima snowsuit offers and sale

If you are on a budget, or simply want to find a Reima snowsuit at the very best price, we have made it super easy for you. Simply click on the sale tab at the top of the bar on the right of our page. You can then scroll down and find Reima from the brands on the left of the page. In this way, you will get access to all current offers and sale items from Reima that we offer.

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