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Picture Book for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Picture books

Picture books are just perfect toys to stimulate your kids' imagination and fantasy. Our selection is quite extensive and there are picture books for countless cosy evenings where you get to spend some quality time with your kids.

Popular brands

Familiens Dagbøger Forlaget Carlsen Straarup & Co
Megastar Forlaget Fritid Karrusel Forlag
Anja Takacs Forlaget Bolden Alvilda

Picture books

If you are looking for some good picture books with nicely illustrated pages and you would like to have many picture books to choose from, then you have come to the right shop. At Kids-world we have lots of fine and exciting picture books for both large and small boys and girls.

A picture book is of course a book whose content primarily consists of images. That's why picture books can be quite different from each other. Here in the shop, we have many different kinds of picture books, which is why we certainly also have a picture book that is good for exactly your child.

For babies and the smallest kids, we have picture books with few, strong pages that cannot be torn apart, where the images are of easily recognizable things from the children's everyday life. These picture books can also have fun sound effects, flaps and also activities.

The picture books for the slightly older kids can also have sound effects, activities and even various small tasks, so that your kids are more active themselves when you look at the picture book together.

See our entire selection of picture books

At Kids-world, we have a large and exciting selection of picture books for boys and girls of several different ages. In our range you can find both completely classic picture books with beautiful images and little or no text, but also a lot of others picture books that have sound effects, something to touch, flaps or perhaps small tasks on the pages of the picture book.

On this page you can see our entire selection of picture books for both girls and boys. You will undoubtedly be able to find a fun, educational and cozy picture book for your kids. Most of our picture books are in Danish, but some are also in english, if you would like to introduce your kids to others languages at an early age.

You can also easily keep up to date with our offers on picture books by looking in our sale section.

Picture books from several different brands

Here at Kids-world, we have a varied selection of picture books for kids who love to sit with a book and just enjoy themselves. It is possible to find a picture book not just from one but several different brands, so we undoubtedly also have a picture book that will suit your child's taste.

The picture books in our range are from brands such as Alvilda, Eeboo, Fabelab, Forlaget Carlsen, Jellycat, Karrusel Forlag, Lilliputiens, TACTIC and Vtech. Explore our selection on this page and find your child's next picture book.

You will find both short and long picture books, picture books with sound effects, picture books with look and find tasks, listen, touch and feel picture books, so there is plenty to choose from from many popular brands when you need to find your child's next picture book.

You can always find a large selection of picture books for both large and small girls and boys at Kids-world. You are always welcome to write or call our customer service department if you have any questions.

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