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Peak Performance Clothing for Kids


Peak Performance Clothing for Kids

Peak Performance - Fine winter and sportswear for kids inspired by skiing

Peak Performance creates kids’ clothes that fit into a modern lifestyle. The brand is known for the functional quality clothes with a modern design. Kids clothes are perfect for everyday life in the city even though Peak Performance was originally founded for use during skiing. 

Peak Performance kids’ clothes give kids the freedom to move around freely and the opportunity to be ready for anything. From the ski slopes to the pedestrian street, clothes from Peak Performance fit everything. 

Peak Performance is all about the desire to explore the outside world rather than always being at home. They offer kids clothing that is comfortable to wear and they can be used and explore the world in. 

That is why Peak Performance was founded

It all started in Åre in 1986 when 3 skiers discussed why ski clothes were not made so that they actually wanted to wear them. 

The answer to their question was Peak Performance. Together they began to make clothes for themselves and their friends. The clothes became extremely popular. In the late 80's, many also began to tire of the crazy and colorful clothes. The muted colors of the clothes from Peak Performance quickly began replacing the other brands on the ski slopes. 

Today, Peak Performance is a well-known and highly respected brand that is also used by many professional athletes all over the world. 

Peak Performance trousers for kids

Every kid needs a pair of trousers. So many different styled trousers can be found in kids’ wardrobes. Whether you need a pair of trousers from Peak Performance for daily use or for more festive occasions, we assure you that you will have lots to choose from amongst the Peak Performance selection.

Consider baggy trousers for the youngest ones from Peak Performance

We believe that it is worth considering loose models for the youngest boys and girls. It is easier and more comfortable for the small ones to move around in a pair of baggy trousers.

Vast selection of Peak Performance trousers

Regardless of your favourite colours and styles, you will always be able to find Peak Performance trousers to your liking at Kids-world where we stock Peak Performance trousers (and trousers from other brands) in colours such as pink, purple, mint and several more.

Jackets from Peak Performance 

You can see the entire selection of jackets from Peak Performance for kids. Peak Performance is putting great effort into producing high-quality jackets in a nice design. 

We have a beautiful selection of jackets for girls and boys alike, from Peak Performance and other brands, which focuses on high quality and comfort. 

No matter which colour, style or print you are looking for, we believe that the odds for finding a nice jacket are pretty good. However, if you can’t find a jacket you like from Peak Performance, then try to keep browsing the selection of jackets from other brands. 

Jackets from Peak Performance and other popular brands 

Are you looking for a kids jacket which can be used in changing weather conditions, for different kinds of activities? Or are you looking for a jacket which is suitable for nice occasions? The chances of finding one from Peak Performance, or another brand here at Kids-World, are good. 

Hats from Peak Performance 

Purchase a Peak Performance kids hat to ensure that the small ears of your little boy or girl are kept warm on the cold days. 

Hats in beautiful designs from Peak Performance 

In our selection of hats for boys and girls from Peak Performance and other brands, you’ll be able to find everything from multi-coloured styles to styles in solid black, ivory, bordeaux and brown.

Kids hoodies from Peak Performance

We offer lots of new styles of hoodies from Peak Performance, among other brands. Most of the hoodies you’ll find are suitable for sports activities and everyday life alike. Check out the new styles from Peak Performance and other brands in our large selection of lovely hoodies. 

Shorts from Peak Performance 

Your boy or girl will definitely love to wear a pair of shorts from Peak Performance when the weather is getting warmer outside. We offer a wide variety of shorts from Peak Performance. 

We have shorts from Peak Performance, and other brands, for kids of all ages, and we are almost safe to say that we also have a pair of shorts to your child’s liking.  

Get ready for the summer with a pair of shorts from Peak Performance

Shorts are great for the active boy or girl who loves to play outside in the woods, the park or at the playground, 

We offer shorts from Peak Performance, among other brands, in many different, lovely designs with great details. But you will also find shorts from Peak Performance, and other brands, in solid colours such as yellow, brown and black. 

Kids shorts from Peak Performance

It is important that you find a pair of shorts from Peak Performance which suits the needs of your boy or girl. The vast majority of all shorts in our selection, incl. Peak Performance, can be adjusted in size - either with buttons on the inside of the elastic edge or with a drawstring. 

We invite you to browse the entire selection of shorts from Peak Performance, and hope that you will find a pair of shorts which would be the perfect addition to your boy or girl’s wardrobe. 

Kids ski pants from Peak Performance

The Peak Performance ski pants have everything you need in a pair of ski pants which are essential for those days where active play in the snow awaits. The ski pants from Peak Performance will keep your little boy or girl dry and hot when you are on a skiing holiday or if you are lucky that snow will fall where you live.  

Our large selection of ski pants from Peak Performance, among others, ensures that even though you do not  find the perfect pair of ski pants from Peak Performance, you still have lots of other ski pants to choose from if you take a look at all the other brands. Have a look around, and see if you find a pair of mittens, balaclavas or winter jackets matching the ski pants from Peak Performance.

Ski pants with or without suspenders from Peak Performance 

You might want to consider buying a pair of ski pants with suspenders. The suspenders will help to ensure that the ski pants do not slip down when your kid is playing outside or skiing - and this will be a great advantage as it helps to keep snow out and thereby keep the kid dry.

Match your style with a T-shirts by Peak Performance

A T-shirt is a great piece of clothing. Your boy or girl can wear a Peak Performance T-shirt together with other types of clothing. You can mix and match T-shirts and create the style of the day; casual, classy or whichever style you want to show. The Peak Performance T-shirt fits ‘em all so to speak.

A fine assortment of T-shirts

We have a great assortment of T-shirts from Peak Performance for boys and girls. We suggest you let your kid help you in the choosing of their T-shirt(s) because boys and girls like to choose clothing for themselves at an early age.

Down Gilets from Peak Performance 

Put on the finishing touch with a nice down gilet from Peak Performance. We offer a large selection of stylish gilets for kids of all ages from Peak Performance.

Have a look at our great selection of gilets from Peak Performance and other brands. You will find gilets suitable for nice occasions as well as casual gilets for everyday life. 

Fleece from Peak Performance for baby and kids

If your kid needs some warm clothes that do not weigh too much, fleece clothes are a really good choice. Fleece suits, fleece trousers and fleece sweaters are light and can be used as year-round clothing.

We have a delicious selection of fleece clothes for girls and boy in different colours, shades and designs.

Peak Performance designs fine fleece clothes that fit most wardrobes.

Delicious and soft fleece from Peak Performance

Peak Performance fleece is well suited for outdoor use all year round ;; as an undercoat in the winter and on the cool spring or autumn day and on the cool summer evenings.

On rainy and cold days, Peak Performance fleece clothing also fits well under rainwear.

Bags from Peak Performance

Wouldn’t it be great to open the drawer and have different bags from Peak Performance and other brands to choose from? 

We offer bags from Peak Performance in a wide variety of colours and cool designs. Are you looking for a bag from Peak Performance, then we assure you that what you find in this category won’t disappoint you!

Buy new clothes from Peak Performance in our shop 

We hope you find new clothes from Peak Performance in our shop. We have a large range of many fine kids clothes in different styles and colours. Whether you have chosen the Peak Performance category consciously or not, we hope you will find a style that you like. Please use our filters and search function if you are looking for something specific. 

If you have any specific requests or if you are looking for something specific from Peak Performance that you cannot find in our online shop please contact our customer service with your request so that we can assist you further.

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