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National Geographic - Soft Toys

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National Geographic Soft Toy - 25 cm - Fennec Fox National Geographic Soft Toy - 25 cm - Fennec Fox  22,80 € 


National Geographic Soft Toy - 28 cm - Slow Loris National Geographic Soft Toy - 28 cm - Slow Loris  26,80 € 


National Geographic Soft Toy - 40 cm - Stegosaurus National Geographic Soft Toy - 40 cm - Stegosaurus  33,50 € 


Cute soft toys for kids from National Geographic 

Soft toys from National Geographic are designed by one of the world's leading producers of soft toys (Lelly). They cooperate with National Geographic who also monitors the design process, creating incredibly realistic soft toys that really look like real animals. Also, by purchasing one of these toys for your kids, you support National Geographic's initiatives concerning nature and wildlife conservation.

The quality of the soft toys, their realistic expression and softness, make them an absolutely fantastic toy for kids. National Geographic's wide selection of exotic animals in the form of soft toys will help children to learn the value of each unique animal and nature. In that way, your child will become more environmentally conscious from an early age.

About the Lelly company

Lelly by Venturelli is an Italian toy company that focuses exclusively on soft toys. Lelly's genuine Italian design and style makes their toys unique. Their soft toys have a lively expression, looking cute and adorable. The materials used in production are top notch, and every detail has been lovingly taken care of - resulting in enormously charming and beautiful soft toys.

All Lelly's toys are designed following the safety rules, and each design is analyzed to prevent all possible risks to children. The soft toys are suitable for everyone aged 0-99 years. The soft toys can also be washed at a cold temperature in the washing machine. For larger soft toys, it is recommended to use a wet cloth/sponge together with a neutral soap.

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