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Molo Winter Boots

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Shoe Size

Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Another Galaxy Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Another Galaxy  399,95 DKK 
Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Frozen Ocean Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Frozen Ocean  399,95 DKK 
Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Frozen Flowers Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Frozen Flowers  399,95 DKK 
Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Pink Disco Molo Winter Boots - Driven - Pink Disco  399,95 DKK 

Molo winter boots for kids

Always be prepared for changeable weather. These days, weather is extremely changeable, and we hardly know what to expect anymore. However, winter is usually cold and wet - hopefully winter brings lots of snow, too.

No matter what, your kid needs warm footwear and Molo produces precisely that.

Within this category you find Molo winter boots for boys and girls in many designs and colours. Molo winter boots are weatherproof and perfect for chilly days in autumn, winter and early spring.

Funky and colourful Molo winter boots

Molo designs are funky and colourful - often with fun and exciting prints. Molo winter boots for kids are made in simple designs, plain-coloured designs and designs with smashing patterns.

Find a dashing snowsuit or winter coat to go with the Molo winter boots. Your kids will love it! Molo winter boots are warm and have neat details - actually, the Molo Driven winter boots have become a classic!

The Molo Driven winter boot is easy to put on and take off. This boot has a broad adjustable Velcro strap - fitting the boot perfectly on your kid's foot.

The boots are padded and will keep your kid's feet warm and dry - even if it is freezing cold outside.

High or low Molo winter boots?

Nowadays, you can never tell what sort of winter weather we get. However, you have to be prepared for snow, sleet, rain and, of course, frost as well.

Molo designs trendy winter boots every season - the height of these vary from season to season. However, Molo and other brands have each their advantages.

High Molo winter boots are especially well suited for deep snow and puddles, whereas short and mid-high winter boots are convenient for less snow and puddles, however, short winter boots are ideal for playing outside during the chilly seasons because they provide freedom of movement.

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