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Molo Snowsuit for Kids

Molo Snowsuit - Pyxis Fur - Astronauts Molo Snowsuit - Pyxis Fur - Astronauts 120,78 €
Originally:  201,30 €  
Molo Lightweight Suit - Polly - Garden Dream Molo Lightweight Suit - Polly - Garden Dream 80,40 €
Originally:  134,00 €  

Molo snowsuits for kids

Molo entered the business back in the spring of 2003 when they've launched their very first collection. It was quite a success from the very beginning so Molo was quick to expand and launch another collection for babies. Molo’s passion was, and still is, to make kids their first priority, which is quite obvious in the creativity of their designs of the snowsuits. Many colour combinations and prints are shown in fun prints and lively, colourful shades that are highly appealing to the kids' wild imaginations.

To Molo, it’s important that their products can be worn all year round and not only for certain occasions. Likewise, the kids must have the freedom of movement and be able to explore without limits.

Molo has agents in more than 40 countries worldwide and this guarantees you a brand that is very popular, presenting designs for kids and thus, Molo lives up to your expectations.

Molo snowsuits in wonderful designs

Molo snowsuits are very popular and well-known for their great fits, quality, durability and especially high-water column pressure. All this combined make the Molo snowsuits suitable for all kinds of winter weather and for kindergarten and school.

At Kids-world we love the Molo snowsuits and their wonderful prints and colours. Every year, we strive to present a new and exciting selection of snowsuits, so that you have a lot to choose from when the season calls for warmer outerwear.

We have snowsuits in all colours and of course also the classic rainbow-striped snowsuit from Molo. Beautiful floral patterns, cool jungle-print or perhaps neutral, plain-coloured snowsuits are available here in this category. Molo snowsuits are designed in many different prints and patterns that everyone will find adorable. Many of the snowsuits have removable hoods with either fake fur or practical Velcro.

The trouser legs and sleeves also have an elastic lining which helps to keep the snowsuit fit closely to the body. The hoods are easy to take off with hidden, practical snap fasteners. There are also various details on the snowsuits; chin-protection, inclined flap-pockets, outer wind protection etc. Molo truly gives their snowsuits high priority. Their vision is to create a functional snowsuit of high quality.

High-quality Molo snowsuits 

To obtain the above mentioned, Molo has its focus on the following areas:


All the seams of the snowsuit are welded because it’s important that the kid does not get wet when playing outside. The waterproof level is always at the high end of the scale.


Molo snowsuit's breathability qualities are very high. The inner fabric and the lining have great breathability also. Molo uses fleece of very high quality preventing the snow to penetrate through other layers of the Molo snowsuit.

Weight, mobility and durability

Weight, mobility and durability are connected. Therefore, Molo uses lightweight materials for their snowsuits. Freedom of movement is of great importance, too, because you need room for playing and having fun. Therefore, Molo snowsuits are designed in a way so that it does not look too baggy on your kid.

Normally, when you prioritise these two, weight and freedom of movement, durability is left out of the equation. However, Molo has spent many years of research on finding the right balance between lightness and durability. This gives the optimum freedom of movement for the kids.


Molo snowsuits are always made with the best and the most recognised insulation material - 3M Thinsulate. 3M Thinsulate is built of tiny fibres which ensure the efficiency of generating heat in a Molo snowsuit, at the same time providing maximum freedom of movement for the kids.


All snowsuits are equipped with reflector tags - including the well-known Molo-star. The star not only looks great, but it is also very efficient in traffic when it’s dark outside as the reflector area is large and visible.


All Molo snowsuits are designed according to the DS/EN 14682 standard and meet all safety requirements for kids’ wear in the EU. All in all, the thoughts behind the Molo snowsuits present amazing snowsuits.

The four Molo designs:

1 Molo Pyxis

This snowsuit is designed for smaller kids and it comes in sizes 74-98. Molo Pyxis has double zip and is the best choice for toddlers who are not yet capable of putting it on by themselves. A Molo Pyxis snowsuit is also preferred by nursery teachers because a snowsuit with double zip gives plenty of space to put on the snowsuit.

2 Molo Polaris

This snowsuit is for small kids and toddlers and is available in sizes 86-140. Molo Polaris has a single zip and suits kids very well because it fits well, and it is easy to put on and zip on and off. Molo Polaris snowsuit is usually available in 10-15 different colours.

3 Molo Hopper

Molo Hopper is the top design from Molo. This snowsuit is available in sizes 92-164. The water column pressure and the breathability are slightly higher than on Polaris and Pyxis. Molo Hopper is designed for skiing.

4 Molo Hebe

Molo Hebe is designed for babies and small kids. Molo Hebe comes in sizes 56-80. This snowsuit is waterproof and breathable, but not as much as the Pyxis and Polaris. Molo Hebe has feet so the snowsuit can be used for sleeping in.

Molo snowsuit with a practical purpose

To most parents, this is a familiar situation; the suspenders slide off the shoulders and this makes the pants slide down as well. This is not very amusing for anyone, especially not the kid who quickly feels the cold air coming in between the gaps of the pants and the jacket. You avoid this situation when you put a snowsuit on your kid. In short, you don’t have to think twice when buying a good quality snowsuit from Molo.

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