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Mini Rodini Trousers for Kids

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Mini Rodini Trousers - Panda - Red Mini Rodini Trousers - Panda - Red  399,95 DKK 
Mini Rodini Trousers - Panda - Green Mini Rodini Trousers - Panda - Green  399,95 DKK 
Mini Rodini Sweatpants - Guniea Pig - Rose Mini Rodini Sweatpants - Guniea Pig - Rose  369,95 DKK 

Mini Rodini trousers

Trousers are a key wardrobe staple in your kids’ closet, and the accessible styles varies from sweatpants, trousers to trousers. Within this category you find our edit of Mini Rodini trousers for kids of all ages.

Vast collection of Mini Rodini trousers

Whichever preferences you have in regards to colours and style, you can find a pair of pants from our fine Mini Rodini selection. We have trousers and trousers in colours such as red, brown, blue and even multi-coloured. At Kids-world we have a lot of trousers from Mini Rodini for kids of all ages - do not hesitate to browse the entire Mini Rodini collection.

Great trousers from Mini Rodini for kids

Often, kids will enjoy wearing those loose Mini Rodini pants. They are extremely comfy for your little one and provide ample flexibility of movement.

Features - Mini Rodini pants

Trousers with adjustable waist, chequered, dots, prints and much more can be found in our collection of trousers for kids. The product description will provide information about such details, therefore, please spend some time reading about the trousers from Mini Rodini you would like for your kid.

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