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Mikk-Line Snowsuit for Kids

Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Mink Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Mink 100,49 €
Originally:  113,90 €  
Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Huckleberry Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Huckleberry 87,10 €
Originally:  107,20 €  
Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Mink Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Mink 87,10 €
Originally:  107,20 €  
Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Blue Nights Mikk-Line Snowsuit - Blue Nights 87,26 €
Originally:  107,40 €  

Mikk-Line snowsuits

Mikk-Line snowsuit is the perfect choice to keep your child warm and dry in any type of weather. This snowsuit combines style, functionality and comfort for kids of all ages.

We at Kids-world are proud to present our varied selection of Mikk-Line snowsuits, designed to meet the needs of active kids in their daily fairy tale.

Whether it's rain, snow or wind, a Mikk-Line snowsuit is a reliable companion that ensures your child can play and explore the world with comfort and freedom of movement.

The story behind Mikk-Line's snowsuits

Mikk-Line is a recognized Danish brand that specializes in creating functional and stylish outerwear for kids. The brand was founded with a vision to offer kids the best in comfort, quality and durability.

Since the beginning, Mikk-Line has focused on combining scandinavian design aesthetics with advanced technologies and materials that can withstand the unpredictable weather. This has made Mikk-Line a popular choice among parents who want the best for their kids.

Mikk-Line snowsuits are characterized by their innovative design, which offers both warmth and freedom of movement. The brand's dedication to quality and functionality makes it a reliable partner in children's play and exploration, whatever the weather.

Large selection of Mikk-Line snowsuits at Kids-world

At Kids-world, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best selection of Mikk-Line snowsuits. Our range includes different models, colours and sizes to suit for kids of all ages.

We understand the importance of choosing the right snowsuit for your child, therefore we strive to present a varied selection that meets different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a light spring jacket or a warm winter aviator, we've got something for everyone.

Explore our wide selection of Mikk-Line snowsuits and find the perfect model for your child so they can move freely and safely in any weather.

Mikk-Line snowsuits for kids

Mikk-Line snowsuits are excellent basic snowsuits available at affordable prices. When choosing a Mikk-Line snowsuit for your kid you are guaranteed quality - this snowsuit is usable at kindergarten, pre-school and school.

Mikk-Line snowsuit can be worn during the wet and cold seasons when it’s often better to wear a snowsuit than wearing a jacket and a pair of ski pants.

Mikk-Line snowsuits come in two different models: Mikk-Line Oxford and Mikk-Line Nylon.

Mikk-Line Oxford snowsuits

Oxford snowsuits are the most popular designs and the designs where you will find the widest range to choose from.

The Oxford fabric is incredibly durable and dirt-proof - maintaining and cleaning the snowsuit is therefore quite easy. Oxford Mikk-Line snowsuits protect against the cold at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius and they also have high water column pressure at 8,000 mm including a 5,000 g/m2 breathability.

Visible reflector tags and taped seams make the Mikk-Line snowsuits perfect for winter weather.

Mikk-Line Nylon snowsuits

The advantage of the Mikk-Line Nylon snowsuits is that it’s made from a light and extremely durable material.

Having a Mikk-Line snowsuit made from nylon provides protection against the cold at temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius, on top of this, the snowsuit has been tested at a water column pressure of 8,000 and breathability of 5,000.

It’s often easier to make nice prints/designs on nylon, and therefore you will find the widest range of patterned designs in the Mikk-Line snowsuits made from nylon.

Extra possibilities

When you are about to choose a snowsuit for your kid, Mikk-Line offers different designs - the two primary designs are the baby-suit size 74-104 with double zip. This snowsuit is easy to put on and off and is also extra comfy because of the fleece lining.

For older kids, size 98-140 is available in two designs - the Oxford snowsuit has a visible zip, whereas the Nylon design often has an overlap across the zip - both designs have removable hood, strong boot rubber-straps and all seams of the snowsuit are taped.

Every Mikk-Line snowsuit is washable and can be put into the dryer at the lowest temperature.

Practical purpose

The purpose of a Mikk-Line snowsuit is to be practical. Comparing a snowsuit to wearing a jacket and ski pants you find that there is a risk of the kid feeling cold because the cold wind gets through the gap between the jacket and the pants. It takes much more for a kid to feel cold when wearing a snowsuit.

Different colours of Mikk-Line snowsuits

At Kids-world, we present Mikk-Line snowsuits in a spectrum of beautiful colours to suit every taste. Our range includes popular colours such as navy, pink, green, blue and many more.

Whether your child prefers a vibrant colour, a neutral tone or perhaps something in between, we have something to suit. Our colorful selection allows you to choose the perfect Mikk-Line snowsuit that matches your child's style and personality.

Visit our website to explore our selection of Mikk-Line snowsuits in different colours and find the ideal snowsuit for your child.

Size guide for Mikk-Line snowsuits

To find the perfect fit for your Mikk-Line snowsuit, we recommend using our size guide available on each product page. The size guide provides detailed measurements and recommendations based on your child's age and size.

By following the size guide, you can choose the right size for your child and ensure that the Mikk-Line snowsuit fits perfectly and provides optimal comfort and freedom of movement. We are here to help you find the ideal size for your child.

Visit our website and go to the product page for the desired Mikk-Line snowsuit to view the size guide and find the right size for your child.

Washing and care of Mikk-Line snowsuits

To preserve the quality and longevity of your Mikk-Line snowsuit, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions carefully, which can be found in the product text. These instructions give you detailed guidelines on the best way to wash and care for your snowsuit.

If you have lost the washing instructions or have questions regarding the washing and care of your Mikk-Line snowsuit, our customer service is always ready to help you. Contact us and we will guide you through the process to ensure your snowsuit remains in optimal condition.

We want your Mikk-Line snowsuit to remain stylish and functional through many playful fairy tale, and by following the correct washing instructions you can achieve this.

How to get an offer on Mikk-Line snowsuits

At Kids-world, we strive to give our customers good offers on Mikk-Line snowsuits. You can find special offers by visiting our sale category on our website, where we regularly update with reduced prices on selected Mikk-Line snowsuits.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and updates on the latest Mikk-Line snowsuits. We regularly send notifications about special promotions and discounts so you can get your desired Mikk-Line snowsuit at the best price.

To keep you updated with the latest offers, we encourage you to follow us on social media, where we share special offers on Mikk-Line snowsuits and others exciting products. We're here to make sure you get the most out of your purchases.

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