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Wool - Melton

Shoe Size
Melton Balaclava - Wool/Cotton - 2-layer - Cashew Melton Balaclava - Wool/Cotton - 2-layer - Cashew 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Melton Neck Warmer - Ivy Green Melton Neck Warmer - Ivy Green 10,50 €
Originally:  17,50 €  
Melton Neck Warmer - Wool/Cotton - 2-layer - Black Melton Neck Warmer - Wool/Cotton - 2-layer - Black 13,07 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Melton Baby Socks - Wool - Navy w. Glitter Melton Baby Socks - Wool - Navy w. Glitter 6,42 €
Originally:  10,70 €  
Melton Socks - Wool - Rib - Navy w. Glitter Melton Socks - Wool - Rib - Navy w. Glitter 6,48 €
Originally:  10,80 €  

Melton wool for kids

Melton wool is designed for kids and it is suitable for all seasons. You will find Melton wool for both boys and girls, large and small. At Kids-world we have a wide selection of Melton wool, so just use the filter to find the exact Melton wool you are looking for.

Melton wool for all temperatures

Melton wool can be used during both summer and winter. Many people think that wool is suitable for the cold months only, but wool is actually just as good for the little ones during other months of the year.

Melton wool can regulate the baby's body temperature. When it's cold outside, it keeps the baby's body warm and makes sure it stays nice and warm.

However, if the baby gets too hot, the wool conducts the heat away from the skin. And if the baby sweats, the wool absorbs the sweat so that the baby does not get wet and clammy.

On the other hand, the wool ensures that water from the outside does not easily penetrate the clothes.

Washing and treating Melton wool

Wool has a surface covered in lanolin, which can make the wool seem a little greasy. Lanolin's main function is to prevent bacterial growth.

And then it is the lanolin that makes sure that the wool does not feel wet when exposed to liquid. When wool is washed, the lanolin will eventually be washed out of the clothes, and thus some of the wool's features will disappear.

It can therefore be an advantage not to wash woollen clothes too often. It is also a good idea to wash wool at low temperatures, as otherwise there may be a risk of the wool shrinking and filtering.

However, a lot of wool for kids has been given a special treatment so that it can withstand the washing machine, while the features of the wool are preserved.

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